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Thursday, July 5, 2001


Sony Pictures has announced that the first trailer for the Spider-Man movie will premiere with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which opens in theaters on Wednesday, July 11.

While the studio said that the trailer will premiere "exclusively" with Final Fantasy, sources told The Continuum that it's likely the trailer will also appear in some form on entertainment shows next week.

In other Spider-Man movie/TV news:

* Ultimate Marvel magazine will include two stories from the Spider-Man set on the April day star Tobey Maguire was perched atop a building in Queens, shooting webs as a newly empowered Peter Parker.

"He's trying to figure out how to control his abilities," said Marvel's Avi Arad, an executive producer of Spider-Man, of the scene. "He goes from, 'That's weird,' and he gets exhilarated to 'Oh my God, I can do it!' And then he's off and flying. He's going roof to roof."

* Kirsten Dunst, who plays Mary Jane, is part of an E! Online poll of which star viewers would most like to see in a bikini. The results will be shown on E! News Daily on Friday.

* The Saturday, July 14 episode of Fox Kids' Spider-Man animated series will be "Carnage." The episode features Carnage, Venom, Baron Mordo, Dormammu and Iron Man.


The WB's new Smallville television series, featuring a teenage Clark Kent, should have wide appeal, a media analyst says.

Jon Mandel, managing director of the media-buying firm MediaCom, told Access Hollywood that, based on the pilot, he sees Smallville as more than a show for teenagers.

"Smallville is brilliant," he said. "It's also a good family show. I watched the pilot with my daughter, and it was great trying to explain it to her. She's not a Superman junkie, but by the end of the show, she was, "When can I see the next one?'"

Production on Smallville is expected to begin this month.

Look for more on Smallville very soon in The Continuum.


Following are Moore Creations' products shipping in October, with information provided by the company.


The third mask in the series based on David Mack's Kabuki comic book, following Kabuki and Scarab.



Based on Fox's series, Angel, Moore Creations is adding an updated version of the lead character, played by David Boreanaz, to the second line of ornaments. Both Angel and Vampiric Angel, along with his crime-fighting partner, Cordelia, and one of his most challenging rivals, Faith, will compose this second line. Each of the four ornaments will match the Series One pieces, and will include the character name on the base.

$14.95 each.


Fry looks enthusiastically prepared for the holiday season in his mock Santa beard and hat. Bender, too, is reveling in the holiday spirit with his white gloves, oversized, black belt, black boots ornamented with silver buckles, and a fur-trimmed, red hat. Leela comes in her tight, red Santa suit trimmed in white fur. She looks is accessorized in her black gloves, belt, fur-trimmed boots and white earmuffs.

Boxed set, $24.95.


Based on Fox's television series, Angel, this elegant piece resembling Angel's delightfully humorous and sexy assistant, Cordelia Chase, will be aN addition to the already existing Angel busts.



Although he said he wouldn't do it, Chaos! Comics' Brian Pulido is bringing back Evil Ernie with Evil Ernie Returns #1 in October.

"I want to acknowledge that I said I would never bring back Evil Ernie and now here I am doing it," Pulido said. "I nuked Evil Ernie and meant to keep him that way. I didn't want to bring him back the way other comic companies bring back dead characters, but something happened along the way."

Pulido said that through convention appearances and e-mails, fans have wanted Evil Ernie to return.

"I apologize to you if you feel this is a betrayal, but I am genuinely doing this for my readers," Pulido said. "Where else can you get politically incorrect, ultra-violent stories like this in comics? No where. We are filling a need in comics."

Evil Ernie Returns #1 is scheduled to ship on Oct. 31.


Kylde & Meriem, a Cavewoman one-shot, will arrive in stores on July 18 from Basement Comics. The issue is written by James Robert Smith, with art by Loston Wallace and Kim DeMulder.

The book explores the relationship between Klyde, the giant ape, and Meriem (aka Cavewoman), revealing key moments in Cavewoman's history that build upon their friendship. There are two stories, "The Invader," and "A Cold Day in Hell."

The book also has six pages of pin-ups and alternate covers by DeMulder and Cavewoman creator Budd Root. The main cover is by Wallace and DeMulder.

Kyle & Meriem will be 40 black and white pages and will cost $2.95.



  • Jim Valentino is drawing the lead story to Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog #103. The story, written by Mike Gallagher, is a tribute to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy called "Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy." Look for more Archie Comics news in The Continuum on Friday.

  • Men in Black 2 is now scheduled for a July 3, 2002 release. With no actor's strike, production on the film is expected to continue uninterrupted.

  • Rolling Red Knuckles is an online film created by Martin Emond and Hilary J. Bader. It can be found at www.hackernetwork.com.

  • Greg Rucka is teaming with Matthew Clark on Felon, a Minotaur Press series from Top Cow that will start in October.

  • Coming Friday: DC news - and much more!!!
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