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Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2000



The Blob will be introduced in "Mutant Crush," the first of two episodes of X-Men: Evolution to be shown on Kids' WB! this Saturday.

The "Mutant Crush" episode will air at 11 a.m. (ET) and that will be followed at 11:30 a.m. by a repeat of "Strategy X," the series' opener.

"Mutant Crush" is written by Katherine Lawrence. Blob develops a crush on Jean and is determined to make her his girlfriend - at any cost.

"Blob in Evolution is a bit changed from the original comics, mainly because it was the feeling of both the WB and Marvel that a character who basically can't be moved is too passive to be interesting in a cartoon," said series story editor Bob Forward. "So he keeps his 'unhurtable, immovable' quality, but we also made him immensely strong, though not in the Juggernaut class.

"We also updated his back story a bit -- now he's a star attraction at monster truck shows, where he displays his strength against tractor-pull vehicles. It's a good cover because it's so hoked-up and cheesy the audience assumes it's an entertaining fake, but Xavier and Mystique know the truth."

X-Men: Evolution director/designer Steve Gordon said the hardest part of designing Blob was making such a large person look young.

"It was very difficult to try to do that," he said. "I don't know if we were completely successful, but we're in the range, I think. Giving him the Mohawk kind of helped. We knew we wanted him to be a farm boy, so we gave him the big overalls. It's not unusual for guys his size to wear these huge overalls."

Blob's costume also has a no-frills look.

"We wanted to make it look like something he could have come up with himself," Gordon said. "Due to his size, he's obviously not going to wear a lot of Spandex. It's more of a civilian look almost. It's an army fatigues kind of thing."


The X-Men DVD and VHS were released on Tuesday, with both showing up in the "No. 1" slots in stores nationally.

This top-selling position in some stores comes despite the same-day release of Gladiator, which outgrossed X-Men in the United States at the box office.

With the movie now available for home watching, here are some interesting tidbits viewers might want to look for in X-Men:

  • Ian McKellen wore a body suit as Magneto. "It was just to build him up, make him looked like he's pumped," said Gordon Smith, the movie's makeup supervisor. "It turned out very well. Everybody just forgot that he was wearing a body suit. He liked it. He wanted to take it home."

  • In Wolverine's Weapon X flashbacks, the lead scientist is played by Kevin Feige, an associate producer who has since taken a job with Marvel Studios. The scene was filmed on March 1 and was one of the very last shot.

    Director Bryan Singer tried to line the shot up just so that the adamantium claws would reflect in Feige's visor.

  • On the Weapon X set, Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) wore just a skin-colored thong, and had his entire face and body marked up line a computer grid. After a dunking into the water, he had to go back and have all the linework touched up or redone.

  • To the left of Wolverine on the Weapon X set, there are two room-sized X's on the wall.

  • Feige is just one of the insiders who show up in the film. Executive producer Tom DeSanto is the police officer who gets squashed by Toad, and writer David Hayter is the State of Liberty museum cop who discovers the injured - and morphed - Mystique at the film's end.

  • Immediately following Wolverine's destroying of Magneto's machine, watch Jean Grey's reaction as if something had happened to her. That might tie into the sequel.

  • The basketball playing mutant who transports himself twice before scoring a basket is not Nightcrawler, according to X-Men director Bryan Singer. The scene was shot using triplets.

  • One of the young students at the mansion was dubbed "Elizabeth" by makeup designer Smith. "She was kind of like Queen Elizabeth, sort of pink-pale skin, with frizzy hair and blood-red eyes," Smith said. "We didn't see the students until the day before we shot them. There were some interesting characters, whether we seen them on film or not."

  • X-Men's most expensive set was the steel monolith outside of Magneto's lair. It was built in the Greenwood Conservation area outside of Toronto.

  • Although Rebecca Romijn-Stamos did some of her own stunts, Leigh Brinkman was used extensively in Mystique's fight with Wolverine. Since X-Men, she has worked on the Sheena television series, doing stunts for Gena Lee Nolin.

  • The 10 minutes of extra footage in the VHS version of X-Men are the six "extended branch" scenes that are also in the DVD, only they come at the end of the film.


    David Hayter, writer of X-Men, has completed his draft of the Hulk script and it should soon be going to directors.

