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Thursday, April 4, 2002


Yancy Butler, star of TNT's Witchblade, told The Continuum that her father will be a guest-star in the second-season opener of the show.

Joe Butler, the drummer for the Lovin' Spoonful, will be a guest-star in "Emergence," which is scheduled to air on TNT on Monday, June 10.

"It was actually presented to me by Ralph Hemecker, our exec producer, as a surprise," Yancy Butler told The Continuum. "And he only told me prior to the day. And he said, 'Is it OK? Is it going to be weird?' I said, 'No, it's great.'

"And what's really wonderful - and somebody just pointed it out to me - is that my father is playing a retired a cop. And his father in real life, my grandfather, was a cop. So everything really is connected. It's really quite special, and he did a fantastic job. He really is quite wonderful."

Joe Butler has a couple of scenes in "Emergence" and appears very briefly in the second episode. Yancy Butler said her father had some trepidation about acting.

"He's calling me to this day. He keeps saying, 'Did I do OK?'" Butler said. "It's a funny story because up to me in between when they were turning the camera around for my close-up, he was so nervous that I was literally feeling like I was going to projectile vomit for him. He said, 'You know, when I finish a song, people come up and applaud.' And I said, 'Dad, they definitely don't do that here.' And they don't come up to me after every take and say, 'You know, you were absolutely fantastic.' And to this day, he's still thinking he did really bad, but he's going to be pleasantly surprised.

"And we just come out of the gate with this one. It looks phenomenal. I'm very excited with it."

In other Witchblade news:

* TNT has released the first two promotion images of Butler as Sara from the second season. She said the cast will have a sleeker look this season.

* Butler said that four episodes are in the can. Thirteen have been ordered for the second season.

* Look for more much more on Butler and the second season of Witchblade soon here in The Continuum.


Guillermo del Toro, who directed Blade II, said he hopes Hellboy will be his next movie - and that film's fate should be determined soon.

"It's difficult for me to get a 60 million-dollar movie financed with Ron Perlman as the star, but I'm not giving up, since Mike Mignola and I think he is perfect for the part," del Toro said during a recent Lycos chat for Blade II. "If you want to know what the movie will look like, just go get the comic book. I will be as faithful as I can."

Said Perlman: "You know, the final decision as to whether or not it's going to be green-lit is happening as we speak. It's a phenomenal project, and we're hoping that the success of Blade will springboard it into the next project. I'm a comic-book freak and this is the comic book to end all comic books, and the character is just magnificent."

Del Toro said he hopes to re-team with star Wesley Snipes on a third Blade film.

"If New Line and Wesley go for the premise that I like, which is basically a post-apocalyptic vampire movie, where the world has been taken over my vampires where humans are treated as cattle to be milked for their blood," del Toro said. "Living in small caves in concentration camp conditions. And from out of the night comes the long-forgotten Daywalker, and the new battle begins. New Line has not yet approved the storyline, but if they do I would love to be involved."


Violent Messiahs: The Book of Job will arrive in July from Image Comics. The trade paperback will collect all eight issues of the first series, making the entire story available again following the complete sellout of the first four issues.

Violent Messiahs: The Book of Job tells the story of a poetic serial killer, an unforgiving vigilante called Citizen Pain and Cheri Major, a fiercely independent police detective assigned to bring both killers down.

Conceived by Joshua Dysart and William O'Neill, the grisly world of Violent Messiahs: The Book of Job is written by Dysart and penciled by Tone Rodriguez, with colors and covers by Travis Smith.

The trade will be 224 pages and will feature a new cover by Smith, as well as numerous extras, including rare artwork and sketches by Rodriguez and a gallery of variant covers by Andy Park and Ed McGuinness.

A new Violent Messiahs series, Violent Messiahs: Lamenting Pain, is scheduled to debut in September.



Marvel Comics has released two preview pages from Joe Bennett's upcoming two-issue run on Elekta.

Elektra #9, on sale on April 24, concludes Greg Rucka's first story arc, in which Elektra must decide just how far an assassin will go to fulfill an assignment -- especially if it includes torture.


Elektra #10, on sale May 22, presents a disturbing stand-alone story that exposes Elektra's secrets.

Marvel released two pages from Elektra #9, top, by Bennett, as well as the covers from Elektra #9, above left, and #10, right, by Greg Horn.


  • Here, clockwise from upper left, are first looks at covers to Incredible Hulk #41, Wonder Woman #181, Young Justice #45 and Transmetropolitan #56.


  • Blade II opened No. 1 in Britain last weekend with $3.6 million on 355 screens.

  • Coming Friday: DC news, Marvel news - and much more!!!
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