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Sunday, November 10, 2002


At the Retailer Representative Program in Los Angeles over the weekend, DC Comics announced many of its upcoming projects.

Following is a rundown. Click on thumbnails for larger images and look for comments from creators soon here in The Continuum.


Creators: Writer Kurt Busiek, artist Brent Anderson, cover artist Alex Ross, editor Ben Abernathy.

Release: 5 issues, first quarter 2003.

Imprint: Homage.

DC description: The acclaimed title returns in February as a series of miniseries. The first, Astro City: Local Heroes, runs five bi-monthly issues, kicking off with three stand-alone stories that reintroduce the heroes and villains of Astro City, followed by the tale "Dark Ages."


Creators: Writer/artist Jill Thompson, editor Karen Berger.

Release: Graphic novel, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: Dangerous, romantic and fun - it's Death, manga-style! Set during the "Season of Mists" storyline, At Deatho's Door finds The Sandman contemplating what to do with the Key to Hell. At the same time, Death, Delirium, and Despair throw Hell's escapees a party, one that quickly gets out of control. The three Endless sisters must figure out how to save the day and the afterlife...not to mention the carpet.


Creators: Writer Jeph Loeb, penciler Jim Lee, inker Scott Williams, editor Bob Schreck.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: The best-selling series kicks into overdrive as the second story begins! The Dark Knight - accompanied by Catwoman - drops into Metropolis, only to run afoul of Superman! What could bring these uneasy allies to the brink of war? How do you stop the unstoppable Man of Steel? Who can outwit the World's Greatest Detective? Who will be left standing? Watch for the answers in January's Batman #611.


Creators: Writers Dennis O'Neil and various, artists Neal Adams and various.

Release: Hardcover, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: The art that initiated the modern look of the Dark Knight is collected in a 3-volume hardcover series that includes stories from Batman, Detective Comics, The Brave and The Bold and World's Finest. Plus, covers from those series and others.


Creators: Writer/artist Kia Asamiya, adaptation Max Allan Collins, editor Andrew Helfer.

Release: Hardcover, first quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: From the mind of Kia Asamiya, creator of manga hits Silent Moebius and Steam Detectives, comes a unique manga take on the Dark Knight - a mammoth adventure featuring Batman in action in both Gotham and Tokyo, locked in mortal combat with his greatest enemies! This massive hardcover edition is translated into English by acclaimed mystery and comics writer Max Allan Collins.


Creators: Writer Greg Rucka, artist Klaus Janson, editor Matt Idelson.

Release: Nine issues, second quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Wayne Enterprises has been quietly sealing up sites where Ra's Al Ghul might create a Lazarus Pit. Now Ra's' life is waning and he can't do the one thing that would extend his existence. At the same time, Talia recognizes that with her father gone, she finally may be able to express her feelings for Bruce Wayne. But are Batman's actions - denying Ra's what he needs to survive - tantamount to murder?


Creators: Designs Jim Lee, scupltor Tim Bruckner.

Release: Third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Direct.

DC description: Scheduled to coincide with the release of the final issue of Jeph Loeb's and Jim Lee's "Hush," this powerful rendition of the Dark Knight is designed by Lee and sculpted by Tim Bruckner.


Creators: Writer/artist Matt Wagner, editor Bob Schreck.

Release: Three issues, Prestige Format, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Legendary comics creator Matt Wagner defines the relationships among DC's triumvirate of flagship characters in this powerful 3-part miniseries. Set early in the three heroes' careers, this powerful story pits them against villains including Bizarro and Ra's al Ghul - and maybe one another.


Creators: Writer Jason Hall, artist Cliff Chiang, editor Will Dennis.

Release: Five issues, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: From out of the night strikes the Creeper, mysterious hero of the 1920s' Parisian art set and bane of the local gendarmes. As her antics against the bourgeoisie escalate and the law closes in, one question desparately needs answering: just who is the Creeper...and what does she want?


Creators: Various writers, artist John Van Fleet and various, editor Lysa Hawkins.

Release: One issue, first quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Inspired by the hit series on The WB! Like Smallville: The Comic, the Birds of Prey one-shot includes two comics stories plus special behind-the-scenes info!


Creators: Writer/artist Rick Veitch, editor Karen Berger.

