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Tuesday, January 21, 2003




Written by Ed Brubaker and Jon Lewis; art by Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger and Stefano Guadiano; cover by Tim Sale.

Part 5 of "Dead Reckoning" finds Batman in a desperate race to stop the Charlatan! Gotham City's newest - and possibly most dangerous - villain plans to take out more of Arkham's enemies. Can Batman - or anyone - stop him? Plus, in the back-up feature, Jon Lewis and Stefano Gaudiano team up for a tale that's truly out of this world! The mythos of Batman meets the tale of Robin Hood, as told with the sensibilities of a Grimm's Fairy Tale. The citizenry of the woodlands fear the creature known only as the "Bat King." But is he a demonic foe or a friend in need?

40 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 2.


Written by Dwayne McDuffie; art by Val Semeiks and Dan Green; cover by Brian Stelfreeze.

"Don't Blink" Part 3 of 4. The baby merchant Blink's been inhabiting has been murdered by a guilt-ridden psychopath. Now Blink can do nothing more than watch through the eyes of a child as the maniac threatens to go ballistic.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 9.


Written by Scott Beatty and Robert Rodi; art by Roger Robinson, John Proctor and John Floyd; cover by Brian Bolland

The conclusion to "Knight Moves!" Batman, the Huntress and Checkmate have been working in the same town, but from different angles, and the tension between them has come to an explosive end. After the Huntress' kidnapping, drugging and interrogation by Checkmate, Batman's no longer sure if can trust her. And now, time has run out: Checkmate is storming the Batcave. Plus, the black-and-white back-up story "Neighbor Hood," by Robert Rodi, newcomer John Proctor and John Floyd.

40 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 16.


Written by Jeph Loeb; art and cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Batman takes on the villain you've been waiting for: The Joker! One is the Dark Knight…the other is The Clown Prince of Crime. Batman's oldest foe finally has gone too far, and Batman makes a vow: "Tonight, The Joker dies by my hand!" For all the crimes The Joker has commited, Batman seeks retribution. Will the Dark Knight finally do what needs to be done?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 30.


Written by Dylan Horrocks; art and cover by Adrian Sibar and Andy Owens

First issue by new regular writer Dylan Horrocks. Also making their Batgirl debut are artist Adrian Sibar and inker Andy Owens. A mysterious metahuman called Black Wind has turned Batgirl's world upside down. Not only is he more than a match for Batgirl on the battlefield, but he also seems to have swept her off her proverbial feet. The only solution, as Babs sees it, is a cruise. But when Black Wind and another familiar metahuman show up on the same ship, Cassandra's vacation takes a turn for the worse.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 23.


Written by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon; art and cover by Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez.

The Killer Moth has been beaten by one bat too many! But being bested by the fledgling Batgirl may have pushed the unstable wanna-be super-villain a little too far. To make things worse, Killer Moth's going to come across the path of the perfect partner in crime, or so he thinks. But the calculating Moth may be biting off more than he can chew when he throws in with the violent pyromaniac Firefly.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.


Written and painted by George Pratt; painted cover by Pratt

A series of grisly, demonic murders forces Commissioner Gordon to reopen a case file of similar unsolved murders from years past, leading Batman down a path towards stopping the killer before more bodies can pile up.

96 pages, $17.95, in stores on April 16.


Written by Jeph Loeb; art and cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

The most-talked about story of the year, collected in one volume. Reprinting Batman #608-612, this hardcover features the first arc of Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee & Scott Williams' acclaimed "Hush," including guest appearances by Superman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Huntress, and more! Plus, four brand-new pages and two pages previously seen exclusively on

128 pages, $19.95, in stores on April 30.


Written by Len Wein; art by Guy Davis; painted cover by Bernie Wrightson.

A 5-issue Elseworlds mini-series that brings the World's Greatest Detective together with the inventor of the modern detective story: Edgar Allan Poe! In Baltimore in the late 1800s, a number of high-ranking citizens' have been murdered in ways that defy explanation. The only thing linking the murders are sightings of a giant raven fleeing each crime scene…

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 2.


Written by Gilbert Hernandez; art by Casey Jones; painted cover by Phil Noto. Tom seems more smitten with Barbara by the minute, but she's only got eyes for her new security system protecting the clock tower. Meanwhile, Black Canary gets increasingly frustrated by the lack of crimes to fight in Gotham…and the fact that other crimefighters always seem to arrive at the scene seconds before she does.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 23.


Written by Ed Brubaker; art and cover by Javier Pulido

The 3-part "No Easy Way Down" continues. Catwoman's still keeping the people in Gotham's forgotten neighborhoods safe, but without anything in her personal life as Selina Kyle to keep her going, she becomes more dangerous to herself and the people around her. It'll take everything she has to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and her apathy could have dire consequences.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 30.


Written by Greg Rucka; art and cover by Michael Lark.

