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Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2000


Sets for the Spider-Man movie are now taking up considerable space on the Sony lot in Culver City, Calif., with production scheduled to start on Jan. 6.

"There are some big sets," Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige told The Continuum on Monday after a visit to the Sony lot. "The sets are much, much bigger than the sets of X-Men. The sets on X-Men were great, but the Spider-Man sets are unbelievable."

Sets for a lot of the interiors and some of the exteriors of Spider-Man are being constructed in two stages next door to the production of the new Planet of the Apes movie on the Sony lot.

Feige said that work continues on the Spider-Man and Green Goblin costumes that will be worn by Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe.

"It's really going to be amazing," Feige said of Spidey's suit. "They'll probably still be tweaking it until Sam (Raimi, Spider-Man's director) says action.

"Now that Willem is on board, they're going all out (on Green Goblin). Before, they couldn't go beyond designs, but now they're getting his measurements for the suit. I think people will be happy with it. It's true to the spirit of the comics."

In terms of casting, the news of Rosemary Harris as Aunt May earlier this week completed the major roles. Feige said that smaller roles, such as Flash Thompson and Robbie Robertson, have not been cast yet.

The cast also includes James Franco as Harry, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane and Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben.

Although Bone Saw McGraw, a professional wrestler, is a character in the movie, Randy Savage isn't officially in the movie yet. The character's appearance is very brief.

Look for much more on Spider-Man, including news from a Jan. 4 press conference direct from the Sony lot, soon here in The Continuum.


The creative team from the first X-Men movie - including director Bryan Singer, executive producer Tom DeSanto and writer David Hayter - will likely be aboard for sequel.

Sources told The Continuum that negotiations continue with the three and might be wrapped up by the end of the year.

"Everyone wants the same team together," Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige told The Continuum.

It's possible X-Men 2 might go before cameras for Fox before the end of 2001 with probably Christmas 2002 the earliest it could reach theaters.

With the same creative team, the sequel will likely continue the franchise in a logical direction.

"We want to pick up where the last one ended," Feige said. "There were characters and set pieces that were in and out of the scripts of the first movie as it developed that were eventually left out for various reasons. Those will probably be the first things we want to get to."

In other Marvel movie news:

* Blade: Bloodhunt: Feige said director Guillermo del Toro is heavily into casting for the sequel, which is set to begin production in late February in Prague in the Czech Republic.

"Guillermo and his whole art department are in town right now," Feige said. "We hope to see everything and approve everything before they go. There's some beautiful stuff."

Among the artists contributing to designs are Timothy Bradstreet and Mike Mignola.

* Hulk: "It's out to directors now," Feige said. "We're very excited about the people showing interest in doing it."

Feige said one of the unresolved issues is exactly when Universal wants Hulk to arrive in theaters. "Universal definitely sees it as a big, tentpole movie," he said. "Everyone's careful with release dates."

X-Men writer Hayter turned in his Hulk script in October. "David's working on a few tweaks, the type of stuff you have to do with every script you work on," Feige said.

* Daredevil: Feige said that Daredevil "might be the film under that's been under the radar that jumps up and surprises everyone." The film is set up at New Regency and will be distributed by Fox.

Daredevil writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has completed his first draft of the script, which Feige said is generating as much buzz as Hayter did with his Hulk script at Universal.

"Mark Steven Johnson has an amazing take on it," Feige said of the script, which includes Kingpin, Elektra and Bullseye.


Artist George Perez has agreed to join CrossGen Comics on an exclusive basis, effective immediately.

Perez will join CrossGen and finish his originally planned four-issue run on CrossGen Chronicles. After that, the title will then become a bi-monthly that will only be penciled by Perez.

"CrossGen offers me a chance to do something other than the superhero stories I've worked on during my one quarter century in comics," Perez said. "After reading all the CrossGen books, I saw the unified universe and liked what I saw. Then, when I spoke to Mark Alessi, I liked his attitude and philosophy. Mark has a great vision and a means to pull it off. I can't see myself moving anywhere else. I'm here for the duration."