    "It's in the best shape it's ever been," Marvel Studios senior vice-president Kevin Feige of Hulk, which is set up at Universal Pictures. "The draft Hayter turned in is the movie to make."

    In other Marvel movie news:

  • The Damage Control movie is taking shape for Village Roadshow, with Don Calume and Chris Conroy writing. "The script is almost there," Feige said. "This should be a fun movie."

  • New Uncanny X-Men comics writer Grant Morrison is writing a script based on his Skrull Kill Krew comic.

  • Marvel is also developing movies based on Inhumans, Deathlok, Shang-Chi, Punisher and Black Panther.


    Following are March solicitations for Top Cow Productions, with information coming from the company.

    DARKNESS #39

    Written by Scott Lobdell, penciled by Mark Pajarillo.

    As if the power of the Darkness were not terrifying enough -- look what happens when Capris and Jackie combine their powers to stop the Hostile Cherubs. And while Jackie finds himself inadvertently fighting to prevent the world from falling to the Blood Tide...it means he's not able to testify as the key witness in the State's case against Frankie Franchetti. And what would the exciting conclusion of the Ripclaw five-part story be...without a startling revelation by Jenny Romano?

    32 pages, $2.50.

    NO HONOR #2

    Written by Fiona Avery, penciled by Clayton Crain.

    This issue finds the art thief, Random, on the run. Random seeks to find answers to his condition. Why did the museum heist get busted? Why is there an ancient Samurai spirit trapped within his body? Who is the mysterious dark-haired woman who broke into his apartment, stealing documents relating to the crime of the katana? But the answers the thief finds have nothing to do with his predicament, and everything to do with the world of the dead. As the cops close in, matters escalate until the Samurai, Tannen, gets his first taste of gunfire -- up close and entirely too personal.

    32 pages, $2.50.


    Written by Bill O'Neil, penciled by Talent Caldwell.

    Michael Turner's protege Talent Caldwell arrives on the scene with a bang. Bad guys aren't made, they're grown; Killian, architect behind the Blue Sun, grew from rebellious teenager to polarizing political figure. This four-issue mini-series is his story. In the first issue, an American H-bomb test wipes out the underwater city of Marielle. When the Council decides to take no retributive action, the Dissident Six, led by Killian's brother Sear, decide to take matters into their own hands.

    32 pages, $2.95 (50/50 covers by Caldwell and Turner).


    Written by J. Michael Straczynski, penciled by Gary Frank, inked by Jason Gorder, colored by Dan Kemp.

    David Grey, who's half way to his goal; To tackle the guy who stole his soul; Stops off in Chicago; And finds an embargo; Of what he needs to make him whole.

    32 pages, $2.50.


    Written by J. Michael Straczynski, penciled by Christian Zanier.

    What makes the Hottentot so hot; What do the specials got that I ain't got?; The power revealed at last; The secrets of the Peterson Flash.

    32 pages, $2.50.


    Written by David Wohl, co-written by Christina Z, penciled by Michael Turner, inked by D-Tron.

    Witchblade's first milestone issue becomes the next classic art edition as Top Cow offers Michael Turner's last fully drawn issue of Witchblade in black and white format. Follow Sara as she strives to stop Nottingham and obtain back the one thing she never wanted to have in the first place, the Witchblade.

    24 pages, black and white, $2.95.


    Written by Frank Mastromauro and David Wohl, penciled by Francis Manapul, inked by Livesay.

    One of the hottest video games of 1999 is back and Top Cow's ready to introduce to it like never before. Retro Helix is the follow-up to last year's video game which was adapted into a one-shot special. This time though, all bets are off as new players enter the game and the stakes are higher than ever as the lovely Hana Tsu-Vaschel and the rest of her mercenary friends attempt to stay alive.

    24 pages, $2.95.


    The Cow Winter/Spring edition will include a special Witchblade story written by the winner of TNT/Top Cow's "Write Witchblade" contest and will be illustrated by Top Cow artists. This quarterly special will also be featuring interviews with Top Cow creators, previews of upcoming titles and the next edition of "How to Create/Draw and Color comics the Top Cow way." Included in The Cow will be an awesome Witchblade Pin-up by Billy Tan and some fan art.

    32 pages, $2.95.


    Written by David Wohl and Christina Z, penciled by Tony Daniel, David Finch and Billy Tan, inked by D-Tron, colored by Jonathan D. Smith.

