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Monday, February 5, 2001


Following are Dark Horse's solicitations for May, with information coming from the company:


By Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe, Cliff Richards and Joe Pimentel, cover by Cliff Richards.

Giles' new girlfriend is still missing and possibly in the clutches of the bugmen. Willow and Tara come across a possible solution to Sunnydale's insect problem in a dusty volume called Demonic Entomology. Giles, worried that he's about to lose another lover to Sunnydale's prolific obituary page, isn't able to conjure up the requisite magical pesticide, leaving Buffy to face the hive on her own.

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 23.


By Hiroaki Samura, translated by Studio Proteus.

"The Gathering," part 15 of 15. "The Gathering" concludes with this powerful, gripping chapter. Rin has almost won her way through the checkpoint with her tear-filled story of the death of the parents of the mother she's pretending to be. But as she and Nakaya prepare to leave, the head of the checkpoint has one last question: how could a young woman like herself really have given birth to two children? Before he'll believe her, he wants her to show him the proof, written on her body. If she's caught, it's death for the both of them. How can Rin prove that she's given birth with such a child-like body?

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 23.


By Ron Marz, Jan Duursem and Rick Magyar, cover by Drew Struzan.

In hiding for generations, the evil Sith have waited for the precise moment to reveal themselves and take vengeance upon the Jedi Order. But in the final days before the Trade Federation blockade of the planet Naboo sets into motion the Sith plan for the overthrow of the Republic, the scheming Sith Lord Darth Sidious becomes concerned about the potential interference by the criminal syndicate Black Sun, a vast and powerful organization feared throughout the galaxy. Sidious cannot allow anything or anyone to hinder his purpose, and so he unleashes his merciless apprentice, the death-dealing destroyer, Darth Maul, to eradicate his adversaries -- as only a master of the dark side can. Star Wars: Darth Maul is the first-ever graphic-novel adventure of the ultimate Sith enforcer, an explosive tale of intrigue, mystery, and blistering action. Collecting the action-packed four-issue comic series. This title contains: Star Wars: Darth Maul #1-4.

96 pages, $12.95, arrives in stores on May 2.


By Chris Warner, Drew Johnson and Jim Royal, cover by Tony Harris.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...The events and players are very familiar, but something isn't quite right. Luke Skywalker valiantly attacks the Death Star, fires his torpedoes and ... they miss their mark. Welcome to a Star Wars readers never imagined, a Star Wars shattered, where the possibilities are endless. The first in a series of non-continuity Star Wars stories which are sure to delight fans of all ages. Taking off from the end of events in the movie, readers will follow Luke, Han, Leia, C-3P0, and R2-D2 on a journey every bit as action-packed and fantastic as the original trilogy.

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 2.


By Bryan Talbot, cover by Talbot.

Nominated for three Eisner Awards and five Eagle Awards, Bryan Talbot's graphic novel, Heart of Empire: The Legacy of Luther Arkwright is now available in a deluxe limited-edition slipcased hardcover, signed by creator Bryan Talbot. Heart of Empire is a truly epic work, both viscerally intense and scathingly funny, transcending genre and shattering the boundaries of graphic narrative. Power, mysticism, history, murder, romance, politics, religion, sex, conspiracy, spectacle, and heroism are the multiverse that makes Heart of Empire one of the most challenging, thought-provoking, and purely entertaining works of graphic fiction, truly deserving of this royal treatment. This title contains: Heart of Empire: The Legacy of Luther Arkwright #1-9.

296 pages, $99.95, arrives in stores on May 2.


By Adam Warren.

In color for the first time. This four-issue "remastering" of the popular, long-out-of-print black-and-white mini-series "blows it up" for the new millennium with new eye-popping, state-of-the-art coloring by GURU eFX! Every issue also features an additional eight pages of new, never-before-seen Dirty Pair artwork by writer/artist Adam Warren and friends. The story? The Dirty Pair face their greatest challenge yet when Kei confronts the awesome horror of...her employee evaluation. It looks simple: simulations are generated by the Central Computer to test her responses to different situations. But when a mysterious malfunction traps Kei in virtual reality, Yuri must enter the sim to save her...

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 2.


By Stefano Casini.

In a bleak, violent future, Caleb Geko's girl runs off with a gangster, and Caleb earns the gangster's ire for trying to win her back. The next thing Caleb knows, most of his memory is gone and a bomb has been planted in his head. The bomb is a "gift" for one of the gangster's enemies, and Caleb is told that if he can deliver it, he stands a chance of getting back his past. But when the bomb also destroys the device storing Caleb's memories, he takes events into his own hands, serving up murder and revenge in the name of a woman he no longer remembers... Another European hardcover book from the Venture line.

