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Friday, July 5, 2002


Ten years after the "Death of Superman," DC Comics will be revisiting that story with Day of Doom, a four-issue mini-series in November.

Dan Jurgens returns to write and pencil the weekly mini-series, with Bill Sienkiewicz inking.

"If you remember the lines outside comic stores as people lined up to buy Superman #75, this project is for you," Jurgens told The Continuum. "If you weren't in on the action but have heard about it and have interest in it, this project is for you. Heck... even if all you're looking for is a good story, this project is for you.

"It isn't a flashback story or simple retelling of events. It's far more, as we delve into the question of how Superman's 'death' and 'return' altered perceptions of him in Metropolis. The effects we felt an industry, the questions we were asked by reporters, the mania that ignited...all this and more will be a part of Day of Doom.

"It's a strange, but very fun feeling, to go back to Superman at this point. They say you can't go home again but it's gratifying to find out that's not always 100 percent true. Metropolis may look different these days, but rediscovering that city and the majesty of Superman is part of what makes this so much fun."


John Shea, star of the syndicated Mutant X episode television, told The Continuum that the series' approach was a big draw for him.

"This show should not be really confused with the X-Men, which is a very different kind of show," Shea said. "The writing here is making these characters very different and very human."

For the complete feature from the Mutant X set in Toronto, CLICK HERE.

Look for more news on the second season of Mutant X soon here in The Continuum.


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  • Comic-Con International in San Diego is expanding. "We've added another hall to the convention which makes for over 350,000 square feet of exhibit space," said David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for the non profit show.

  • Coming Saturday: Wizard World Chicago news - and much more!!!
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