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Friday, December 20, 2002


Dark Horse Comics has provided The Continuum with a first look at Go Boy 7, one of the six new ongoing titles of the Rocket Comics title line launching in July.

According to Dark Horse, Rocket Comics will feature "high-energy adventure stories that focus on strong characters who exist in extreme situations, but who at their core are just like the people reading their stories."

Go Boy 7, written by Tom Peyer with art by Jon Sommariva, stars Jonny Zero. It is about a young boy whose life was saved with an injection of robotic nanoplasm, turning him into a human action machine.


Go Boy 7 will debut in July along with Lone, which is written by Stuart Moore with art by Jerome Opena. Dark Horse describes Lone as "a Mad Max style western starring Lone, a mysterious gunman with a secret past."

In August, Syn and Hell debut. Syn, written by Keith Giffen with art by Greg Titus, is set in the future on a planet inhabited by machines and features a robot bounty hunter on the run. Hell, written by Brian Augustyn with art by Skottie Young, features a young boy who ends up on a bizarre island inhabited by strange creatures and government experiments gone awry.

In September, Galactic and Crush debut. Galactic, written by Jim Krueger with art by Sanford Greene, features a boy pulled out of his reality to become part of an interplanetary police force. Crush, written by Jason Hall with art by Sunny Lee, tells the tale of young Elizabeth Crush, an ordinary girl who undergoes an extraordinary and unexpected transformation on her 18th birthday.

"I'm really excited about the debut of Rocket Comics," said line editor Dave Land. "The talent involved in these titles is amazing and I can't wait for the fan's reaction. These stories are just too cool!"

Look for more on Rocket Comics soon here in The Continuum.


For covers and four-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on Thursday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include G.I. Joe TPB Vol. II: Reckonings, Paradigm #4, Tom Judge: End of Days, Goldfish: The Tenth Anniversary Hardback Collection and Athena Inc. Agents Roster #1.

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Eddie Berganza, editor of such DC Universe titles as the Superman books, Wonder Woman and Young Justice, has been promoted to Group Editor by DC Comics.

Among Berganza's upcoming projects are the 12-issue maxi-series Superman: Metropolis and the ongoing series Superman/Batman, Outsiders and Teen Titans.

"Denny O'Neil always told us that the best way to make your job easier is to hire the best people, and they'll make you look good," Berganza said "I owe my promotions to them - guys from Beau Smith to Dan Jurgens to Phil Jimenez to Todd Nauck and Jeph Loeb, as well as the current creative teams on my books - especially Joe Kelly. There are just so many people I owe for this that I hope I'm not insulting you by leaving you out - if I do, I'll cut you some slack on your deadlines."

Berganza joined DC in 1991 as an editorial clerk in the Editorial Administration department. He moved into the DC Universe editorial group as an assistant editor working on titles including Green Lantern and Legion of Super-Heroes. He was promoted to editor in 1994, working on titles including Guy Gardner: Warrior, and moved up to Senior Editor in 2000.

"Eddie has moved steadily up the ranks with his innovative taste and sheer ability to produce a lot of work with a smile on his face," said Mike Carlin, VP - Executive Editor, DC Universe. "His most recent successes involve steering the lives of the denizens of Metropolis through the popular line of DC's Superman comics, a tough job that Eddie handles while supervising a team of editors and still doing a full load of his own side-projects as well."


Future Comics editor-in-chief Bob Layton announced on Thursday that he has hired Ron Frenz.

Frenz will be guest artist on Freemind #6 with long-time associate, Brett Breeding, filling in on the inks.

"Ron was always one of my favorite pencillers to ink over during my days at Marvel," Layton said. "I'm extremely happy to have him join Future Comics and I'm hoping that we can find other projects for him here."

Here's how Future describes Freemind #6, which is written by David Michelinie:

"There is a bullet with MacKinsey Flint's name on it-and the roguish assassin known as Chayne plans on delivering it in person. However, this high-tech gun-for-hire hasn't anticipated dealing with the psionic powers of Mac's android alter-ego-Edison Wilde."

Freemind #6 has a photo cover by Gene May and Scott Friedlander,

In other Future news, the company announced it has reached an agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors that will allow Diamond to carry all Future Comics products.

"When we first began our operations, Diamond wasn't part of our business plan," Layton said. "However, with the phenomenal growth of our organization, and our pending movie deal, we reconsidered our planned working relationship with the industry's distribution leader-Diamond. The catch was working out a deal that would allow us to do business with each other while still competing as distribution rivals in the marketplace.

"Thankfully, Bill Schanes and I have been friends for two decades and we've sustained a constructive dialogue throughout Future's birth and growth. After months of negotiating, we've finally come to acceptable terms without compromising the spirit of Future Comics' unique business plan. Our sales policy has been clearly stated from the beginning: we'll sell to anyone as long as it's on our terms, and this Diamond deal does not compromise that policy."

Diamond will begin soliciting Future's three existing titles, Freemind (#5), Metallix (#4) and Deathmask (#1) in their January Previews catalogue on a first-run basis. Additionally, back orders of previous issues will be available through Diamond for their customers who missed the opportunity to order them directly from Future Comics.

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Oni Press will release its second collection of Jay Stephens' Atomic City comics in April.

Atomic City Tales, Vol 2: Doc Phantom collects the three-issue miniseries originally published by Kitchen Sink. The story looks at the fleeting feelings of fame, and an insecure hero who can't get past the fact he wasn't invited to the party of Atomic City's lead super-villain. This will be the first time these comics will have appeared under one cover.

"Jay was deconstructing the superhero before it was the new millennium rage it's become today," said Oni Press editor-in-chief Jamie S. Rich. "And he did it without the sort of teary-eyed nostalgia or willful pretentiousness that mars some of the more current work. Atomic City is like all of Jay's work-it's shot through with whimsy and brought to life with a joyous sense of unbridled imagination. It was 100% unique when it first came out, and it continues to stand on its own over six years later."

"Atomic City Tales definitely represented a certain time for me, as far as creating art is concerned," Stephens said. "I approached it with the attitude that anything was possible and I let my brain run wild. In some way, it's like me redoing all the comics I loved as a kid, but in a way that made more sense to me as an adult cartoonist. It still holds up as my most uninhibited work."

"Jay Stephens is a really underrated cartoonist," Oni publisher Joe Nozemack said. "He has an amazing sense of line, and in Atomic City Tales, he uses gray tones to create an amazing sense of depth. Jay could draw anything and make it look cool."

As a bonus, the book will contain the short story "The Stiff" by Stephens with inking by Mike Allred.

"'The Stiff' actually dates back to my days as editor on Dark Horse Presents," said Rich. "Jay brought this story to me, and said he wanted our pal Doc Allred to finish it up for him. It's a wry take on the detective genre, featuring a hard-faced gumshoe who also happens to be a superhero. I loved it, and it's fun to be bringing it back out."

In addition, Stephens will be providing a new afterword for the book as well as some sketch pages.

Atomic City Tales, Vol 2: Doc Phantom is scheduled to ship on April 16, 2002. It is a standard comics-sized book with 96 pages of black-and-white story and art, and retails for 12.95.

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  • Marvel Comics has announced the rush-solicitation of Marvel Must Haves: Ultimate War. The 80-page book, which costs $3.99, will collect three sold-out issues, including Ultimate War #1, Ultimate Spider-Man #33 and Ultimate X-Men #26. It goes on sale on Jan. 8.

  • New guests announced for MegaCon include Brian Downey and Patricia Zentilli of Lexx and Gary Lockwood of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Coming Saturday: CrossGen Comics news -- and much more!!!

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