48 pages, $14.95, arrives in stores on May 2.


By Masakazu Katsura.

The fate of the world depends on Shadow Lady finding and sealing up the dreaded Demon Stones, but first she must vanquish the evildoers corrupted by their demonic power. But Aimi Komori has very little left of the magic eye shadow that transforms her into Shadow Lady, and she must transform for perhaps the final time to face the hideous Zera, Arch-Demon of Destruction. If Shadow Lady can't reseal the Demon Stones, Zera will transform into the Demon of Final Destruction, and mankind and demonkind will both buy the farm! Of course, the citizens of Gray City think that Shadow Lady is actually Zera's master, so they're after Shadow Lady's head, too! Collecting issues #19-24 of the series, plus the Shadow Lady Special.

176 pages, black and white, $14.95, arrives in stores on May 9.


By Daniel Torres, cover by Hermann.

He's back! Rocco Vargas: writer, bon vivant, man of mystery, and fearless hero of the future. Rocco Vargas' adventures blend heady science-fiction and ironic humor with avant-garde graphics and retro-modern design to form a one-of-a-kind treasure of graphic fiction as cool as the ultra-suave Vargas himself. Available for the first time in an English-language edition, The Dark Forest follows Rocco and his gal-pal, the brilliant Doctor Jill Covalsky, as they track a cryptic computer message that could well be the key to unlocking a shocking plan to turn the future evolution of mankind upside-down! Vargas is on the case, and a gang of bizarre adversaries are onto Vargas. Co-published with NORMA Editorial, Spain.

56 pages, $14.95, arrives in stores on May 9.


By Mike Mignola.

Hellboy joins with Roger the Homunculus to investigate the ruins of the Nazi space program and prevent the coming of the Conqueror Worm. Special guest appearance by Lobster Johnson (sort of).

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 9.


By Sergio Aragones, cover by Sergio Aragones.

More silent laughs and uproarious smiles from the master of the pantomime gag. The legendary cartoonist brings his unique wit to bear on 25 new gags.

24 pages, black and white, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 9.


By Tony Daniel and Romano.

Will the real Sam Jaffee please stand up? Killkrow, posing as Sam Jaffee, attempts to kidnap Esperanza and take her to Rhazes Darkk. With The Tenth still missing, Rhazes can utilize the new powers that Esperanza now harnesses. But an eager Esperanza has nothing to lose, since she's already dead! Meanwhile, Zorina, with the help of two special agents, infiltrates the newly rebuilt Darkklon complex in Springdale, Colorado. There, they uncover unbelievable horrors: Rhazes Darkk is up to his old tricks, but now he seems unstoppable! Will Zorina and co. escape Darkklon alive? Plus, The Tenth is loose under Springdale, but he will have to fight his way past several of Darkk's supermonsters in order to reach the one thing that will bring him peace...Rhazes Darkk's death.

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 16.


By Darco Macan, Ramon F. Bachs and Raul Fernandez, cover by Andrew Robinson.

As the war between the Jedi Army of Light and the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness rages, Tomcat, Bug, and Rain -- three cousins drawn to the battle in search of adventure -- find that they are in for more than they expected. Far more. Brought to the planet Ruusan by a scout gathering troops for the war, the family desperately tries to stay together in the midst of an epic war between good and evil. But individual desires may prove greater than family ties as the three seek their fates among the battlefields of Ruusan and head toward a destiny controlled by the Sith Lord Darth Bane.

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 16.


By Peter David, Pop Mhan and Norman Lee.

While teenager-turned-superspy Alex Fleming learns more about his hidden past and the battling secret organizations -- S.H.I.R.T.S. and S.K.I.N.S. -- responsible for his dual existence, Alex/SpyBoy winds up on the deadly docket of the criminal justice duo of Judge and Jury. Will SpyBoy get the mandatory minimum -- death? And why is the eye-popping assassin Barbie Q working undercover at Alex's school? And who is she working for, the evil and exquisite Gila, mastermind of S.K.I.N.S., or the mysterious femme fatale Madam Imadam? Every guy wants to be a babe magnet, but this may not be what Alex had in mind. Collecting issues #4-6 of the ongoing series. This title contains: SpyBoy #4-6

80 pages, $9.95, arrives in stores on May 16.


By Peter David, Pop Mahn and Norman Lee, cover by Mhan.