Perez will continue to work from his home in Orlando, making regularly scheduled stops into the nearby CrossGen office to meet with other members of his creative team. Because of his health problems, CrossGen is relaxing its in-house policy for this situation.

"It's been quite a while since I've felt this wanted by a publisher," Perez said. "CrossGen has gone out of its way to support my unique needs. I've never felt this much a part of an organization."

CrossGen's flexibility regarding Perez was the right thing to do according to CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi. "When one of comics greatest all-time stars wants to join your company on a permanent, exclusive basis, you do whatever is reasonable to accommodate them," Alessi said. "In this case, George's health became the paramount and overriding issue. There was no way we were going to turn him down because he couldn't come here daily to work. This is a health related exception that only very few could garner. George is definitely one of those few."

The only possible exception to Perez's exclusivity to CrossGen is the possible JLA/Avengers crossover. In the event that Marvel and DC come to terms for such a book, CrossGen will allow Perez a temporary release from his exclusive agreement.

"There's been talk of this project for 18 years," Perez said. "The prospect of this crossover is the reason I've been reluctant to sign an exclusive agreement. I'm very grateful that CrossGen as comics fans, are allowing me the leave of absence I'll need should this finally come to fruition. If it never happens, I'll be perfectly content right here with CrossGen. I really enjoy the fantasy genre and feel it suits my style."

"This project is just too historic not to happen," Alessi said. "The fans want it, the retailers want it, heck, all of us here at CrossGen want it! So if it actually comes to be, we'd be more than happy to allow George the opportunity to do it. For comics' sake, let's just hope it happens."

The first Perez-penciled CrossGen issue is CrossGen Chronicles #2, on sale Feb. 21.


Following are CrossGen Comics' solicitations for April, with information coming from the company.


Written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by Andrea Di Vito, inked by Andy Smith, colored by Mike Atiyeh.

During a remembrance ceremony for Kerspan, Seahn plots his revenge on the elders who "forced" Kerspan's death to happen. This issue touches on Seahn's history, the formation of his group of friends, and his strange power to sense opportunity, as he looks for the new opportunity here. Meanwhile, Persha tries to work her way around Ingra's spell of compulsion. Orium gave her a lot of information, but she can't share it with anyone.

32 pages, $2.95, arrives in stores on April 4.


Written by Ron Marz, penciled by Brandon Peterson, inked by John Dell, colored by Andrew Crossley.

Realizing the true identity of the threat the Guild Masters have unleashed, Darrow recounts what he knows of her shocking origin, and how she ties in to the grand scheme of the CrossGen Universe. Once the history lesson is finished, Darrow must decide where his true loyalties lie. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Giselle faces an attack by demonic minions sent to test her mettle.

32 pages, $2.95, arrives in stores on April 4.


Written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by Scot Eaton, inked by Andrew Hennessy, colored by Wil Quintana.

The Saurians have gotten word of what's being hidden on Zanni's world, and they'll destroy the planet to get rid of it! Luckily, Sam's there to meet the fleet, but can one man stand against a Saurian attack armada? They don't stand a chance! Meanwhile, the Weaponsmaster is visited by the Saurian warrior goddess who grants him the power to take on Sam.

32 pages, $2.95, arrives in stores on April 11.


Written by Mark Waid, penciled by Steve Epting, inked by Rick Magyar.

How does Earth relate to the CrossGen Universe? Who is buried there, waiting to be revived? In a world long dead, warriors lie waiting under the surface for someone to arrive and revive them...except they didn't know when they were put there that they'd be expected to be warriors...

32 pages, $2.95, arrives in stores on April 11.


Written by Ron Marz, penciled by Jim Cheung, inked by Don Hillsman, colored by Caesar Rodriguez.

While Ethan searches for Ashleigh, she's in the one place he'd never dream, or dare, to look: the Raven Keep. Ashleigh becomes embroiled in the court intrigues of the Raven Dynasty, not only bringing her face to face with the Raven king, but also leading to a confrontation with a mysterious warrior woman who has pledged to aid the Raven war effort.

32 pages, $2.95, arrive in stores on April 18.


