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Monday, March 11, 2002


Krista Allen will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of the syndicated Mutant X television series.

In the episode "Deadly Desire," Allen will play a character called Lorna, whom apparently has a relationship with Brennan, who is played by Victor Webster. Photos provided to The Continuum also reveal that Shalimar (played by Victoria Pratt) is injured in the episode.

Both Allen and Webster starred in the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

In addition to her three years on Days of Our Lives, Allen might be best remembered for the elevator scene with Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar.

Allen's credits also include featured roles in Baywatch: Hawaii and Emmanuelle in Space and guest-spots in CSI and The X-Files.

"Deadly Desire" is the 20th episode of the first season of Mutant X. It is scheduled to air in syndication the week of April 29. Lick on the thumbnails for larger images from the episode.

Look for more on Mutant X soon here in The Continuum and look for three stories on the show in Comics Continuum #1, on sale May 1. To order the magazine, CLICK HERE.


Cryptopia, the new comic created by Ben Raab and Pat Quinn and published by Image Comics, has been optioned by Goodman/Rosen Productions.

Raab told The Continuum that the option is for one year and that Goodman/Rosen will attempt to develop the property in "any number of ways," including as a feature film, made-for-TV movie or a TV series.

"At last year's WonderCon, I was talking with G/R V.P. of Development Ford Lytle Gilmore about the various projects I was working on," Raab said. "At the time, Cryptopia was still just an idea artist/co-creator Pat Quinn and I were fleshing out to pitch to Image Comics. A couple months later, it was decided to include the first 22-page chapter as part of the Image Introduces... series of 'pilot' one-shots. That summer, at a Dodgers game, Ford and I got to talking about Cryptopia again, and he asked to take a look at it.

"Apparently, G/R was looking to develop something along similar lines. When they saw the series bible and character sketches, it really fit with what they wanted to do."

Raab said he developed Cryptopia with an eye toward other media.

"Thanks to movies like Spider-Man and TV shows like Smallville, a lot of eyes are on our industry these days," Raab said. " And if we, as creators, can develop properties that translate into movies, TV shows, video games, toys, etc. then we ultimately help keep the comic book industry vital.

"All we really have to do to get more people reading our books is think outside the comic book box just a little bit."

The issue of Images Introduces... with Cryptopia arrives in stores on April 3.


Men in Black creator Lowell Cunningham told The Continuum that he visited the set of the sequel in Los Angeles.

Cunningham, who had a walk-on in the first film, said the scene took place in a restaurant.

"One thing that was interesting was they had to have a special chair for Lara Flynn Boyle," Cunningham said. "The costume that she wore was so restrictive that she couldn't sit down. She had to be propped up in this special seat that was designed for the movie stars back when they wore those flowing gowns."

Boyle plays the movie's villain Serleena.

Cunningham said he is unclear about Marvel publishing future Men in Black comics.

"I've written four issues that have never appeared as of yet from Marvel Comics, and I don't know if they've even been scheduled," Cunningham said. "But I would not be surprised to see them coincide with the release of the film."

The sequel arrives in theaters on July 3.


Scion #22 will arrive in stores on March 20 from CrossGen Comics. The issue is written by Ron Marz, penciled by Karl Moline and inked by John Dell.

Here's how CrossGen describes the issue;

"A vengeful Prince Bron leads the Raven armies to victory in a pivotal battle, forcing the Herons into a desperate position. Meanwhile, Ethan and Ashleigh return to the surface from the underwater city of Haven. Having exhausted all his options to create a new sanctuary for the Underground, Ethan makes a decision that shocks even Ashleigh, and could forever change the world of Avalon."

Scion #22 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.



Crux #12 will arrive in stores on March 20 from CrossGen Comics. The issue is written by Mark Waid, penciled by Steve Epting, inked by Rick Magyar and colored by Frank D'Armata.

Here's how CrossGen describes the issue:

"At the end of last issue, Capricia suddenly became privy to one of the most important secrets in the CrossGen Universe--and learned just how much she's been manipulated and deceived by one of her best friends since her awakening. Too bad she may not live long enough to get an apology."

Crux #12 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.



The Transformers Generation 1 Preview from Dreamwave Productions has been released to retailers.

The story is written by Chris Sarracini, with art by Pat Lee and Rob Armstrong and backgrounds by Edwin Garcia.

The preview book will later be available for purchase in April, with an additional eight-page story that leads into the upcoming Transformers: Armada monthly series, as well as preview art, behind the scenes material, and an all-new Optimus Prime cover.



  • Dynamic Forces' next show on HSN will be Friday at 2 a.m. (ET). Dynamic Forces will be offering collectibles featuring the signatures (and a few sketches) of such creators as Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, Jae Lee, Herb Trimpe, The Bros. Hildebrandt, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Chris Claremont, Dan Jurgens, Alan Davis, Kurt Busiek, Ian McKellen, John Romita Jr. and Alex Ross.

  • Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire will be a presenter at the Academy Awards.

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