Who's the boy, who's the man? Who's the kid with the plan? With the girls by his side? Come along for the ride. SpyBoy! Who's the scourge of all crime? Who'll be there in time? With a smirk and a stare? To no villain, he's fair. SpyBoy! But now something's not right. Alex, hold on tight. When a friend is a foe, the rules gotta go. Butch thinks he's hot, but SpyBoy he's not. It's a clash of best friends. Know how it all ends? Bet you don't. Bet you won't. But soon you'll discover. Once friends, now foes, could these buddies be...brothers?

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 16.


By Kenichi Sonoda, translated by Studio Proteus.

With Goldie out of the picture, you might expect things to settle down with the Gunsmith Cats, but what fun would that be? Apparently, Misty feels the same way, as she breaks the unwritten code of the underground professionals, stealing Bean Bandit's car right out from under his nose -- with Rally watching! Rally and Bean must band together to save Misty and the merchandise in Bean's car, but now they're up against a whole new gang, and the trouble is just getting started.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 16.


By Stan Sakai,

Chizu's in trouble. It was inevitable that, as the tireless leader of the fearsome Neko Ninja Clan, she would eventually be embroiled in its dark politics. Chizu has often favored her clansmen over her master, Lord Hijiki, but they sure don't seem to appreciate it. Caught in a trap sprung by her own comrades, Chizu faces her most challenging task ever, to escape the stronghold of a new enemy -- those who were once her friends.

24 pages, black and white, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 23.


By Tim Truman, Davide Fabbri and Christian Dalla Vecchia, cover by: Jon Foster

"The Hunt for Aurra Sing," part 3 of 4. Aurra Sing tracks her current target and former mentor, the Dark Woman, to a lush jungle world which is being bombarded by a seasonal meteor shower. On this beautiful yet dangerous planet, the Dark Woman seeks respite from the rigors of Jedi life and peace from her past, but her past failure has now been paid to hunt and kill her! Converging onto the same planet, Adi Gallia, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and A'Sharad Hett accompany a suspicious Quarren expedition from Mon Calamari to the surface, questioning the Quarren senator's motives and prepared to uncover the hidden reason behind his expedition.

32 pages, $2.99, arrives in stores on May 30.


By Kosuke Fujishima, cover by Fujishima.

It's opening day for Chihiro's new automotive shop, Whirlwind, and it's also party time for all her friends and colleagues. Once the alcohol's gotten things going, the foxy Chihiro has an idea: why not try to get innocent little Belldandy rip-roaring drunk? What happens when a Goddess First Class gets a little tipsy? One hint: the last thing in the world you can say about Belldandy is that she's a mean drunk. In fact, she's such a kind drunk that she'll use her powers to give everyone what they want -- and every time she gives happiness to someone else, her boyfriend Keiichi is visited by an equal or greater unhappiness. Can he survive long enough to protect Belldandy from herself until she sobers up?

40 pages, black and white, $3.50, arrives in stores on May 30.


By Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima, cover by Frank Miller.

Water, death, and angry ninja take the foreground in this exciting volume of the legendary Lone Wolf and Cub series. A pitiful ferryboat girl discovers the tragic ways of "A Wife of the Heart," as the Lone Wolf, Ogami Itto, stands against the man she loves. In "Wayward Swords," a rogue swordsman-for-hire learns a valuable lesson about Bushido, the Way of the Warrior, from the Lone Wolf. Afterwards, Ogami once again must face the treachery of the Kurokuwa ninja clan, then becomes a river porter to foil the secret plans of his enemy, the Yagyu clan, and in doing so declares war against them all! The Lone Wolf's actions lead to a nationwide manhunt and an epic, bloody battle unlike any in comics. Don't dare miss a volume of the series that belongs on every bookshelf: Lone Wolf and Cub.

288 pages, black and white, $9.95, arrives in stores on May 30.


By Mark Schultz, Mel Rubi and Mark Lipka, cover by Jon Foster.

In the year 2032, John Connor and his resistance forces wage war against Skynet, a soulless super-computer bent on exterminating mankind. Sensing ultimate defeat, Skynet goes into hiding. Centuries later, it is awakened by stealth Terminators posing as human scientists. Now an even deadlier Skynet is using the science of the far future to create invincible Terminators by gene-splicing their human tissue with the DNA of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy - Aliens. Earth's only chance lies in the hands of a legendary heroine named Ellen Ripley and an uneasy alliance with another deadly non-terrestrial race, the man-stalking super-hunters known only as Predators. The Predators understand that Skynet threatens all life in the universe, and so they wade in on the side of humanity...but can these feral killers be trusted? Collecting the four-issue series.

96 pages, $11.95, arrives in stores on May 30.

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