Written by Ron Marz, penciled by Brandon Peterson and Steve McNiven, inked by John Dell and Mark Lipka, colored by Andrew Crossley and J.D. Smith, painted cover by Joseph Michael Linsner.

Reprinting the first story arc contained in issues #1-7. The trade paperback tells the story of Giselle, a carefree party girl who, on a planet rife with sorcery, wants nothing whatsoever to do with magic. Her sister Genevieve stands poised to become Master of the Nouveau Guild, one of the seven guilds that preside over the world. But at Genevieve's Rite of Ascension, a mysterious stranger grants Giselle the sigil, a mark granting her access to unlimited power. The sigil somehow traps within Giselle not only the eternal spirit of the Nouveau Guild, but the spirits of all the guilds. Find out how Giselle handles this new power and unwanted responsibility, which puts her at odds with the Guild Masters, who are desperate to get back what is rightfully theirs, and her own sister. Mystic is a tale of magic and mysticism, as well as the story of the relationship between two sisters. Also included is a complete cover gallery, and humorous anecdotes by Ron Marz, Brandon Peterson and the rest of the creative team on the creation of Mystic.

176 pages, $19.95, arrives in stores on April 18.


Written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by Steve McNiven, colored by Morry Hollowell.

Sephie's path back to Meridian takes a turn in a different direction, guided by a friendly logger with bright orange eyes. In a meeting arranged by the Muse of Giatan, Ilahn meets a being from another world, a world of gods and palaces - everything he's ever wanted to be and control. He's offered all the power he's ever wanted... all he has to do is make himself the servant of a god.

32 pages, $2.95, arrives in stores on April 25.


Written by Barbara Kesel, penciled by Ben Lai, Steve McNiven and Kevin Sharpe, inked by Ray Lai, Randy Elliott, Jordi Ensign and Don Hillsman II, colored by Wil Quintana and J.D. Smith, painted cover by Chris Moeller.

Reprinting the first story arc contained in the extra-sized issues #1-7, plus a key 10-page back-up story. The trade paperback tells the story of Samandahl Rey and Roiya Sintor, two ex-soldiers from the human army at war with the Saurians. The search for work brings them to Tanipal, a gaming planet run by the Sultan Ronolo, located between the human and Saurian empires. Things spiral out of control for both Sam and Roi as the Saurians launch a surprise attack. The attack makes the perfect cover for Zanniati, one of the Sultan's 13 wives, to escape from the confines of his harem with the assistance of the mysterious JeMerik Meer. During the melee, Roiya is mortally injured, and Sam receives the sigil, a mark allowing him access to vast power, which he receives without any instruction or control. His first use of it leads to major destruction. Before the smoke can clear, Roiya has come back to life and Sam and his friends are wanted by the Saurians, the Sultan's Guards, and a powerful stranger from another world, all because of the "mystery weapon" that Sam has become. What follows is space opera at its grandest as Sam and his crew travel the galaxy, battling their enemies and trying to unravel the mystery of the sigil. Also included is a complete cover gallery, and anecdotes from Barbara Kesel and other creators who have worked on this title.

192 pages, $19.95, arrives in stores on April 25.


Following are Chaos! Comics' solicitations for April, with information coming from the company.


Written by Ton Sniegoski and Christopher Golden, penciled by Ken Lashley, inked by Curtis Arnold, colored by Jay Fotos, cover by Lashley, Arnold and Fotos.

The sensual Jade is the leader of a supernatural crime cartel pushing for dominance in her native China. She's opposed from all directions from underground crime lords to a high tech covert operations law agency led by the deadly Ko. Will the law catch up to Jade or will her dealings with a mysterious stranger turn the tides? It's a deceiving game of cat and mouse. Supernatural vs. High-Tech. Taking place in the bright neon lights of Shanghai, prepare for state-of-the-art Sci-fi, high technology and insane cybergentics. Jade is a quick, dark, high-octane thriller that never lets up.

32 pages, $2.99, ships on April 6 (Premium Edition, $9.99).


