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The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Aragorn
The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Aragorn
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Wednesday, December 4, 2002


Daredevil producer Gary Foster told The Continuum that Frank Miller visited the set during production in New York City.

"Very cool moment for all of us," Foster said. "He sat with Mark (Steven Johnson), Ben (Affleck) and Jennifer (Garner) and talked about the movie -- we showed him some clips -- and comics.

"I think he was excited to be welcomed to the Daredevil film family; we were certainly excited to have him visit."

Miller, of course, is one of the most renowned creators of Daredevil, and many of the elements of his run will be featured in the film.

"There's a ton of Frank Miller in here," director Johnson said recently. "Big Frank Miller fan. We pretty much have the introduction of Elektra, a lot of the dealings of how the Kingpin works, all that stuff from the early 80's era.

"You'll see a lot of Man Without Fear, a great novel by Frank Miller. That's probably the most heavy influence."

In other Daredevil movie news:

* Encore, which is releasing a Daredevil game for Game Boy Advances in February, has established a new website at www.daredevilgame.com. The new site inlcudes information on the upcoming videogame, a trailer, screen and box shots and links to recent publicity.

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Mark Millar said during his panel at the Mid-Ohio-Con last weekend that the first issue of Youngblood: Bloodsport should reach stores in "four or five weeks."

The series, from Arcade Comics, marks the 10th anniversary of Youngblood. Originally intended to launch in October, it's written by Millar, with art by Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld.

"He finished the first issue three weeks ago," Millar said of Liefeld. "For an over-the-top story, he's the perfect guy to do it."

Millar mentioned that the first issue has things as zombies of well-known historical figures wearing jetpacks. "This is so crazy," he said.

In other notes from the panel and a rare convention appearance by Millar:

* Millar said he has creator-owned projects in the works with John Cassaday, Adam Kubert and Frank Quitely. He said he wasn't committed to a publisher - yet.

"I feel good about Marvel right now. There's such a good vibe there," Millar said. "It would be very difficult not to do it at Marvel because I'm happy there."

* In The Ultimates news, look for the Ultimate version of Captain Britain as Millar said he will develop "the super-hero equivalent of the arms race."

Millar said he plans for his final issue, The Ultimates #26, to be an epilogue, a Captain America story focusing on a pre-Super Soldier Steve Rogers.

Millar said the Sept. 11 attacks have impacted his writing, although he isn't shying away from big-scale violence like in Ultimate War.

"I hadn't even noticed for about nine months," Millar said. "What I found was that I looked back over what I had written and I noticed the violence was less flippant. The consequences of the actions really started to come through in the comics.

"For 40 years when we saw the Hulk and Superman and everybody fighting in big cities and buildings coming down, we'd hear there were a thousand people dead. And everybody sort of dusted themselves off and went back to work right after that.

"We started to realize with two buildings coming down, it sent shockwaves through the entire world, you know? That's why in the Hulk story in The Ultimates, I actually have two issues of ramifications, including remembrance masses and all that kind of thing, because that's what it would be like."

In related news, Marvel has released the first two pages of Ultimate War #1 and the cover to Ultimate War #2. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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Static Shock will return to the Kids' WB! lineup in January, a network representative confirmed for The Continuum.

A date for the third-season premiere of the show will probably be announced next week.

Static Shock producer Alan Burnett told The Continuum that plans are for the third season to start with another Batman team-up. Unlike the second-season episode which took place in Dakota, in the third season Static will be visiting Gotham City.

One creative change for the third season was the arrival of story editor John Semper, who was a story editor/producer on Fox Kids' Spider-Man series. "He's done an excellent job," Burnett said.

Carl Lumbly, who does the voice of Martian Manhunter in Justice League, will be doing a voice of an African hero.

For more comments from Burnett at last weekend's Mid-Ohio-Con, CLICK HERE. And look for more news on Static Shock soon here in The Continuum.


Oni Press in April will be reprinting Scott Morse's Visitations - originally published by Image Comics in 1998 -- and adding it to its extensive Morse back list.

"Visitations is the first book of Scott's I ever read," said Oni Press editor-in-chief Jamie S. Rich. "I am actually quite fond of telling the story of how it happened. I had been told about Scott's work while at Dark Horse, but hadn't gotten around to reading it. I met him at Wondercon, and he put a copy of Visitations in my hands. I took it to my hotel room and read it cover-to-cover. That's not something I do at conventions. That's not something most editors do at conventions. I was blown away, and excited to learn that my impending new home, Oni, was going to be publishing Volcanic Revolver."

"It just makes sense to bring this book over to Oni," Morse said. "They have the bulk of my bibliography, and the metaphysical themes running through Soulwind have some connection to the ideas I explore in Visitations. They should sit next to one another."

Visitations is the story of a woman who is losing her faith in the ultimate human purpose. When she encounters a philosophical priest, he attempts to show her that God has a plan at work in our every-day lives. Armed with a newspaper, he points out three seemingly unrelated stories-and soon the interconnectedness of the human race becomes clear.

"The structure of the book is inspired by an enormously stylish Japanese film called Kwaidan," Morse said. "I wanted to go for the same sense of story telling, and for an otherworldly feeling surrounding very human characters."

"There are few creators out there like Scott," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "Like Paul Pope, like Kyle Baker, he's one of those artists that emerges with a full-blown vision, that has an arsenal of stories and artistic techniques that is unpredictable and varied, but always powerful. We consider his choice to continually work with us as one of the shining jewels in the Oni crown."

Visitations contains 96 pages, printed on white paper with a sepia ink (like in the first printing, or similar to Morse's Volcanic Revolver), and it's approximately 6 inches by 9 inches. It ships to comics shops on April 30 and retails for $8.95.


Rotogin: Junkbotz #0 will arrive in stores on Feb. 26 from Image Comics. The issue is written by Jason Lee, with art and cover by J. Korim.

Here's how Image describes the issue:

"An average night in Nalus City, three friends Asper, Kaylin and Richie search out a quiet place to rest within the noise of the city. Looking upon the metropolis from their rooftop-resting place, they realize that they have box seats to an illegal robot battle tournament, which is taking place in a nearby aboveground parking complex. Join the three as they witness the main event in the underground world of battle bots and gambling."

Rotogin: Junkbotz #0 will be 24 pages and will cost $2.95.


  • According to Variety, Selma Blair has joined Ron Perlman in the cast of the Hellboy movie. She will play Liz Sherman. Production on Hellboy is expected to begin early next year, with a 2004 release.

  • Upcoming episodes of X-Men: Evolution on Kids' WB! include "Day of Reckoning, Pt. 1" on Saturday, Dec. 21 and "Day of Reckoning, Pt. 2" on Saturday, Dec. 22. Sources told The Continuum a decision about a fourth season for the show has not been made yet.

  • ADV Films has set a street date of Feb. 25 for the release of Farscape: Season Two Volume 2.5, the fifth home video release in the second season of Jim Henson Television and Hallmark Entertainment's series. Farscape: Season Two Volume 2.5 episodes will include "A Clockwork Nebari," "Liars, Guns And Money-Part I: A Not So Simple Plan," "Liars, Guns And Money Part II: With Friends Like These...," "Liars, Guns And Money Part III: Plan B," and "Die Me, Dichotomy."

  • Below is a first look at covers of CrossGen Comics titles shipping in February, including Brath #1, Chimera #1, The Crossovers #2, DemonWars: Trial By Fire #3, The Path #12, Route 666 #9, Way of the Rat #10 and Forge #11. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

  • Coming Thursday: DC Comics news -- and much more!!!

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