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Wednesday, May 8, 2002


"Deadly Desire," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week.

The episode was written by Darrell Fetty and was directed by Ken Girotti.

Below the photos is a complete synopsis of "Deadly Desire," with spoilers.

Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Jesse (Forbes March) come to the aid of mutant Lorna Templeton (Krista Allen), who is being chased by Carl Ames (Ted Whittall) and his team of GSA agents. An agent is about to apprehend Lorna, when suddenly she grabs him by the neck with a scorpion-like stinger she shoots from her wrist, injecting him with her lethal venom. Ames tries to back away, but Lorna stops him with a blast of her pheromone mist, leaving him hopelessly in love, and completely under her control. Lorna and Ames escape together seconds before Shalimar and Jesse appear, finding the lifeless agent on the floor.

In an attempt to find Lorna, Adam (John Shea) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) search the GSA's database. They find no signs of Lorna, but they do discover that the GSA is arranging a deal to acquire a stolen supply of Anomite, a gelatin-like virus with the ability to destroy the most sophisticated cyber security systems. Adam realizes that if Eckhart (Tom McCamus) gets possession of the virus, he will have the ability to take over every safehouse in existence.

Meanwhile at a pool hall, Brennan (Victor Webster) runs into Tony Reese (Matthew MacFadzean), a dangerous acquaintance from his past. Tony insists that he has changed for the better since meeting the woman of his dreams. He reveals that they are working on a job that offers a five million dollar reward.

Later at Genomex, Eckhart's associate, Vance Halloran (Jim Codrington), arranges a meeting with government scientist Dr. Tork (Clyde Whitham), who has the Anomite in his possession.

Hacking into Genomex's database, Emma learns that Halloran and Dr. Tork are meeting at the Peterson Building. Brennan and Shalimar burst into the building just as Halloran exchanges a case of money with Dr. Tork in return for the Anomite. Intent on stealing the Anomite in order to collect the five million dollar reward, Ames, Lorna and Tony watch from the shadows as Brennan knocks the virus out of Halloran's grip with a bolt of electricity. Shalimar grabs the Anomite and attempts to escape, but Ames suddenly emerges with a gun, shoots and kills Dr. Tork, and fires a bullet into Shalimar's shoulder. Brennan runs to Shalimar's aid, while Tony, Ames and Lorna escape with the Anomite.

Brennan takes Shalimar back to Sanctuary before setting out to find Tony and the Anomite. He tracks him to an apartment garage, but Tony refuses to reveal any information. Cleverly pinning a tracking transmitter on Tony's shirt, Brennan secretly enters the building. Tony is surprised to find that Brennan has followed him into Lorna's apartment, but Lorna, immediately attracted to Brennan, dismisses Tony. She takes Brennan to her bedroom, promising to show him the Anomite. Just as Brennan is about to snatch the virus from Lorna, she hits him with a shot of her pheromone mist, leaving him dazed and completely in love with her. Unable to control their undeniable lust for one another, they passionately embrace with a heated kiss.

The next morning, Lorna emerges from her bedroom to find Tony in a jealous rage. Deciding she doesn't need him now that she has Brennan, she kills him with her venomous stinger. When Brennan appears, Lorna hits him with more pheromone mist, causing him to ignore Tony's unconscious body on the floor.

Not knowing Brennan's whereabouts, Jesse and Emma run a track on his transmitter and find him with Lorna and Ames. Just as they are about to exchange the Anomite with Halloran, Jesse and Emma burst in and attempt to seize the virus, but Brennan throws an electric bolt at Emma, knocking her to the ground. Lorna grabs the Anomite and orders Brennan to take down Ames, while Halloran escapes with the money. With Ames now unconscious on the floor, Jesse and Emma decide they must bring him back to Sanctuary for observation.

At Sanctuary, Adam creates an antivirus using a trace of Lorna's pheromonal mist found in Ames' blood. The antivirus is a success, and Ames realizes that his love for Lorna was all an illusion. Shalimar sets out to find Brennan, and secretly slips him the antivirus to break Lorna's spell. When Lorna realizes that her spell on Brennan has been broken, she injects him with her venomous stinger, leaving him unconscious. With the Anomite in hand, Lorna starts to leave her apartment. She is suddenly blocked by Shalimar, who knocks her down with a powerful kick while Adam grabs the Anomite. Back at Sanctuary, the Mutant X team nurses Brennan back to health, while Adam secures the Anomite in a place no one will ever find.

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