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Tuesday, October 1, 2002


Part one of "Metamorphosis," the two-part episode of Justice League featuring Metamorpho, was written by animation veteran Len Uhley.

Uhley talked to The Continuum about his involvement in the episode, which premieres on Friday on Cartoon Network.

"I was on staff at Warner Bros. Animation, finishing up my story editor duties on the second season of Static Shock, when Rich Fogel offered me the chance to write an episode for Justice League featuring Metamorpho," Uhley told The Continuum. "I was very grateful for the opportunity, as the character is one of my favorites.

"With lots of guidance from Rich and from Stan Berkowitz, the story has several huge action sequences as well as some intriguing emotional content. Not only do we touch on Green Lantern's sense of isolation -- he's a part of humankind, but apart from it as well -- but we also (judiciously) deal with the rather disturbing feelings that Simon Stagg has for his daughter. I mean, this guy realllly needs some therapy."

Uhley said longtime fans should be pleased with the character designs.

"Rex Mason/Metamorpho, Simon Stagg, Sapphire Stagg and Java are incredibly true to the original late-60's comic book," he said.

Part 2 of the episode, written by Dwayne McDuffie, is scheduled to premiere on Friday, Oct. 11.



Ethan Embry is providing the voice of Electro in MTV's upcoming Spider-Man animated series.

Electro will be one of the first - if not the first - villains on the show, which is targeted to begin early next year on MTV.

In the series, Electro will be Max Dillon, but he will be a classmate of Peter Parker's at Empire State University. Plans are to tell the origin of the character within the episode, and he probably won't be wearing the green and yellow costume initially.

"We've got some great stories with Electro," Spider-Man producer Audu Paden told The Continuum, adding that the character's powers work well in the computer-generated environment Spider-Man is featuring.

Embry, 24, was at one time linked to the role of Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 before Alan Cumming was cast. Embry's credits include the country's No. 1 movie, Sweet Home Alabama, and he was a lead actor in the short-lived FreakyLinks on Fox.


Mutant X begins its second season in syndication this week with the episode "Past as Prologue."

Michael Easton returns to guest-star as Gabriel Ashlocke, the first new mutant. In "Past as Prologue," in a desperate attempt to save his own life, Ashlocke revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team.

Easton will appear in three episodes in the second season of Mutant X as his character's arc is played out over the fall.

"Past as Prologue" was written by Howard Chaykin and directed by T.J. Scott.

For a complete episode description, with photos and spoilers, CLICK HERE.


The WB has released four images from "Duplicity," the episode of Smallville set to air on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"After one of Clark's friends discovers the spaceship in the cornfield, Clark goes against his parents' wishes and reveals his secret, but is shocked when the reaction he gets makes him question his friend's loyalty."

Steve Miner directed the episode, which was written by Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer.

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Exiles #18 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Judd Winick, with art by Mike McKone.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue, which kicks off "So Lame:"

"The shapechanging Morph takes the spotlight in this new story, as his past -- as it can for us all -- comes back to haunt him. But one look at the cover and what's more frightening: ghosts from the past -- or Morph dressing as Elvis?"

Exiles #18 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25.



Tech Jacket #1 will arrive in stores on Nov. 20 from Image Comics. The issue is written by Robert Kirkman, with art and cover by E.J. Su and colors by Val Staples.

Here's how Image describes the issue:

"In the far reaches of space, past any regions known to man, a war rages on. The Geldarians, a peaceful race, have been defending their home world against the violent and savage Kresh for nearly a millennium. When it begins to look as though neither side can gain the upper hand, the Geldarians dispatch a scout team to search the neighboring galaxies for civilizations that may aid them. Disaster strikes and one of the scout ships is forced to crash land on earth. When mild mannered teenager, Zack Thompson comes across the wreckage⤠things really get interesting."

Tech Jacket #1 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.



  • Witchblade actors Anthony Cistaro, Eric Etebari and John Hensley raised $10,113 from 124 autographed items in the Champions of Charity Auction. Cistaro's charity was Habitat for Humanity - Los Angeles. Etebari selected Hollygrove in Los Angeles. Hensley chose Beacon House in Louisville.

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