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Friday, Jan. 26, 2001



In addition to the introduction of Forge, this Saturday's new episode of X-Men: Evolution focuses on Nightcrawler.

In "Middleverse," which will be shown in the series' new time period of 9:30 a.m. (ET), after having an argument with Cyclops over his carefree attitude, Nightcrawler stumbles across a transdimensional projector and - after a scuffle with Rouge -- finds himself transported to the Middleverse, a pocket dimension occupied by Forge, who created the projector.

Early on, the episode features the scene of Kurt dancing on a table and Scott pulling him down by the tail that has been used in X-Men: Evolution's opening theme.

According to producer Boyd Kirkland, certain scenes used in the opening theme were actually animated before they were scheduled to appear in episodes.

"We went through the shows and picked out exciting shots featuring each character from the show, and then we had them animated in advance," Kirkland said. "Then there are additional shots, too, that aren't in any of the shows."

Kirkland told The Continuum this week that he has not heard about an official order for a second season, but is pleased with the way the show is progressing. "The best is yet to come," he said of the remaining eight first-season episodes.


Marvel Comics' Bill Jemas announced during the company's biweekly press conference on Thursday that, as part of an event, Marvel's main-line titles in December will not carry any words.

Jemas and editor-in-chief Joe Quesada discussed the event, why Ultimate Marvel Magazines are so hard to find and other topics. For a complete transcript, CLICK HERE.


The premiere episode of The Zeta Project on Kids' WB! this Saturday is "The Accomplice." The series spins out of the "Zeta" episode of Batman Beyond and occupies the 10:30 a.m. (ET) time slot that was formerly the home for X-Men: Evolution.

The first episode shows how Zeta, a robotic assassin who has developed a conscience and is on the run from the government that implemented him, teams up with the runaway teenage girl Ro. It also sets up the premise of Zeta trying to find his creator(s) while eluding the government agents, led by Agent Bennet.

The show carries a "created by Robert Goodman" credit. Goodman, a producer of the series, wrote the first episode. Alan Burnett is supervising producer and Liz Holzman is a producer. Curt Geda directed the first episode.

The cast includes Diedrich Bader as Zeta, Julie Nathanson as Ro, Kurtwood Smith as Agent Bennet, Michael Rosenbaum as Agent West and Lauren Tom as Agent Lee.

Thirteen episodes are being produced at Warner Bros. Animation for the first season.


Fox has released information about its genre programming for the February sweeps, which includes several guest-stars on The Simpsons, a milestone for King of the Hill and the return of Mulder on X-Files.

Following is a rundown:

Futurama: On Feb. 4, when Zapp Brannigan crashes the Planet Express ship into Planet Amazonia, the crew discovers that the planet is inhabited by a race of giant women who have found that life without the male gender is preferable in the "Amazon Women in the Mood" episode. In "Bendless Love" on Feb. 11, Bender proves that robots do have feelings when he returns to the Bending Factory and meets his soul-mate. Earth is invaded by the intelligence-sapping Brain Spawn who gradually dumb down the citizens of New New York until Fry is actually the smartest person remaining in "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" on Feb. 18. In the "That's Lobstertainment" episode on Feb. 25, Dr. Zoidberg goes to Hollywood to fulfill a life-long dream of breaking into show business.

King of the Hill: On Feb. 4, Hank looks up his birth certificate and finds out -- to his horror -- that he wasn't born in Texas. Could it be he's a -- Yankee? Find out in the "Yankee Hankie" episode. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards, guest starring as herself, romances Bill, while actress Ellen Barkin guest voices as Bill's ex-wife Lenore in the "Hank and the Great Glass Elevator" on Feb. 11. Bobby gets a ventriloquist's dummy as a gift on Feb. 18 in "Now Who's the Dummy?" King of the Hill celebrates its 100th episode on Feb. 25 with the "Ho Yeah" episode, in which Tammi (guest star Renee Zelwegger), a new temp at Strickland Propane who winds up living with the Hills, turns out to be a prostitute. Everyone in Arlen believes that Hank is her pimp - until her real pimp (guest star Bigg Snoop Dogg) shows up looking for her.

