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Friday, March 15, 2002


"A Breed Apart," the first-season finale of Mutant X, introduces Patient Zero, who figures to be a big player in the show.

"He's the most powerful new mutant," Howard Chaykin, executive story consultant of Mutant X, told The Continuum. "He's an interesting new character and a lot of fun. He's a seductive, dark character who is a one-man match for all of Mutant X."

The character is portrayed by Michael Easton, who starred in Total Recall 2070 and might also be remembered as Glenn, the model ogled by Ally McBeal in the Fox series.

"He's basically going to menace both our team and Genomex," Chaykin said.

"A Breed Apart" will air in syndication the week of May 13.

Look for five pages of coverage of Mutant X, including features on stars John Shea and Victor Webster, in Comics Continuum #1, on sale May 1. You can order the magazine now through your local retailer or by CLICKING HERE.



For first looks of Marvel titles shipping next week, CLICK HERE.

Titles include New X-Men #124, Ultimate X-Men #16, The Order #2, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #41, The Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night and Thor #47.


Harris Comics has released a preview of Vampirella #7, which reaches stores on Wednesday.

Here's how Harris describes the book:

"Vampirella begins the next leg of her quest to learn the origins of the Black Mirror. With help from the World's End Circus, she discovers a new fact about he hideous Hexxen that she defeated last issue.


"In the second half of the book, Pantha makes her triumphant return to comics, below, in a long-awaited story that takes her to Las Vegas to confront some creatures of nightmares."

The issue is split into two different stories, the first part of two four-part arcs. Both stories are written by John Smith. The Vampirella story is illustrated by Dawn Brown, and the Pantha arc is painted by Mark Texeira.

Covers are by Mike Mayhew, Greg Hildebrandt and Mark Texeira, and there is also a model photo cover.

The 32-page book will cost $2.99.



Dynamic Forces' Blade Movie Bust, featuring the detailed likeness of Wesley Snipes, will arrive in stores in August.

Sculpted by Martin Canale, the bust captures the hero with his glasses on, sword in hand, glove in the other hand, and body armored to defend himself from the night.

Mounted on the House of Erebus, the mechanism that drained the blood for the vampires to allow Deacon Frost (from the first Blade film) to attempt to live forever, and capturing the symbols of the various vampire tribes on its base, the bust stands 5.5 inches tall and sits 3 inches wide.

In other Blade 2 news, Snipes will appear on CBS This Morning on Friday, March 22 to promote the film.


DC Comics has announced that Hawkman #1, the highest-selling debut issue for March, and Birds of Prey #41 have gone back to press for a second printing.

The second printing of Hawkman #1 will be in stores on Wednesday. The second printing of Birds of Prey #41 will be in stores on March 27.

"The sales of this premiere issue by the talented team of James Robinson, Geoff Johns and Rags Morales exceeded our already-high expectations -- and print run," said Bob Wayne, DC's VP -- Sales & Marketing .

"We're happy to see retailers and fans warmly embracing the return of this classic character. The additional printing will allow even more copies of the book to get into more hands and make it that much easier for retailers to sell subsequent issues to customers who are catching on to a series with momentum."

"I'm extremely happy to see this," Johns said. "Everyone involved in 'Return of the Hawkman' in JSA and in Hawkman #1 really worked hard, and we're all continuing to work hard, on Hawkman. He's a character that deserves it."

Birds of Prey #41 sold out prior to its in-store of March 20.

"The fan reaction to 'Bruce Wayne: Murderer?' and 'Bruce Wayne: Fugitive' has been sensational," Wayne said. "The entire Batman creative group has delivered a storyline that has captivated readers and exceeded even our high initial expectations."


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