Written by Brian Pulido and Len Kaminski, penciled by Ivan Reis, inked by Joe Pimentel, colored by Roy Young, cover by Reis, Pimentel, and Young.

Chaos! launches into the 21st century with an new take on Lady Death for a new generation of readers. Gone is the pale skin, pupiless eyes, steely remote exterior, and white hair. Now she's real flesh and blood - mortal. At the crossroads of her destiny, Lady Death finds herself seemingly abandoned by her mentor, the Grim Reaper. Without her immense power can she survive the apocalyptic badlands and reclaim her power? Or, will her newfound humanity take her in another direction all together? Each issue of Lady Death: Alive! is completely self-contained and accessible to current and brand new readers.

32 pages, $2.99, ships on April 14 (Premium Edition with Mike Wieringo cover, $9.99).


Written by Brian Pulido and Len Kaminski, penciled by Adriano Batista, inked by Rich Koslowski, colored by Jason Jenson, cover by Batista, Koslowski and Jensen.

It's present day. Prepare yourself for a whole new chapter in Chastity's life, filled with new friends, new allies and new enemies. All Chastity Marks wants is a normal life, but that's nearly impossible because she's a Vampire. While she battles to keep her private life and her vampire life separate, they constantly collide. To make ends meet, she's a bodyguard to the top rock stars. On an assignment, she discovers an unearthly pattern of supernatural acivity in the rock world. But the lycanthropic wolf-woman known as Savagri plans to stop Chasity before she learns the truth. Each issue of Chastity: Shattered is now completely self-contained and accessible to current and brand new readers.

32 pages, $2.99, ships on April 20 (Premium Edition with Mike Wieringo cover, $9.99).


Written by Jesse McCann, penciled by Ed Benes, inked by Fabio Laguna.

Smiley is back in this all-new 26-page full comic in ashcan format. Based on the never released Smiley: The Psychotic Button's Movie Comic Special, Chaos! has taken the unpublished comic and has made it into ashcan format. With full dialogue and all, it's printed on yellow paper and limited to 2,000 copies. Printed on special yellow paper!

26 page, $6, ships on April 6


Written by Brian Pulido.

This is a reproduction of Brian Pulido's completed script to Chastity: Theatre of Pain #1. Each and every page of the 32-page script is contained and Pulido tends to be very detailed. A good tool for aspiring cutting edge horror and supernatural writers, a great memento of a landmark event and simply a unique, cool item. Limited to 5,000 copies.

32 pages, black and white, $4.99, ships on April 20.


Written by Brian Pulido.

Lady Death fans - get the official script that shot Lady Death to worldly proportions. Each and every page of this 32-page script of Heaven and Hell #1 is very detailed. Limited to 3,000 copies.

32 pages, black and white, $4.99, ships on April 20.


Illustrated by Jerry Beck.

Straight from the pages of Insane Clown Posse: The Pendulum comes this poster that will ward off any evil spirits! With twisted art illustrated by Jerry Beck and taken from the two standard covers of The Pendulum #8, this 36-inch x 24-inch poster comes rolled and tubed.

$7.99, ships on April 27.


Written by Brian Pulido, art by Steven Hughe, colored by Jack Gray. Cover by Steven Hughes, Jason Jensen, and Jack Gray.

Lady Death's most harrowing, bloodthirsty adventure continues. With Asgard under siege by Scorpia and the Necro-Elite Doom Magistrates, things look grim for Lady Death's newfound family, so she journey's to Valhalla, hall of the fallen heroes for help. While resurrecting an undead army of Viking warriors, Lady Death encounters a strange ally, Bedlam, guardian of the great Nexus. What does his presence suggest? Could Genocide be closer than ever in his quest for power to use against all creation? Soon, Lady Death leads the undead Viking warriors, while Scorpia commands the Doom Magistrate's Necro Elite guard. They're both on a crash course with a score to settle, and death is the only answer. Meanwhile, the Wrathworld worker's complete "Genocide's Hammer". Could the Lord of Chaos! be ready to use his power against all creation? Answer: Yes! Collects issues three and four of Lady Death: The Crucible.

32 pages, $5.99, ships on April 2.


Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine #1 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Erik Larsen and Eric Stephenson, with art by Larsen, Bruce Timm, Keith Giffen, Al Gordon, Joe Sinnott and Jorge Lucas.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"The House of Ideas kicks off the 40th anniversary of the FF with an all-star salute to comicdom's first family. In 1961, a quartet of intrepid explorers rocketed into space-were bathed in mysterious Cosmic Rays-and were transformed into the fabulous Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic, brilliant inventor with an elastic body. Invisible Woman, master of force fields. Human Torch, flaming hotshot. The Thing, monstrous man of might. In the years that have followed, this dynamic nuclear family has challenged the unknown, saving our world multiple times from the threat of alien invaders, scientists gone mad, and other-dimensional despots. Now writer/artist Erik Larsen and a host of terrific talents ask 'What if Stan Lee and Jack Kirby concluded their historic run on FF with one last wild adventure?' The answer begins at the world famous Baxter Building, home of the famous foursome-which is pillaged and looted by none other than the team's arch-nemesis, Dr. Doom. What is the man in the iron mask looking for? And what does the Mad Thinker have to do with all this? Find out in a year-long tribute to the heroes that ushered in the Marvel Age of Comics."

The book will be 32 pages and cost $2.99.



Batman #587 will arrive in stores on Jan. 3. The issue is written by Greg Rucka, with art by Rick Burchett and Rodney Ramos and a painted cover by Durwin Talon.

Here's how DC describes the issue, which part one of the "Officer Down" story line:

"As James Gordon contemplates his many years on the police force, a sinister threat looms nearby. The unsuspecting Gordon leaves a bar and is shot in the back, with Catwoman watching After a violent attack, things in Gotham never will be the same again."

Batman #587 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.



Superman #166 will arrive in stores on Jan. 3. The issue is written by Jeph Loeb, art and cover by Ed McGuinness and Cam Smith.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"It's the startling, true origin of the Last Son of Krypton. That's right -- readers only think they know the truth about Superman, but this month the lie is finally revealed and the Man of Steel's real heritage is uncovered. This issue features a special holographic foil background enhancement on the cover (of an exploding Krypton) at no extra cost."

Superman #166 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25. The book will also be available in a standard edition.



The Spectre #1 will arrive in stores on Jan. 3. The issue is written by J.M DeMatteis, with art and cover by Ryan Sook.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"He was one of the greatest super-heroes the world had ever known. As Green Lantern of Sector 2814, fearless Hal Jordan was a bright and shining star, a true hero beyond measure -- until one moment of madness caused his star to fall. In a courageous effort to atone for his sins, he sacrificed his life to save the world. Now Hal has returned, whether he likes it or not, as the Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre -- and he'll face dark forces that will stop at nothing to usher in global chaos. Spinning out of events from Day of Judgment and the recent arc in Legends of the DC Universe #33-36, the adventure continues in the ongoing monthly. To better learn the true meaning of retribution and to understand the nature of his cruel cosmic duty, the Spectre travels to Hell -- only to find it's not at all what he expected. What effect will the ultimate place of punishment have upon our fallen hero? Thus begins one man's long path to enlightenment, as Hal undergoes some surprising transformations over the course of the series. It's the start of something bigger than the DCU itself."

The Spectre #1 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.50.



Gen13/Fantastic Four will arrive in stores on Jan. 10 from WildStorm Productions and DC Comics. The issue is written by Kevin Maguire, with art and cover by Maguire and Karl Story.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"Set during Gen13's time in New York, the teen heroes cross paths with the Fantastic Four -- though not on the friendliest of terms. Roxy's pet, the lovable, interdimensional furball known as Qeelocke, has grown one hell of a mean streak, heading into the streets on a monstrous rampage. The Human Torch is able to subdue him (with a little help from a certain web-slinger), and takes him into custody at FF headquarters. When Roxy comes looking for her little friend, a smitten Johnny Storm is all too happy to help. This one small act of friendship brings the two teams together."

Gen13/Fantastic Four will be 48 pages and will cost $5.95. 48 pages, $5.95, ships on Jan. 10.



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