    What do a beautiful pirate, sexy seductress and Mayan Princess have in common? They are all past wielders of the legendary Witchblade gauntlet and their stories are collected here in this the Witchblade Trade Paperback: Distinctions. Collecting the first six issues of Tales of the Witchblade.

    160 pages, $14.95.


    Penciled by Clarence Lansang, inked by Joe Weems V, colored by Dan Kemp.

    Four of the most popular characters of comics and film come together for the first time, as the Witchblade, Darkness, Aliens and Predator, are all featured in this incredible poster image from their first ever crossover event, Overkill.

    24 inches by 36 inches, $5.95.


    Written by Dan Jurgens, penciled and inked by Billy Tan, colored by Jonathan D. Smith.

    After being attacked by the Yeti, Lara Croft finds herself trapped. Chase is frantic trying to find her, but how will they escape the Paradise that no one ever leaves? Billy Tan's Shangri-La Adventure comes to a close in this action packed issue, which is also the last part to this story arc. But, definitely not the end of this series.

    32 pages, $2.50.


    In what it calls a "response to quality control concerns," DC Comics is reprinting the Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 10 Hardcover to ensure a volume with quality consistent to all volumes in the Archives series.

    Customers can return the flawed first printing to retailers through Dec. 31.

    Said DC's Design Director Georg Brewer: "DC has established a very high standard for itself and the industry for archival reprint collections. We recognize the concerns of our consumers, and are pleased that we will now be able to dramatically improve quality of this edition. DC is committed to providing the best possible reproductions, and the greatest value to our customers on all of our product."

    All new printings of the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 10 will bear a "FIRST CORRECTED PRINTING" sticker over its shrink-wrap seal to differentiate them from first printings.

    DC said it is aware of expressed concerns about the quality of Justice League Archives Vol. 6 HC but has no plans to make it returnable. Said Brewer: "We have evaluated this edition carefully and determined it meets an acceptable level of quality. We appreciate the loyal readers of the Archive Editions bringing these concerns to our attention and vow to continue our commitment to the high standard we have set."


    Lions Gate Television on Tuesday announced two upcoming comics-based television series: Ms. Tree and Jeremiah.

    Ms. Tree, featuring "the exploits of a crime-fighting woman detective," will be a one-hour action series for USA Network. Executive roducer/writer Clifton Campbell (Profiler) will be the showrunner. Adam Kline will executive produce. Shonna Diskin developed the project and will produce.

    Writer/producer J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5 and writer of comics Rising Stars, Midnight Nation and Amazing Spider-Man, is part of the creative team for Jeremiah, a two-hour pilot for Showtime.

    Jeremiah will be produced in association with Paramount International Television. Based on a European comic book, the series is set in the near future when a society of children attempts to rebuild the world after a catastrophic virus annihilates everyone over the age of 12.

    The creative team also includes movie director Joe Dante. Scott Rosenberg of Platinum Entertainment, former head of Malibu Comics, will be executive producer.


    Following are Avatar Press' solicitations for February, with information coming from the company.


    Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Mike Wolfer.

    In this final issue, the underground culture of Los Angeles has swallowed up combat magician William Gravel. He knows their terrible secret, the secret that would gut Hollywood and traumatize the entire country if revealed. As far as they're concerned, he must die. So why is he putting a gun to his own head?

    32 pages, black and white, $3 (wraparound cover, left, $3.95).


    Written by Robert Lugibihl, art by Rick Lyon, covers by Lyon (not shown), Al Rio (left), Marat Mychaels (right).

    With her relaxing vacation on the beaches of Greece already ruined, Avengelyne's underwater adventure really kicks into gear as she must stop Atlantis from begin torn apart by hideous sea creatures.

    32 pages, $3.50.


    Written by Dave Campiti, art and cover by Mike Deodato.

    Deathkiss and the original Jade Warriors join forces against the Coda Warriors and a newborn dragon child. But how can they possibly also stop the rampaging Elder Dragon who is destroying Japan? The team must pull off a miracle or they will all die by dragon fire.

    32 pages, $3.50 (photo cover version of Effie Chang ( left), $3.50, adult cover, $6 (not shown)).


    Art by Patrick Fillion, Dan Parsons, Tim Seeley; Pandora cover by Rick Lyon , Lookers cover by Fillion (left).