The Simpsons: Bart and Milhouse take over the comic book store - for a while anyway - in the "Worst Episode Ever" episode on Feb. 4. Homer builds a tennis court in his backyard, and attracts the likes of such pros as Venus and Serena Williams, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras (all of whom guest voice as themselves) in "Tennis the Menace" on Feb. 11. On Feb. 18, Sideshow Bob (guest voice Kelsey Grammer) gets out of jail and plots to kill Krusty the Clown in "The Day of the Jackanapes." The members of 'N Sync (Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake) portray themselves when Bart is recruited to join a "boy band" in "New Kids on the Blecch" on Feb. 25.

The X-Files: On Sunday, Feb. 4, the search for Mulder launches into high gear when Agent Doggett stumbles upon information from an old case that Mulder kept secret even from Scully in the "The Gift" episode. In "Medusa" on Feb. 11, Scully and Doggett search the Boston subway system for a mysterious deadly organism. On the Feb. 18 episode (title TBA), clues are revealed as to the source of Scully's pregnancy. On Feb. 25, guest star Annabeth Gish joins the cast for three episodes as Agent Monica Reyes. Meanwhile, his whereabouts finally revealed, Agent Fox Mulder returns in a dramatic episode entitled "This Is Not Happening."

Dark Angel: On Feb. 6, Max drags Logan into a dangerous rescue when Normal is kidnapped by a ring of art thieves in "Art Attack." A group of genetically altered soldiers hunt down Max in "Rising" on Feb. 13. Zack and Max race against time to save a Manticore "sister" from Lydecker in the "The Kidz Are Aiight" on Feb. 20. On Feb. 27 in an episode yet to be titled, Logan, against Max's wishes, seeks the aid of an ex-Manticore doctor to help with his paralysis.


X-Men #110 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Scott Lobdell, with art by Leinil Yu and Mark Morales and a cover by Yu.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"Where is Kitty Pryde-and where has she been? Those questions are answered here as Shadowcat bids farewell to the X-Men. What has prompted this decision-and how will it change the team?"

X-Men #110 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.



Universe X #6 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, with art by Doug Braithwaite and a painted cover by Ross.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"Thor, Captain Marvel, the Hulk and the X-Men teleport to Egypt and witness Moonknight battling the Assassins of Set. Plus: the first appearance of the Monster Generation and the last stand of the Fantastic Four."

Universe X #6 will be 32 pages and will cost $3.50.



Wolverine #160 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Frank Tieri, with art by Sean Chen.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"While Wolverine battles his way through the homicidal duo known as the Lady Killers, the man known only as Mr. X watches... and waits. Plus: Sabretooth is betrayed by someone close to him-someone who is also gunning for Logan."

Wolverine #160 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.



Marvel Knights #9 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Eduardo Barreto and a cover by Joe Quesada.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"Get ready for the fight readers never thought they'd see: Cloak vs. Dagger! And as the battle between former partners rages on in our world, the Marvel Knights must escape from Cloak's dimension of darkness."

Marvel Knights #9 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99.



Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #3 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Tom DeFalco, with art by Lee Weeks and Bob McLeod and a cover by Weeks.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"It's revelation time: who's the face under the fishbowl? Spider-Man and Daredevil battle their most dangerous foes as they strive to solve the riddle of Mysterio. But the no-less-sinister Mad Jack may be the one who really holds the key to this evil enigma."

Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #3 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99.



Sentry vs. The Void will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Paul Jenkins, with art and cover by Jae Lee.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"As the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Dr. Strange and more of Marvel's mightiest stand firm, the Void unleashes its fury on the East Coast. Can even their combined power defeat the darkness-or will it come down to one man and strength of a different kind?"

Sentry vs. The Void will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99.



Marvel Boy #6 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from DC Comics. The issue is written by Grant Morrison, with art and cover by J.G. Jones.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"It's the series earth-shattering conclusion. What will be the final fate of Plex and Obliette? Will the evil Dr. Midas prevail? And does this title's end spell the end of Marvel Boy as well?"

Marvel Boy #6 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99.



  • Alan Burnett, a producer of the Batman, Superman and Batman Beyond animated series, told The Continuum that he is not working on Bruce Timm's Justice League series for Cartoon Network. Burnett is supervising producer on Static Shock and The Zeta Project in addition to his duties on Batman Beyond. He is also working with Paul Dini and Boaz Yakin on a script for a live-action Batman Beyond movie.

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