Release: Three issues, third quarter, 2003.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: The fertile imagination of Rick Veitch unites with Vertigo for Can't Get No, a one-of-a-kind story produced in a cool new format. Up-and-comer Chad Roe's world becomes a ball of confusion when he awakens to find himself a marked man - marked from head to toe with super-indelible, permanent ink. Now a freakish outsider, Chad embarks on a cross-country odyssey into a world where the rules of "civilization" no longer apply - both for himself and humanity.


Creators: Writers various, penciler Jack Kirby, inkers Wallace Wood and various.

Release: Hardcover, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: One of Jack Kirby's first forays back into heroic adventure comics at the dawn of the Silver Age is collected in the 2-volume Challengers of the Unknown Archives. Rocky Davis, Professor Haley, Red Ryan, and Ace Morgan form the quartet living on borrowed time - and on adventuring across the globe.


Creators: Writer William Messner-Loebs, artist Sam Kieth, editor Scott Dunbier.

Release: Graphic novel, third quarter, 2003.

Imprint: Homage.

DC description: One of the best-loved projects from DC's Piranha Press is brought back into print as a single Homage title, including a rarely-seen story from the Piranha anthology Fast Forward - plus a brand-new, 36-page story by Epicurus creators William Messner-Loebs and Sam Kieth. Suggested for mature readers.


Creators: Writer Bill Willingham, various artists, cover artist James Jean, editor Shelly Bond.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: One of Vertigo's new success stories continues its momentum with the December release of the collected edition Fables: Legends in Exile. In March, Bryan Talbot illustrates a stand-alone issue set in the Civil War, as Jack of the Tales takes on the ultimate foe: Death! Then, original series penciller Lan Medina returns for a 2-part spy caper that brings the series back to New York City. And coming next summer: the Fables Annual, written by Bill Willingham with art by P. Craig Russell, Craig Hamilton and Willingham.


Creators: Writer Grant Morrison, penciler Chris Weston, inker by Gary Erskine, cover artist Carlos Segura, editor Karen Berger.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place this winter as writer Grant Morrison answers every question: What is The Hand? Who are Man Green/Man Yellow? Where is The Crack? The Dark Secrets of planet Earth unfold for Ned Slade as he begins his final initiation as a garbage man and faces the ultimate revelation of life, death, identity, and the beyond.


Creators: Writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, pennciler Kevin Maguire, inker Joe Rubinstein, editor Dan Raspler.

Release: Six issues, third quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC descrption: 1980s nostalgia takes on a whole new meaning as the creative team behind Justice League reunites for this 6-issue mini-series. Maxwell Lord is back - and he's determined to reassemble the old Justice League, including Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold to take on a space-born threat. But will the current JLA allow this to happen? Whose side will Batman take? (Here's a hint: The old Justice League never threw him out!)


Creators: Writer Jerry Siegel, artist Bernard Baily.

Release: Hardcover, first quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: In 1940, writer Jerry Siegel followed the success of Superman with another indelible creation: The Spectre! Now, DC collects these classic, Golden Age tales from the pages of More Fun Comics in Archive form, with art by Bernard Baily.


Creators: Writers Judd Winick and Ben Raab, artist Charles Adlard, editor Bob Schreck.

Release: Second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Two of the DCU's most popular heroes team-up and tangle in "Black Circle: Urban Knights," a 6-issue biweekly storyline running through Green Arrow and Green Lantern this spring. But these heroes don't exactly see eye-to-eye as they attempt to stop an intergalactic crime syndicate from establishing operations on Earth. Following this fast-paced tale, Judd Winick takes over as the new Green Arrowwriter, while Ben Raab assumes the reins on Green Lantern.


Creators: Writers David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns and various, various artists, editor Peter Tomasi.

Release: Eight issues, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Find out what makes Earth's first super-team tick in this miniseries featuring numerous adventures that lead up to all-out battle! This miniseries features lead stories written by Goyer and Johns, with art by Sal Velluto, Dave Ross, Barry Kitson, Mike McKone, Phil Winslade, Stephen Sadowski, and others. Plus back-up stories written by Michael Chabon, Jeph Loeb, James Robinson, Brian Azzarello, and others, illustrated by Michael Lark, Darwyn Cooke, Howard Chaykin, Tony Harris, Tim Sale, and Eduardo Risso.


Release: Fourth quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Direct.

DC description: The modern-day versions of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes come to comics shops everywhere next fall as a line of action figures including Wonder Woman, the Flash, Superman, Aquaman (in his new look), and many more!


Creators: Writer Alan Moore, artist Kevin O'Neill, editor Scott Dunbier.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: America's Best Comics.

