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Saturday, May 18, 2002


David Chokachi, who plays Jake McCartey in TNT's Witchblade, said his character will be "a little more edgy" in the second season of the show.

"I'm going to be put in situations where my life really gets flipped," Chokachi said. "This season, I'm going to earn more respect from Sara, who's my training officer."

With time reversed at the end of the first season, Sara's original partner, Danny, survives for the second season.

"We're kind of a threesome, but Danny Woo is Sara's partner," Chokachi said. "We all work together on whatever the homicide is at that time."

Even from the earliest episodes of the second season, both Jake and Danny are puzzled by Sara's behavior as she struggles to cope with wielding the Witchblade.

"Something seems a little off with Sara," Chokachi said. "I see things that are out of the ordinary, and she's always involved, so Jake can't help but raise his eyebrows to it. For example, she survives these crazy gunfights - and anyone with a fair amount of common sense would question and be baffled by that.

"Since Danny is her partner, he has to deal with it a little more than I do, and he has to deal with her not letting anyone in to her personal life. As a result, Danny and I start to develop a friendship because he doesn't have anyone to turn to. We start to bond a bit and are pushed closer together in a short period of time."

The second season of Witchblade starts on Sunday, June 16 with the episodes "Emergence" and "Destiny."

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