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Saturday, July 6, 2002


Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that he'll be editing the Marvel Knights line with the departure of Stuart Moore.

"I'm the editor of Marvel Knights again," Quesada said on Friday at the Marvel Knights/MAX panel at Wizard World.

Quesada said he wants to trim the Knights imprint back down to its original levels in terms of number of titles.

"We want to get back to where we were with Knights, taking B characters and revitalizing them," Quesada said. "And focus on A characters like Captain America who had been getting B treatment for a while."

In other news from the Knights/MAX panel:

* Following John Cassaday's six issue, Trevor Hairsine will draw Captain America through #11 and then Jae Lee will be the artist for four issues. Quesada said the hope is for Cassaday then to return to the series.

Lee said he hopes to be involved in a project from the ground up, similar to Marvel's The Ultimates.

* Quesada said there are no plans for any follow to the Howard the Duck limited series.

"By the sixth issue we were very close to being in the red, so that's why we had to cut our losses and say no more Duck for a while," Quesada said.

Quesada said the door is open for Howard the Duck creator Steve Gerber to do more work for Marvel.

* Quesada said the script for Neil Gaiman's 1602 series is in, and Andy Kubert is working on the art. Quesada said the second script should be in soon.

The series, originally planned as six issues, will now be eight.

"Neil wants to make sure we can ship the book monthly, so we're being cautious," Quesada said. "You will probably see the book in spring 2003, and definitely out in 2003."

* Quesada said an unnamed artist has been assigned to the second Marvel Boy mini-series, which is "a ways away yet."

* There are no current plans for either The Sentry or Silver Surfer.

* Ron Zimmerman will be writing a Startling Stories: Thing project.

* Editor Axel Alonso said that Stuart Immonen will be drawing Incredible Hulk #44-49. Following that an extended arc will be drawn by, according to Alonso, "an as-yet-unamed artist, sure to excite people."

* Alonso described the upcoming Rawhide Kid comic by Zimmerman and John Severin as "Shane with a twist."

* Quesada on the Blade comic, canceled despite the success of the movie sequel: "We blew it."

* Quesada said he hopes to have the top 15 or so Marvel titles published 16-18 times a year.

* There will be more Elektra trade paperbacks coming.

* Quesada called the current Daredevil story by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev "one of those runs of a particular title that is going to be a classic."

Said Maleev: "We're bringing this character back to reality."

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