Greg Rucka commanders this latest arc, which focuses on the life of Renee Montoya. That life is about to be shattered to smithereens, revealing to colleagues and readers alike a side of Montoya we never even guessed at! It begins with Montoya being served a summons and unravels so quickly that before she knows what's happening, her deepest secret has been exposed and her personal life has become inextricably entwined with her professional life. And this is just the beginning of her fall.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 9.


Written by A.J. Lieberman; art by Nathan Fox; cover by Mike Huddleston and Troy Nixey.

Featuring guest art by Nathan Fox. Harley gained powers beyond those of normal humans when she was the subject of Poison Ivy's experiments. But every gift has its price, and now Harley faces the consequences. When some of Gotham City's bottom feeders have something of Ivy's that Harley desperately needs, it becomes a race against time to get it back before Harley's health disintegrates. You've never seen Harley this desperate - or dangerous. Plus, Harley and Doc discuss love.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 9.


Written by Devin Grayson; art by Rick Leonardi and Jesse Delperdang; cover by Dave Johnson.

Deathstroke's in town and he's here on business! Can Nightwing stop the DCU's premier "terminator" from taking out his target - a target who's close to home for Dick Grayson? It's Nightwing vs. Deathstroke…and this time, it's personal!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 16.

ROBIN #113

Written by Jon Lewis; art and cover by Pete Woods and Andrew Pepoy

Robin's out of Gotham and in deep trouble. Trailing arms dealers who've been flooding the streets of Gotham with illegal weaponry seemed easy, but now Robin has stumbled into a small town with some dirty secrets. Can he discover the connection among the gunrunners, biker gangs, special children and…chocolate? Back in Gotham, the Spoiler's looking for insight into her dead father's life from the last person who'll give her a straight answer: the Riddler.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 16.

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Written by Joe Kelly; art by Tom Derenick, Bob Petrecca and Norm Rapmund; cover by Dave Bullock.

"The Harvest" begins here in the first of a 5-part Action storyline. Get a look at the face behind the iron mask of the mysterious General Zod, as the mysteries behind his shocking origins come into focus. Meanwhile, normal people across the U.S. begin to gain strange new powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 2.


Written by Joe Casey; art by Derec Aucoin and John Stanisci; cover by Kevin Nowlan.

Superman's time in the pocket dimension Heroville - an idyllic town where everyone has superpowers - continues as he comes face to face with the Hollow Men! And introducing Kid Scout - a hero who's always prepared - whose life was traumatically affected by the Hollow Men.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 9.


Written by Steven T. Seagle; art and cover by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

Building directly from events in January's Superman: The 10-Cent Adventure, Metropolis' new Supergirl makes her presence known in the City of Tomorrow as she fights the villain Radion. Plus: introducing the Viceroy - a new hero out to make Metropolis safe.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 23.


Written by Chuck Austen; art and cover by Danijel Zezelj

The 12-issue mini-series continues. Jimmy Olsen's investigation of the strange goings-on around Metropolis' futuristic Tech continues, as a strange creature wreaks havoc in the city…but what's so familiar about it from two past foes of Superman? Plus: more on Rebecca, Jimmy's photography rival in the city.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 16.


Written by Mark Millar; art by Dave Johnson and Andrew Robinson; cover by Johnson

An Elseworlds event by top-selling writer Mark Millar and artists Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett and Andrew Robinson. When Krypton explodes, the infant Kal-El is rocketed to Earth, where he lands on a Ukrainian farm during the 1950s! How will the Cold War effect the Man of Steel? Find out in this long-awaited 3-part Prestige Format miniseries. 48 pages, $5.95, in stores on April 30.


Written and illustrated by John Byrne; cover by Byrne

Elseworlds. The death of Wonder Woman has unexpected consequences as John Byrne's maxi-series hits the 23rd century. Other surprises abound as the Super Twins team up with one of their heroes, an army of OMACs makes its debut, and Superman remembers a centuries-old adventure critical to his future.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.

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Written by Richard Bruning; art and cover by Andy Kubert

Collecting the 1990 3-issue Prestige Format mini-series with a new cover by Andy Kubert! Discover the man behind the myth, as Adam Strange's childhood on Earth is explored, his relationship with his estranged family is revealed, and secrets of Rann - and of Adam's new life - are uncovered.

160 pages, $19.95, in stores on April 16.


Written by Rick Veitch, art and cover by Yvel Guichet and Mark Propst. The King of the Seas quenches The Thirst. Aquaman learns the hard way that a brief moment of rage can have deadly consequences…by using his magical, watery hand as a weapon, he has inadvertently released The Thirst - a twisted parasite who feeds on the same Secret Sea that Aquaman has sworn to channel into this world.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 9.


Written by Adam Pollina; art by Pollina and Tyson McAdoo; cover by McAdoo.

The slam-bang conclusion is here. The lords of the wrestling ring converge as Big Daddy faces his greatest challenge yet. What will be the ultimate fate of Big Daddy, wife Dana, son Danny, and brother Diablo? Which masked champion will reign supreme? You'd have to be a heel to pass this one up.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 2.


