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Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Ralph Winter, producer of the X-Men sequel, told The Continuum that production will be moving from Vancouver next month.

"We hope to finish up in the mountains near Calgary, hoping for snow," Winter told The Continuum on Monday. "Can't really talk about the scenes we are shooting up there, but they should be spectacular."

In other X-Men news:

* The film's official site is now live, with galleries and downloads. It can be found at Click on the thumbnails for the latest images from the movie.

* E! News Live and Entertainment Tonight both carried reports on the film from Vancouver.

Here are some of the comments from the interviews:

Hugh Jackman on revealing some skin: "Wolverine's up on Alkali Lake and there's soliders and he's running naked - and I was 'Whoa, hang on a second! When did naked slip in there?' I rang my agent and said, 'Do I have a butt clause in here or what?'

Jackman on the Wolverine/Jean Grey/Cyclops triangle: "There is a kind of alluded to a little triangle going on in the first between Jean and Cyclops and my character, and that comes to a pretty hefty resolution."

Kelly Hu, who plays Lady Deathstrike, on her silver finger nails: "They kind of match my outfit."

Director Bryan Singer, elaborating: "She's sort of the alter ego of Wolverine."

Jackman on Wolverine's hair: "A can and a half of hairspray and about two hours later."

Jackman on fight scenes with Hu: "Poor Kelly Hu. I've basically given her a concussion and kicked her in the stomach.

Hu on fight scenes with Jackman: "But I get Hugh back in probably more ways than I should. (laughs) All by accident of course."

* Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who plays Mystique, will be a guest on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

* For the two parts of The Continuum's transcription of the recent X² press conference, CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.


Angel creator Joss Whedon is writing and directing "Spin The Bottle," the Sunday, Nov. 10 episode on The WB.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"When Lorne (Andy Hallett) performs a spell on Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) to restore her memory, it inadvertently causes the gang to revert back to their high school personas and leaves them with no memories of each other. Eventually, they discover that the only way to reverse the spell is to kill a vampire, just as Angel (David Boreanaz) realizes that he is one."

Click on the image above for a fuller and larger image from "Spin The Bottle."


Korean actress/model Sung Hi Lee will be playing Lady Shiva in an upcoming episode of Birds of Prey.

The episode, "Lady Shiva," is filming this week in Los Angeles. The WB has not announced an air date yet, but it figures to be the season's eighth episode.

Lee, 32, has guest-starred on numerous television series, including Nikki, V.I.P, Queen of Swords and Black Scorpion.

In other Birds of Prey news:

* The WB has announced credits for "Primal Scream," which will air on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Jim Charleston directed the episode, which was written by Edward Kittis and Adam Horowitz with a story by Adam Armus and Kay Foster.



  • Above is a first look at the covers to Killraven #4, Master of Kung-Fu #5 and Jason & The Argobots #4.

  • The Origin Wolverine action figure will arrive in stores in March from Diamond Select Toys and Toy Biz. The figure was sculpted by Shawn Nagle.

  • Coming Wednesday: TV news -- and much more!!!

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