DC description: As the first two sold-out issues of Volume 2 have been collected in a compendium edition and a second printing of has been rushed to press, Alan Moore is starting to think about the next adventure. All we can say is that the League of 1898 was not the first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Creators: Writer Andy Diggle, artist Jock, editor Will Dennis.

Release: Ongoing, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: The hot new British team of writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock deliver the goods this summer in The Losers. Targeted for assassination after they discover an international drug-trafficking organization, a team of U.S. Marines - nicknamed "The Losers" - survives an attempt on their lives... and God help those responsible. It's wide-screen action, espionage, political intrigue and more as the CIA learns the real meaning of fighting dirty.


Creators: Writer Peter Hogan, various artists, editor Scott Dunbier.

Release: One issue, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: America's Best Comics.

DC description: Tesla must find Solomon and bring him back from another dimension. Along the way, Tesla encounters the super-powered Tesla Terrific, Tesla of the Jungle, Tesla, Protector of Millennium Crater, and more. Featuring spectacular art by Chris Sprouse, Adam Hughes, Michael Golden, Jason Pearson, JosŽ Luis Garc’a-L—pez, Frank Cho, Claudio Castellini, Phil Noto, J. Scott Campbell, Arthur Adams and Karl Story.


Creators: Writer/artist Darwyn Cooke, editor Mark Chiarello.

Release: Six issues, Prestige Format, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Set at the dawn of the Silver Age, The New Frontier focuses on the pre-JLA adventures of Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, J'onn J'onzz, and Oliver Queen, plus the Suicide Squad, Challengers of the Unknown, and many others! Darwyn Cooke, writer/artist of last summer's best-selling Catwoman: Selina's Big Score, chronicles the changing face of the DCU as it moves from postwar optimism to Cold War dread to a New Frontier of heroic adventure.


Creators: Writer Warren Ellis, artist Colleen Doran, editor Will Dennis.

Release: Hardcover, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran weave a sci-fi mystery in this fascinating hardcover graphic novel. When a flaming space shuttle comes crashing back to Earth after being missing for 10 years, readers will discover the truth about what's really out there!


Creators: Writer/artist Dave Gibbons, editor Karen Berger.

Release: Hardcover, fourth quarter 2003

Imprint: Vertigo:

DC description: Best friends Bok and Lel want only one thing in life: to be part of the Originals, the coolest gang in the city. Life in the Originals takes them on a fast-paced journey fueled by drugs, tribal loyalty, first love, and inter-gang violence.


Creators: Writer Judd Winick, penciler Tom Raney, inker Scott Hanna, editor Eddie Berganza.

Release: Ongoing series, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC descripton: Nightwing leads this new team into action in a monthly ongoing title. These new Outsiders may not fight the glamorous battles. They may not make the front page or the evening news. But these 20-something heroes are where they need to be, taking on threats no one else will.


Creators: Writer Warren Ellis, artist John Cassaday, editor Scott Dunbier.

Release: Ongoing series, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: WildStorm.

DC description: Jakita Wagner, Elijah Snow and the Drummer return. The story picks up with a tale of Anna Hark, who's determined to carry out her father's dream of enhancing humanity's existence through technology - no matter who stands in her way.


Creators: Writer/artist Kyle Baker, editor Joey Cavalieri.

Release: Graphic novel, fourth quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: From the mind of writer/artist Kyle Baker comes this brand new Plastic Man epic that finds Plas falling in love with a G-Woman investigating a murder that seems to have been committed by·Eel O'Brian? It's up to Woozy Winks to clear Plas's not-so-good name·if he doesn't get the hero thrown in prison, that is!


Creators: Writer Warren Ellis, artist Cully Hamner, editor Ben Abernathy.

Release: Three issues, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: Homage.

DC description: Paul Moses tries to retire from a life as a CIA assassin - but he's forced to pick up his guns again when the new CIA chief orders him killed! A fast-paced, explosive miniseries courtesy of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner.


Creators: Writer Warren Ellis, penciler Paul Gulacy, inker Jimmy Palmiotti, editor Ben Abernathy.

Release: Three issues, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: Homage.

DC description: One person with the right information, training and equipment can do more damage than a regiment of soldiers·and that's the sort of person loose in Washington, D.C. Kiva Reed is about to uncover the real power behind the U.S. government: organized crime.


