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Thursday, March 22, 2001


Marvel Studios' Rick Ungar told The Continuum that a Thor live-action series won't be on network television next season.

"Thor, right now, is nowhere at this moment," Ungar said. "The script did not get picked up for a pilot. So we're looking at what we want to do with it.

"That's the way things work. They all can't go."

UPN had considered the series, which is part of Marvel's deal with Artisan Entertainment.

Marvel will have one live-action TV show, the syndicated Mutant X, for next season -- Ungar said work continues for a planned June production start pending an actors' strike - and the studio is working on some new projects.

One of them is Daughters of the Dragon, based on the comic book that starred Iron Fist supporting characters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. However, the TV show will feature three characters and Misty Knight will not be one of them because of a feature-film conflict.

"There's been some changes to it to make it a little more appealing for television," Ungar said. "Hopefully, we'll have something more to say about it pretty darn soon."

Ungar said Marvel is looking into revisiting Nick Fury for television. This new project would not be associated with the Fox TV movie in 1998 that starred David Hasselhoff.

Another possible live-action TV project will involve the adventure hero Bloodstone.

In animation, X-Men: Evolution is in production for its second season of Kids' WB!, and Spider-Man Unlimited is finishing up its first season of Fox Kids, with new episodes unlikely.

There will be a new Spider-Man animated series from Sony, though, planned to begin in the fall of 2002 to follow Sony's Spider-Man movie. Ungar said no creative personnel have been attached to the series yet.

"No, we're nowhere near that," Ungar said. "We're just really starting, kicking around how to approach that. It's in the early stages."

Ungar said there's another property that the studio is considering for animation, but he can't disclose it just yet. He also said that there's been no recent movement on a potential Blade animated series.


Phil LaMarr, star of Kids' WB!'s Static Shock, confirmed for The Continuum that he is doing the voice of Green Lantern in Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series.

"I am playing Green Lantern in Bruce Timm's new Justice League for Cartoon Network," LaMarr told The Continuum. "We're a few episodes in and it's great!

"We even did an episode where I got to say the oath."

The Green Lantern in Justice League will be the John Stewart version of the character.

LaMarr, a former regular on Fox's MAD TV who has provided voices for such shows as Futurama and King of the Hill, continues to provide the lead voice in Static Shock, which was picked up for 13 more episodes for its second season.


Joe Madureira, who is taking his Battle Chasers from Cliffhanger Productions to Image Comics, said being more independent was one of the reasons for his switch.

Battle Chasers #9 is the first Image issue, and the company has provided the following question-and-answer with Madureira.

Question: Joe, how do you feel about bringing Battle Chasers to Image Comics?

Madureira: Coming to Image excites me for a number of reasons. First of all, I've always been a loner. By that, I mean that I like to work on my book and be left alone. I enjoy the freedom of being able to change what I'm doing at the drop of a hat, without having to cut through miles of red tape. Image is as close as you can get to that, short of self-publishing.

Question: What makes your first Image Central issue different from the previous eight issues?

Madureira: Battle Chasers #9 is really quite special. It's the largest issue we've ever done. Forty-eight pages, jam-packed with goodness! It's the first issue to feature an extensive sketchbook section, and it's one of the longest stories I've penciled since Uncanny X-Men #350. It's also the first issue written entirely by me. In a way, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter, as we wrap up a couple of loose threads, and start up a whole new direction. The book is going to feel different as well, since I will be writing it in a slightly different style. It's going to be much more personal. We have some terrific characters, and I'm bringing their stories to the forefront.

Question: Could someone who has never read B.C. enjoy this issue?

Madureira: Yeah, Battle Chasers #9 is a great starting point for people who haven't read the book up until now. In a way, it more accurately reflects the tone of the series than previous issues. I like to think of B.C. as Anime vs. Disney. It's got the super-kinetic energy of Japanese storytelling, but with the heart that is lacking in so many Anime/Manga series. Eastern action and pacing, western drama and characterization. In my mind, the best of both worlds.

Question: Can you talk about future events in upcoming issues?

Madureira: Expect major changes over the next few issues. Old friends become enemies. Enemies become allies. Characters will die, others will live but carry terrible secrets. In fact, almost every character has a secret or hidden agenda. As we peel away the many layers of this story, I think people are going to be shocked by its complexity. The next few issues are going to revolve around Aramus (Just how well did people really know him?); Garrison (What's the deal with him and Monika anyway?); August (Who is he and more importantly why does Knolan seem to be the only one who knows?), and Calibretto (Who begins to go through changes he doesn't understand.) Of course, there will also be tons and tons of the insane action sequences you've come to expect.


Fox Kids will air Spider-Man Unlimited every day next week, leading into the season finale on Saturday.

Episodes airing at 4 p.m. (ET) next week include "Worlds Apart, Part 1" on Monday; "Worlds Apart, Part 2" on Tuesday; "Where Evil Nests" on Wednesday; "Sustenance" on Thursday; and "One Is The Loneliest Number" on Friday.

"Destiny Unleashed, Part 1," the last of 13 episodes is scheduled to air Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 a.m. (ET).

The cliffhanger episode might be the last episode of the show. No new episodes of Spider-Man Unlimited, which premiered on Oct. 2, 1999, have been ordered. Fox Kids is announcing its 2001-2002 plans on Monday.

In other Fox Kids news, next week's episodes of Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot include "The Bicameral Man" on Monday; "World of Pain" on Tuesday; "Blob, Thy Name Is Envy" on Wednesday; and "Donovan's Brianiac" on Thursday.