    This month Threshold leads with a Pandora story by new artist Tim Seeley. In another tale of Pandora's past, she discovers a sacred artifact that is being protected by a horrific creature. The Lookers return with stunning art by rising star Patrick Fillion. Tanya and Michelle are asked to find a cult that has been abducting wealthy socialites, but they too find it strangely attractive. Rounding out this issue is part two of Dan Parson's latest Harpy epic, fully rendered in grays.

    48 pages, black and white, $4.95.


    Written by David Quinn, art by Al Rio and Pete Ayala, cover by Ayala.

    The continuation of Thurst. In the crazy streets of Rio de Janeiro, you can find people who will do anything, no matter how depraved it may seem. Also in this issue, Pete Ayala's Naked Justice series continues.

    32 pages, black and white, $3.95.


    Activision this week is releasing games based on Marvel's Blade for the PlayStation game console and Game Boy Color.

    As a prequel to the Blade movie, the game lets players assume the role of the day walker in an all-new vampire slaying rampage. Blade for the PlayStation is currently available at retail outlets nationwide at a suggested retail price of $39.99 and is rated "M" (Mature - with Animated Blood and Gore and Animated Violence). Blade for Game Boy Color is available at retail outlets nationwide at a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated "T" (Teen - with Animated Blood and Animated Violence).

    "The dark and foreboding atmosphere of the movie and the comic lends itself perfectly to a video game adaptation," said Marcus Iremonger, senior producer, Activision European Studios. "As the first games ever based on the property, the Blade titles remain true to their source with an incredible stories and unabashed over the top action."

    Played from a third-person perspective, Blade for the PlayStation game console immerses players in the macabre world of modern day vampire lore. Throughout the game's 21 environments including the Gothic City Museum, City Sewers, Cargo Ship and Chinatown, players will face down 32 creature variants from the Vampire Ninjas to the giant Night Beast. To help slayers dispatch their prey, Blade features the ultimate arsenal to battle the undead including swords, guns with special silver tipped ammo, ultra-violet grenades and a variety of lethal hand-to-hand moves.

    Blade's advanced auto-aim system ensures that combat is focused on reactions and weapon selection rather than pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, cinematic cut-scenes provide the player with options that will affect the path of the game for unique gameplay experiences.

    Blade on Game Boy Color features seven levels of side-scrolling mayhem. Gamers utilize three fighting styles as well as machine guns, shotguns, swords, "boomerang" blades, knives and throwing syringes while fighting 18 enemy types and seven bosses.

    Blade was developed by HammerHead Ltd. for the PlayStation game console in conjunction with Activision. Blade for Game Boy Color was developed by HAL Corporation for Activision.


  • Here's a first look at the cover to Blink #2 by Adam Kubert and Larry Stucker.

  • John Byrne said that the final issue of X-Men: The Hidden Years will be #22, not #19 as previously announced.

    "I'm informed by Associate Editor Lysa Hawkins that TPTB at Marvel have had -- after her pleading the case for a week -- a change of heart, and X-Men: The Hidden Years will be allowed to continue through issue 22, the one I owas working on when I received the cancellation news," Byrne said on his AOL message board.

    "With a few minor tweakings, this will allow me to bring the storyline to something of a conclusion, dangling subplots mostly wrapped up, and to end the series on a happy note."

  • Here's Fox Kids' Saturday morning lineup, effective Dec. 2: 8 a.m.: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue; 8:30 a.m.: Action Man; 9 a.m.: Digimon: Digital Monsters; 9:30 a.m.: Digimon: Digital Monsters; 10 a.m.: Beast Machines; 10:30 a.m.: Digimon: Digital Monsters; 11 a.m.: Spider-Man Unlimited; 11:30 a.m.: NASCAR Racers.

  • A new episode of Static Shock, "Child's Play," will air on Kids' WB! on Saturday, Dec. 2.

  • HBO will air The Iron Giant on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 9:30 a.m. (ET) and 6:30 p.m.; on Friday, Dec. 8 at 1 p.m.; on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 8 a.m. at 5 p.m.; on Sunday, Dec. 17 at 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.; on Thursday, Dec. 21 at 3 p.m.; and Wednesday, Dec. 27 at 4:30 p.m.
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