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Tuesday, July 3, 2002


A new episode of Mutant X, "Dancing on the Razor," will air in syndication this week.

The episode was written by Mark Amato and directed by Jorge Montesi.

For a complete synposis, with spoilers, read below the photos:

At an abandoned warehouse, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March) are waiting to meet with a mutant who had contacted them with an anonymous e-mail, when four armed GSA agents suddenly burst in. The two fight off the agents before fleeing the warehouse.

Back at Sanctuary, Brennan and Jesse learn that the mutant who e-mailed them doesn't really exist - the confrontation with the GSA was a set-up. What they don't know, however, is that their run-in with the GSA was secretly videotaped.

Later that day, Adam (John Shea), Brennan and Jesse watch in disbelief as Proxy Blue reveals reports from an inside source of an altercation at a warehouse involving a covert government agency and a band of renegades. Proxy Blue promises to broadcast video evidence of the face-off as soon as the disc is delivered to her studio. Brennan and Jesse realize that cameras must have been planted in the warehouse to record the set-up. If they don't act quickly, Proxy Blue will reveal the existence of Mutant X to the world.

Meanwhile at Genomex, Mason Eckhart (Tom McCamus) and his second-in-command, Harvey Lanchester (Roman Podhora), watch Proxy Blue's report. Eckhart knows that if the reality of Mutant X is exposed to the world, Genomex will be shut down and Eckhart will be deemed a traitor.

In an attempt to find Proxy Blue's source, Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) tap into her hotline number, finding a record of an unusual call from Macklin Exporters, an international shipping facility. When Shalimar and Brennan arrive at Macklin Exporters, they find Lanchester using his mutant powers on a terrified office employee, and a group of GSA agents standing over four dead employees.

Moments later, facility employee Jay Minhaus (James Gallanders) enters. He is immediately overtaken by a number of agents, and interrogated for his involvement in the altercation at the warehouse. Pleading for his life, Jay claims he had nothing to do with the set-up. Just as Lanchester is about to blast Jay with his deadly powers, Brennan and Shalimar step in, and a fight ensues. After defeating Lanchester and his agents, Brennan and Shalimar escort Jay to a safehouse for protection. Enraged that Minhaus got away, Lanchester uses his destructive mutant abilities to send a series of explosive fireballs, causing the facility to explode.

At the safehouse, Brennan and Shalimar question Jay regarding his and Macklin Exporters' involvement in the video evidence revealed by Proxy Blue. Despite Jay's claim that he knows nothing, Adam insists that he remain at the safehouse for protection, knowing that until Lanchester has solid proof that the disc has been destroyed, his life is in grave danger.

When Jay suddenly expresses fear that his sister Rebecca's life is in jeopardy, Shalimar accompanies him to search for her.

Meanwhile, Emma scans the Mutant X database for any information on Jay's sister, but finds no sign of her existence. Shalimar goes with Jay to his apartment and quietly creeps inside. To her surprise, Jay suddenly slams the door behind her and locks it, snapping the key off in the lock. When Shalimar calls out to Jay and gets no response, she smashes the door open with a powerful kick. Realizing that Jay is nowhere to be found, Shalimar heads to the lobby where she encounters Lanchester, who hits her with a microwave blast. As Lanchester demands that Shalimar tell him Jay's whereabouts, Emma appears and uses her telempathic powers to transform herself into an image of Eckhart, fooling Lanchester into setting Shalimar free.

Back at Sanctuary, Adam and Jesse search the database for information about Jay and discover that he has a degree in journalism, but had been fired from his only media job after being accused of plagiarism. Putting two and two together, Adam and Jesse realize that Jay was the one who set up the cameras in the warehouse and tipped off Proxy Blue, knowing that the story of Mutant X would make his career.

Certain that Jay made up the story about his sister to escape the safehouse, Jesse runs a tracking signal on him, finding that he is at a local warehouse. Emma and Shalimar arrive at the warehouse at the same time as Lanchester and his agents. Surrounded, Jay tries to make a break for the door, but Lanchester blasts him with a powerful charge and he is instantly killed. Shalimar grabs the disc from Jay's lifeless hand just as Lanchester sends a blast at Emma. Emma, however, sees it coming and uses her telempathic powers to reverse the effect, causing the vibrations kill Lanchester. The Mutant X team then destroys the disc before heading back to Sanctuary.

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