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Monday, January 13, 2003


20th Century Fox has provided The Continuum with two new images from the Daredevil movie.

The images show Jennifer Garner's Elektra, who squares off with both Ben Affleck's Daredevil and Colin Farrell's Bullseye in the film.

"I'm just beating up Jennifer Garner and getting beat up by Ben Affleck a bit," Farrell said of his character.

Click on the images for larger and fuller ones.

Fox also provided The Continuum with additional casting information about the film's small roles.

* Leland Orser plays Wesley, the Kingpin's lawyer who appears in several scenes.

* Lennie Loftin plays Manolis, a police detective seen talking to Urich in the trailers.

* Erick Avari plays Elektra's father.

* Derrick O'Connor plays Father Everett, who discovers Daredevil at the beginning of the movie, setting up the long flashback.

* Paul Ben Victor plays Quesada, a bad guy who Matt Murdock opposes in a court case.

* Stan Lee's role is described as "Old Man at Crossing."

In other Daredevil movie news:

* The film was ranked No. 9 on Access Hollywood's 10 Must See Movies of 2003. The Hulk was No 2., with the two The Matrix sequels topping the list.

"It's an interesting combination of a good who is handicapped and a guy who's a super-hero," Affleck told Access Hollywood.

* Joe Pantoliano, who plays Ben Urich, will be a guest on Independent Film Channel's Dinner for Five on Feb. 17.


Christopher Reeve, who starred as Superman in four movies, said he is looking forward to his upcoming appearance in The WB's Smallville.

"It's going to be a fun thing to do," Reeve told Access Hollywood.

Reeve will appear in the "Rosetta" episode that should begin shooting soon. Although it has not officially been scheduled yet, Smallville executive producer Al Gough told The Continuum it will air on Feb. 25.

Reeve revealed some information about his role in the episode.

"I actually play a scientist who has some information about Krypton that will be useful to Clark Kent," Reeve said.

The WB will run a public service announcement at the end of the episode for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. Reeve was paralyzed after a horse-riding accident in 1995.

It's possible that Reeve's character will appear more than once on Smallville.

Look for more Smallville news soon here in The Continuum.


The WB has released 10 new images from upcoming episodes of Angel.

The image above and the three immediately below are from "Long Day's Journey," scheduled to air on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"When the gang learns that the answer to stopping the Beast (guest star Vladimir Kulich) is among them, everyone suspects Connor (Vincent Kartheister), until Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) begins to receive visions from the Powers That Be. Meanwhile, Angel (David Boreanaz) and Gwen (guest star Alexa Davalos) discover that the Beast is preparing a device that will blot out the sun permanently and turn the world into a demon playground.

Terrence O'Hara directed the episode, which was written written by Mere Smith.

The images below are from "Awakening," set to air on Wednesday, Jan. 29. The network has yet to release information about the episode.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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UPN has released information about three of the new episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that will air in February.

Following is a rundown:

"The Killer in Me," Tuesday, Feb. 4: When Willow starts to give in to romantic feelings for Kennedy, her guilty conscience causes her to turn into Warren, Tara's killer. Also, the gang gets clues that lead them to believe Giles may be The First, and Buffy helps Spike with what seems to be his malfunctioning chip, ultimately leaving Buffy with a shocking choice. Guest-starring Thad Luckinbill.

"First Date," Tuesday, Feb. 11: Buffy goes on a date with Principal Wood, while Xander goes on date with an evil woman. Guest-starring Ashanti.

"Get It Done," Tuesday, Feb. 18: Buffy time-travels to meet the original slayer. Guest-starring Aimee Mann.


Spider-Man tied Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for favorite motion picture at the People's Choice Awards on Sunday night.

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire accepted the award from the set of his current movie Seabiscuit.

"I really want to say thanks to the fans," Maguire said. "We had a great time making the movie and we're going to make another one."

The People's Choice Awards aired on CBS.

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The WB will present a special two-hour movie presentation of The Lone Ranger starring Chad Michael Murray on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. This version takes a look at the character in the years before he became a legend.

Set in the 19th century, the saga begins with the introduction of Luke Hartman (Murray), a 20-year old Boston law student whose life is turned upside down when he is wounded in an ambush after witnessing the murder of his brother, a Texas Ranger.

Rescued by an Apache named Tonto (Nathaniel Arcand), Luke is instantly captivated by Tonto's beautiful sister Alope (Anita Brown). Luke assumes the guise of a mysterious masked champion to avenge his brother's death and fight the scourge of injustice.

Murray appeared on "Gilmore Girls" as Tristin, Rory's overconfident classmate who caused a rift between her and her boyfriend Dean. He then appeared on Dawson's Creek as Charlie, an arrogant musician who dated Jen but eventually fell in love with Joey. Murray will next be seen in the feature film Freaky Friday in August.

From executive producers Stacy Title, Jonathan Penner, Susanne Daniels, Kate Juergens and Eric Ellenbogen, The Lone Ranger is produced by Primarily Entertainment in association with Turner Television.


  • Fox has released the accompanying image for The Simpsons' 300th episode, which is set to air on Sunday, Feb. 16.

  • Coming Tuesday: Marvel news - and much more!!!

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