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Monday, June 3, 2002


The Continuum has obtained a first look at Jennifer Garner as Elektra from the Daredevil movie.

Click on the thumbnail for a much fuller and larger look.

In other Daredevil news:

* Rapper/actor Coolio told The Continuum that he has completed his work on the movie.

"I finished the movie a month ago in downtown Los Angeles. I had a lot of fun doing it," Coolio told The Continuum on Sunday after a celebrity basketball game in Auburn Hills, Mich. "Ben Affleck is cool."

Coolio said he plays a character named Donte Jackson.

"I was on trial for a murder I didn't commit and he (Matt Murdock) knew I didn't do it and represented me," he said.

Coolio said he was a "big fan" of Marvel comics.

"I knew all about Daredevil," he said. "Daredevil has super-senses. He was blinded when a truck crashed and nuclear waste splashed in his face. His other senses are greater because of the accident. He has super hearing and can really smell things well."

* Encore has provided The Continuum with a first look at the upcoming Daredevil video game.

Here's how Encore describes the game:

"The plot of the videogame revolves around Daredevil's mission to rescue his best friend and law partner Foggy Nelson, who has mysteriously disappeared. Around the same time, the Kingpin has been murdered, causing the worst gang war in New York's history. To add to the intrigue, Daredevil has discovered his former college love, Elektra, is in New York and is in some way linked to the Kingpin's murder.

"Players will take on Daredevil's persona as they hunt to find Foggy and Elektra throughout the dark streets of Hell's Kitchen, all the while avoiding Yakuza punks, mafia thugs and ninjas."

Game elements include: Many of Daredevil's known hangouts - as well as several new ones - as settings for solving crimes and unlocking mysteries; Hell's Kitchen scenery and backgrounds based on original Daredevil comic book art; classic Daredevil comic book characters including Elektra, Bullseye, Kingpin, the Hand and others; unique weapons, including radar sense, the billy club and grappling hook; and numerous power-ups and hidden secrets."

The game will be released in the first quarter of next year to coincide with the movie.


Fox will be the first - but not the only -- network to televise the Spider-Man movie.

It's part of a deal between Columbia TriStar Domestic Television and both Fox and AOL Time Warner that should net Columiba TriStar some $60 million, according to Variety.

After its pay-TV stint on HBO, Fox will get two airings of Spider-Man, with the first expected in November 2004. The film then moves to Turner networks, including TNT and TBS for a year or so.

Spider-Man goes back to Fox for two more airings in a year's span, with TNT and TBS then closing out the 10-year deal.

In other Spider-Man movie news:

* The film placed third at the box office over the weekend with an estimated $14.5 million take.

Spider-Man has brought in an estimated $354.2 million in 31 days -- beating the 40 days it took Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace to reach the $350 million level.

Spider-Man figures to surpass Jurassic Park's $357 million and move into fifth on the all-time domestic box office list this week.


Kenneth Irons, played by Anthony Cistaro, will play a big role in the two episodes that opens the second season of TNT's Witchblade on June 16.

After Sara reversed time with the Witchblade at the end of the first season, she reacquires the Witchblade and meets Irons for the first time all over again.

Irons hatches a plot in the second episode, using the Spear of Destiny in his plans to get the Witchblade.

"He is fascinated with talismans of power, particularly the Witchblade, and he wants to play God," Cistaro said. "Since only a woman can control the blade, he realizes that he needs to control the woman who wields it. Hence, his avenue to power is through Sara Pezzini.

"He actually did wear the Witchblade once - that's why he has a scar on his arm. And that's why he tells Sara, 'We're connected, you and I.' As a result of his brief encounter with the blade, he has empathetic feelings towards Sara. Sometimes when Sara experiences things, he experiences them, too.

"She is everything he is fighting against, yet, at the same time, he understands her plight probably more than anyone else. She's the force of good who may have some vulnerable human qualities, and he is the voice of evil, who deep down, may have some redeeming qualities."

The first episode, "Emergence," was written by Ralph Hemecker and Jorge Zamacona. It was directed by Joe Chappelle.

The second episode, "Destiny," has a teleplay by Zamacona, Hemecker and and William J. MacDonald, from a story by Zamacona and MacDonald. It was directed by David Carson.

Look for more on Witchblade soon here in The Continuum and click on the thumbnails below for larger images from the two episodes:


  • The Tuesday, June 18 episode of Smallville will be a rebroadcast of "Leech." Click on the thumbnails above for larger images from the episode.

  • Upcoming episodes of Mutant X include "Fool for Love" this week; "Kilohertz" the week of June 10; "Meaning of Death" the week of June 17; and "In the Presence of Mine Enemies" the week of June 24.

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