Warp Graphics will release its first all-new comic book publication in more than two years in July with Wolfshadow (Elfquest 2001 Summer Special #1).

Described as a "howling tale of betrayal, madness and unshakable friendship," Wolfshadow was plotted, scripted, laid out and pencilled by Wendy Pini, with additional plot, pencils and art finishes by Sonny Strait, who is also the voice of Krillin on Dragonball Z.

Here's how Warp describes the book:

"Wolfshadow takes place soon after the Wolfriders arrive in the new world that will become their permanent home (as revealed in the Elfquest Reader's Collection volume #8, 'Kings of the Broken Wheel'). For Cutter, chief of the forest elves, it is a time of peace after centuries of turmoil -- but his closest friend and advisor, the stargazer Skywise, bears a deep torment over a betrayal unwittingly done him by his chief. Now, the powerful magic of the elves' new home catapults that blind, primitive pain to the surface, transforming Skywise into a fierce, mindless brute who turns upon friend and family alike. The question for his tribemates, and especially for his 'brother in all but blood' Cutter, is, can he be restored? And at what cost?"

The story is the first of a projected series examining the relationship between Cutter and Skywise, whose brotherhood goes back to the beginning of the Elfquest saga.

Wolfshadow is 48 black-and-white, with a full-color cover plus a full-color centerspread, by Strait and Pini. The book will cost $3.95.


For the first time, Comic-Con International in San Diego will open its doors a day early.

Preview Night begins at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18, with the exhibit hall open to those holding four-day pre-registered memberships and professional badges.

"We try to reward those who register in advance," said David Glanzer, spokesperson for the nonprofit event, "and in the past that meant getting into the exhibit hall an hour before anyone else. This year we've gone one better by opening the exhibit hall on Wednesday evening."

Those who attend Wednesday evening will have the chance at a first look at all the exhibitor booths and merchandise before the regular attendees arrive on Thursday.

Regular days and hours of operation for the show are Thursday, July 19 through Sunday, July 22, with doors opening at 10 a.m. each day and closing each evening at 7 p.m., with the exception of Sunday when the exhibit hall will close at 5 p.m.


Green Arrow #2 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from DC Comics. The issue is written by Kevin Smith, with art by Phil Hester and Ande Parks and a cover by Matt Wagner.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"Part 2 of Kevin Smith's much-anticipated 'Quiver' storyline continues, reestablishing the Emerald Archer into the DCU. Oliver Queen is back in Star City, busting the heads of corrupt fat-cats and sleazy politicians. But he must grapple with a spotty memory while hot on the trail of the murderous Star City Slayer."

Green Arrow #2 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.50.



JLA #52 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from DC Comics. The issue is written by Mark Waid, with art and cover by Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"Clark Kent! Wally West! Kyle Rayner! John Jones! Eel O'Brien! What happens when the World's Greatest Secret Identities want to make their own marks in the world? It's private lives out of control, but is there someone pulling the strings?. Plus, the mysterious creatures known as the Cathexis make their extradimensional ambitions known."

JLA #52 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.



Wonder Woman #168 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from DC Comics. The issue is written by Phil Jimenez and George Perez, with art by Jimenez and Andy Lanning and a cover by Adam Hughes.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"George Perez returns to co-write the character he made popular, in Part 1 of the 2-part 'Paradise Island Lost.' There's trouble in Paradise. The two tribes of Amazons that live on Themyscira have their allegiance tested as their differences come to a head, and a civil war is inevitable. But will Diana and Troia side with or against Hippolyta, the Queen Mother of the Amazons?"

Wonder Woman #168 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.



  • Wolverine writer Frank Tieri told The Continuum that Barry Windsor-Smith will be drawing a flashback segment of Wolverine #166.

  • Warren Pleece is the new penciller of WildStorm Productions' The Monarchy #3. The new in-store date is May 16.

  • The March 17-23 edition of the Ultimate Cable TV Guide, now on sale, features a three-page Farscape comic-book story written by Marv Wolfman, pencilled by Robert Teranishi and inked by Sandra Hope, Richard Friend, Scott Williams and Mark Propst.

  • Matthew Keller has been added to DC Comics' Direct Sales department as manager -- marketing services. In this position, Keller will be responsible for developing promotional plans for publications from all of DC's imprints and retail products from DC Direct.

    "Matt has both a solid background in marketing and a strong knowledge of the comics marketplace and," said Bob Wayne, DC's vice-president -- Direct Sales. "With him on board, we look forward to exploring new ways to romote our comics and books."

    Keller comes to DC from WizardWorld.com, where he served as manager of business development.

  • The Minute Maid Company is teaming with DC Comics to create a print advertising campaign featuring Wonder Woman. The campaign will encourage consumers to support their natural defenses by drinking Minute Maid Premium Extra Vitamins C and E Plus Zinc orange juice.

    In a licensed promotional deal between The Minute Maid Company and DC Comics, a print advertising campaign featuring Wonder Woman will appear in 18 general publications and women's magazines during March and April throughout North America. Also during April, the advertisement will be seen on advertising boards in 375 health and fitness centers nationwide.

  • To celebrate the first anniversary of its first release, CrossGen Chronicles #1, CrossGen Comics is offering its retail customers a one-time only discounted price on the issue. When retailers check the discount for the resolicited CrossGen Chronicles #1 in the April issue of Previews, they'll see that it is being offered at a 55 percent discount as opposed to the usual 50 percent maximum discount for initial orders only. Retailers who normally fall into the 45 percent or lower discount level will be also be able to order this comic at the special price.

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