Creators: Writer Neil Gaiman, various artists, cover artist Dave McKean, editor Karen Berger.

Release: Hardcover, second quarter.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: Two-time New York Times best-selling author and Hugo-award winner Neil Gaiman returns to Vertigo with The Sandman: Endless Nights. This oversized, deluxe collection contains 7 new short stories, each focusing on a member of the Endless and brought to life by an international dream team of artists including Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, P. Craig Russell, Barron Storey, and Bill Sienkiewicz, and many others. The Sandman veteran Dave McKean provides an excquisite new cover and book design.


Creators: Writer Brian Azzarello, artist Joe Kubert, editor Will Dennis.

Release: Hardcover, third quarter.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: From legendary artist Joe Kubert and red-hot 100 Bullets writer Brian Azzarello comes this all-new graphic novel featuring Sgt. Rock as you've never seen him. Deep in Hurtgen forest, struggling against both the enemy and the questions raised by war itself, Rock and the men of Easy Company bring readers face-to-face with the soul-crushing horrors of war.


Creators: Various writers and artists, editor Mark Chiarello.

Release: Ongoing series, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Top artists take on comics' top heroes - and much more - in this new, ongoing series! Every issue gives a single artist room to create original stories in a variety of styles. Among the talent already slated to forSOLO are Mike Allred, Brian Bolland, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, Richard Corben, Dave Gibbons, Scott Hampton, Adam Hughes, J.G. Jones, Kevin Nowlan, Paul Pope, Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walter Simonson, Brian Stelfreeze, Bruce Timm, John Van Fleet, and Matt Wagner.


Release: Second quarter, 2003.

Imprint: DC Direct.

DC description: April is Super Friends! month - and what better way to celebrate than with the Super Friends: Deluxe Action Figure Sets? The first of these sets, in stores in April, includes the Super Friends!: Superman and Lex Luthor Deluxe Action Figure Set and Super Friends!: Wonder Woman and Cheetah Deluxe Action Figure Set. Both include Super Friends! logo bases and fun accessories, and come in full-color window boxes. Other sets for next year include Green Lantern and Sinestro, Aquaman and Black Manta, Robin and Riddler and Batman and Scarecrow.


Creators: Writer Jeph Loeb, penciler Ed McGuinness, inker Cam Smith, editor Eddie Berganza.

Release: Ongoing series, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: The Dark Knight and the Man of Tomorrow join forces against their greatest foes - and the greatest, most insidious threats the world has ever seen! This series also features numerous guest stars from both heroes' worlds!


Creators: Writer Mark Waid, penciler Leinil Yu, inker Gerry Alanguilan, editor Dan Raspler.

Release: 12 issues, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

Description: He's the world's most powerful hero - but where did his amazing abilities come from? This 12-issue maxi-series looks at the dramatic episodes of young Clark Kent's life as he discovers the truth about his home planet Krypton·and about himself.


Creators: Writer Chuck Austen, artist Danijel Zezelj, editor Eddie Berganza.

Release: 12 issues, first quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

Descripton: Superman: Metropolis looks at the Man of Steel's world through the lens of Jimmy Olsen, the city's best news photographer. But now Jimmy has a rival: Rebecca Hagen, a photojournalist who finds herself drawn to Metropolis· and to the mysterious Tech virus that's slowly taking over the city.


Creators: Writer Kurt Busiek, artist Stuart Immonen, editor Joey Cavalieri.

Release: Four issues, Prestige Format, first quarter 2004.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Mixing action, spectacle and characterization, Superman: Secret Identity looks at Clark Kent at four stages of his life: adolescence, young adulthood, maturity, and retirement. This non-continuity story begins as teenage Clark Kent discovers his super-powers, only to become an object of attention!


Creators: Writer Goeff Johns, penciler Mike McKone, editor Eddie Berganza.

Release: Ongoing series, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: Being a teenager isn't easy - and nowhere in the DCU is that more evident than in the relaunched Teen Titans, starring Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Superboy, Starfire, Impulse and Raven. In character-driven, action-filled tales, this reborn super-team tackles problems that today's teens face, as well as such menaces as Deathstroke the Terminator, Brother Blood, and the Scarecrow.


Creators: Writers Alan Moore and Peter Hogan, penciler Yanick Paquette, inker Karl Story, editor Ben Abernathy.

Release: Six issues, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: America's Best Comics.

