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Wednesday, June 27, 2001


Marvel Comics has released the following rules and Thor plot for its talent search to be held at Comic-Con International in San Diego.


1. Print out the following sample plot.

2. Pencil the pages

3. Bring your pages -- or ultra clean copies -- to the Marvel booth at the San Diego comic convention. The con runs from Wednesday, July 18, to Sunday, July 22. And make sure your work has your name, address, phone number and/or e-mail address on it.

4. Cross your fingers!

And as for all you wannabe writers, remember to bring a one-page (or less) pitch for an 8-page Thor story to the San Diego con, too. The story doesn't have to star the Thunder God himself -- it can star the Warriors Three, Loki... or heck, even Jane Foster -- but since it will appear in an issue of Thor, it should in some way comment on the Asgardian Avenger.

(And the sample plot starring Logan which you can use to land an issue of Wolverine at the WizardWorld convention in August will be sent out shortly.)


* PAGE 1:

An establishing shot of cosmic space.

A twinkling effect opens in space....

Which explodes into a burst of light. It's a Thor-created rift, opening up.

Big Panel: Thor and a homeless man who thinks he's Heimdall are landing on a small portion of what's left of the Rainbow bridge, which is just a tattered, jagged end that connects to the remains of Asgard. "Heimdall" is amazed and astonished at the sight. Asgard is visible, but it's a shambles. Every single golden tower is at least partially destroyed and the city itself should look as though it's been deserted for years.

* PAGE 2:

Pull the camera way back to show Thor and "Heimdall" standing, small in the shot, on the edge of the bridge. The real focus of this shot is Asgard itself, which is a complete shambles. The shot should be rife with emotion here... a sense of loss.

Closer on the two. "Heimdall" is babbling. "This... this..." Thor says, "What sayest thou, Heimdall? Is it not a sight to cripple even the most courageous and noble of men?"

"Heimdall" drops to his knees. "It's not... I mean... oh, oh..." Thor doesn't quite understand what's happening. "Thou art overcome. Natural enough for one charged with guarding the gates of Asgard, when faced with its ruination." "Heimdall" says, "I know... at last I konw... I remember."

Close on "Heimdall" as he whispers, "I've never been here before. It's too much... just too much..."

* PAGE 3:

Thor stands over him and screams, "Thou didst lie?!"

Thor throws his head back in rage and screams! in the past year he was taken from this world... this universe!

Then he whirls Mjolnir, yelling about how he was gone when Asgard was destroyed...

...and he throws it into the heart of the golden city itself! Still yelling about how everyone he's known and cared about--his father, Sif, etc.--is gone!

The hammer tears through a shattered and broken spire in a tremendous burst. Thor's voice from off panel alludes to his life being shattered as well.

Mjolnir sails back to Thor's hand. Thor has calmed now.

* PAGE 4:

He turns to the false Heimdall, who's on his knees, sobbing. Thor says, "Thou hast my sincere apology. What is thy name?"

"Heimdall" says, "I... don't know. I just want to go home. To the safe place." Thor kneels beside him in compassion and says, "Then home is where we shall journey. I know not where your proper home is, but I know of one who will find you safe haven!"

They stand, and Thor says they have both experienced loss. Fabled Asgard is no more. Those who were gods are lost... perhaps dead.

He begins to spin his hammer, a vortex forming around the two of them. Thor says that it's the duty of gods to protect those who cannot fend for themselves.

And then they are gone, the silent ruins of Asgard behind them.

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