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Tuesday, April 9, 2002


Following are some of Dynamic Forces' offerings for September, with information and images coming from the company.


The Weapon X saga, as written and illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith and presented in the pages of Marvel Comics presents #72 through #84 told the tale of Wolverine's skeleton becoming laced with adamantium, and is one the defining moments in the Canadian's mysterious past, Now, inspired by those classic Windsor-Smith images, with awe-inspiring designs and sculpts by Martin Canale, the Weapon X Bust comes alive. Caught in a ferocious escape from the shattered green tube (reproduced here as childproof plastic) in which he was encased, the enraged Logan breaks free from his captors, adamantium-laced claws exposed to air for the very first time. He snarls, and makes his final escape, still covered with the probes, implants and the wiring which bound him. Measuring 8 inches high with a base that measures 6 inches wide, The Wolverine: Weapon X Bust will be limited to 1,991 production units.



Standing 6 inches tall, this amazingly sculpted, detailed and painted bust depicts the Crow, with his feathered spirit-guide atop his shoulder, overlooking the two tombstones that have forever shaped his life - the tombstones of himself and beloved Shelly. The first edition of the Crow Bust is sold out and Dynamic is offering a brand-new edition featuring a Bronze painted finish while keeping the face of Brandon Lee a ghostly white. Designed, sculpted and colored by Martin Canale, this piece will be limited to 499 production units.



From Frank Miller's original and classic Daredevil run, Dynamic Forces presents the moment of Daredevil's greatest loss - the Death of Elektra Statue. Sculpted and painted by Martin Canale and based on designs by Greg Horn, the detail in this statue is presented in the format of a diorama. Limited to only 1,982 production units worldwide (the year Elektra shuffled off this mortal coil at the hands of the killer Bullseye), the Daredevil: Death of Elektra Statue features the Man without Fear, surrounded by the haunting burial ground, hunched in despair at the grave of his lover as the spirit of Elektra rises from the ground and ascends into the ether. Measuring 11 inches wide and standing almost 10 inches tall, the Daredevil: Death of Elektra statue is the first of this collectible series of diorama statues from Dynamic Forces.



Dynamic Forces, with the help of designer Dan Jurgens and sculptor Howard Kalish, presents the first-ever Loki Bust, presenting a full depiction of the scheming God contemplating his next malicious act against the God of Thunder. Seated upon his meticulously crafted throne, everything from the wry smile on the Norse God's face -- the devilish look and scheming eye as Loki toasts himself and his fiendish accomplishments - to the throne upon which he sits and the goblet he drinks from -- have been recreated here by Howard Kalish from the original designs by Thor writer/artist Dan Jurgens. Limited to 1,962.



In the twisted and decaying world of Earth X, the Marvel Universe looks to one hero, the hero know as Cap. Scarred, demoralized, embattled he may be, but Cap still stands proud and true - the last great warrior fighting the good fight. Now, artist Alex Ross (the creator of the Earth X Universe) has again cast his creative eye to launch the full-size Earth X: Cap Statue. Standing 13 inches atop a base measuring 6 inches by 9 inches, Cap stands defiant, his body covered in scars, his forehead forever marked with the jagged "A," a battered flag covering his massive build, his trusty shield at his side, Cap stands ready for the next battle. Each of these markings and trappings has been captured by sculptors Alex Ross with Jared Shiflet and painted in the vivid detail as only Alex Ross can. Limited to 1,999 production units.



The twisted world of Earth X has yielded the most beautiful Storm bust of all time as Dynamic Forces presents Bloodstorm. Designed by Alex Ross and sculpted and painted by Gabriel Marquez, the Earth X: Bloodstorm Bust measures approximately 6.5 inches high with the base, and is seated atop the Earth X base to unify her with our previous Earth X releases. This bust features Alex Ross' version of Storm with her Mohawk haircut and blood-red eyes. The detail includes every deadly feature, from the wrinkles in her brown cloak to her fingertips and sharpened nails and her 3 earrings and those haunted blood red eyes, is unparalleled by any other previous Storm bust. Limited to initial orders.



Based on the original designs by Dave Gibbons' artwork, sculptor Martin Canale has captured the definitive "Martha Wants You" pose. The only Martha Washington bust to be released from Dynamic Forces this year, it will be limited to 1,994 units, matching the first Martha Washington mini-series was first released.


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