DC description: In the world of Terra Obscura, it's been almost three years since the events of Tom Strong #12 - and after 30 years in suspended animation, the heroes of that strange world must struggle to catch up! But as Tom Strange, Mystico, the Green Ghost and other heroes suffer through disorientation, their deadliest foes continue to amass their forces·while the Terror 2003 Program enacts its authority.


Creators: Writer/artist Kaare Andrews, cover artist J. Scott Campbell, editor Jeff Mariotte.

Release: One issue, second quarter 2003.

Imprint: WildStorm/Top Cow Productions.

DC description: Two classic 1980s casts cross paths in this epic that sends Lion-O and G-Force's Commander Mark to each other's respective homelands! The two teams don't dare trust each other - but they'll have to if they're going to defeat the combined might of Mumm-Ra's magic and Zoltar's technology. This standalone issue is copublished with Top Cow Productions and followed by the one-shot Battle of the Planets/Thudnercats.


Creators: Writer Judd Winick, artist AlŽ Garza, editor Eddie Berganza.

Release: Three issues, Prestige Format, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC description: When a mysterious woman from the future makes an explosive entrance at a S.T.A.R. Labs site, it results in the death of one of the founding members of the Teen Titans! Can either team carry on, knowing that they might have somehow prevented this tragedy? This miniseries leads directly into two new series: Outsiders and Teen Titans.


Creators: Writer Warren Ellis, penciler Amanda Conner, inker Jimmy Palmiotti, editor Scott Dunbier.

Release: Three issues, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: Homage.

DC description: He's a Zen gangster. She's a wirehead camgirl. Together, they don't fight crime. When they run afoul of the Quarry Gang, a berserk, criminal mob (and believe us, that scarcely begins to describe them!) living in the summit of a pyramidal, riverside tower, the result is a gunfight on the frozen River Thames, a Vespa ride down a hundred-story building, and much more! Suggested for mature readers.


Creators: Designs Kevin Nowlan, sculptor Barsom.

Release: Third quarter 2003.

Imprint: DC Direct.

DC description: Vertigo's 10th Anniversary celebration reaches DC Direct with a series of mini-busts! Designed by Kevin Nowlan, sculpted by Barsom, with the consultation of Neil Gaiman, the first wave of mini-busts includes Morpheus and Merv Pumpkinhead, then goes on to Desire, The Corinthian, Lucifer, Despair, Daniel, Delirium, Destiny, Death and Destruction.


Creators: Writer Brett Lewis, artist John Paul Leon, editor Will Dennis.

Release: Eight issues, third quarter 2003.

Imprint: Vertigo.

DC description: What ever became of the U.S.S.R.'s super-soldiers after it collapsed? The answer may be found in The Wintermen. Kris Kalenov is a fallen war hero turned mobbed-up rent-a-cop who spends his days drinking and taking bribes in the "New Russia." While pursuing a seemingly dead-end kidnap case, Kris comes face-to-face with his past and uncovers old secrets that may awaken these super-powered sleeping giants.


Creators: Writer Joe Casey, penciler Dustin Nguyen, inker Richard Friend, editor Ben Abernathy.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: WildStorm/Eye of the Storm.

DC description: The Halo Corporation makes waves in the world of business as the new WILDCATS continues to garner critical acclaim! They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Grifter has to learn the art of corporate maneuvering if he's going to survive. And watch for more familiar faces from the past in upcoming issues, including Dolby and C.C. Rendozzo. Suggested for mature readers.


Creators: Writer Walter Simonson, penciler Jerry Ordway, inker P. Craig Russell, cover artist, editor Ivan Cohen.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: DC Universe.

DC descrpiton: Deprived of her memories and her gods-given abilities, and without her costume, lasso and bracelets, Diana must fight off a horde of monstrous foes and find her way back to Earth from the Cryptocombs - the Cemetery of the Gods - all while protecting a mysterious clay statue of a baby girl! The 6-part "The Game of the Gods" begins in Wonder Woman #189. Then, in issue #195, Greg Rucka takes over as regular writer.


Creators: Writer Brian K. Vaughan, penciler Pia Guerra, inker JosŽ Marzan, Jr., editor Steve Bunche.

Release: Ongoing.

Imprint: Vertigo

DC description: The critically acclaimed adventures of Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth. As our hero journeys across the "unmanned" landscape, bloodthirsty Daughters of the Amazon, Israeli intelligence, and an attractive young woman all have their own designs on his fate. Who is the mysterious figure feeding the Israeli officer information on Yorick's whereabouts?

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