Written by John Arcudi; art and cover by Tan Eng Huat

The return of the blind monk, Tycho! He's got a new plan to get back the sword of the seven spirits…accompanied by an army of monkeys.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 2.


Written by Geoff Johns; art by Scott Kolins and Doug Hazlewood; cover by Kolins.

"Blitz," Part 1 of 4, leading up to The Flash #200. Professor Zoom returns in a story that reveals the secrets behind his origin! But what's his strange goal? It's not what you'd think.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 16.


Written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman; art by John Lucas and Eduardo Barreto; cover by Lucas and John Cassaday.

Nothing lasts forever...least of all Forever Maelstrom! As the battle to protect the timeline from Praetor reaches its fateful conclusion, our ragtag band of heroes must fight its way through a frozen landscape to restore the 21st century they know and love...well, the one they all know, at least. If time runs out now, it really runs out.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Ben Raab and Judd Winick, art and cover by Charlie Adlard

Part 1 of the 6-part weekly story "Black Circle: Urban Knights," running through the pages of Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Green Arrow is in hot pursuit of brutal drug dealers in a fast and furious chase through the streets of Star City. Green Lantern is knocking around the Russian mob in a Soho nightclub with three models on his arms. But there's no such thing as an easy bust anymore. Join the celebrated reunion of two of DC's heroes on a quest for the truth behind an intergalactic crime and the consequences of history.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 9.


Written by Judd Winick and Ben Raab, art and cover by Charlie Adlard.

"Black Circle: Urban Knights" Part 2 of 6. There's a mystery to be solved, an intergalactic crime organization to take down, and hostility brewing between Green Lantern and Green Arrow. Simple crimes become complicated, and the heroes' differences become blatant. This ain't Hal and Ollie! Connor Hawke may be the only person to stop them from killing each other, unless of course The Black Circle gets to them first…

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 16.


Written by Ben Raab and Judd Winick, art and cover by Charlie Adlard.

Black Circle: Urban Knights" Part 3 of 6. Green Arrow and Green Lantern are mystified when a lookalike of Hal Jordan's predecessor appears! What does this character have to do with Abin Sur and the original Green Lantern Corps? All they know is that this may be their only chance to get the upper hand on the intergalactic criminals known only as the Black Circle.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 23.


Written by Judd Winick and Ben Raab, art and cover by Charlie Adlard.

"Black Circle: Urban Knights" Part 4 of 6. All-out action ensues as Green Lantern and Green Arrow learn how to take a beating…and the education continues as they're taught that it's better to give than to receive! Now, we finally get to catch a glimpse at the inner workings of the Black Circle.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 30.


Written by Kevin Smith; art by Phil Hester and Ande Parks; painted cover by Matt Wagner

Screenwriter and director Kevin Smith successfully resurrects one of the world's classic heroes. In this softcover edition of the original hardcover, Green Arrow - a.k.a. Oliver Queen - reemerges after years of being presumed dead. But many, including Black Canary his ex-lover, Arsenal his ex-partner, Connor Hawke his son, and Batman the Dark Knight Detective, want to know how Green Arrow survived an airplane explosion and where he's been.

232 pages, $17.95, in stores on April 2.


Written by Geoff Johns, art by Donald Kramer and Prentis Rollins; cover by Andrew Robinson.

Hawkgirl confronts the murderer of her parents - and the Hawks both want him dead. The question is: Who's going to do the deed? Plus, tragedy strikes the cast of St. Roch. Featuring guest-art by Donald Kramer and Prentis Rollins.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 2.

H-E-R-O #3

Written by Will Pfeifer; art by Kano; painted cover by John Van Fleet

The reinvention of the Dial H for Hero concept continues. Jerry Feldon's learning that life as a super-hero isn't all it's cracked up to be. Jerry decides to share the secret of H-E-R-O with Molly, the girl he loves. But when a gunman robs their restaurant, Jerry's powers might be the only thing that can save Molly - if he doesn't screw things up and accidentally kill her instead.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 16.

JLA #80

Written by Joe Kelly; art by Duncan Rouleau and Aaron Sowd; cover by Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen/

"The White Rage," Part 1 of 3. The JLA is caught in the middle of a tense standoff between a metahuman commune and the federal government. Will the Leaguers bring peace or set off a bloody conflict? Plus, Batman and Wonder Woman try to find some quiet time together, and Martian Manhunter embarks on a quest of self-discovery that may burn him in the end.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 30.


Written by Adisakdi Tantimedh; art and cover by Galen Showman.

A two-issue Elseworlds mini-series examines how Superman's nineteenth century debut turns the Industrial Revolution on its ear! Using his powers to aid scientific discovery and usher in an Age of Wonder, Superman forms the forward-thinking League of Science with backing from millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. But when Lex Luthor and the radical group Rage Against the Machine rise up against him, can he prevent the coming of an Age of Chaos?

48 pages, $5.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Chris Claremont; art by Josh Hood and Sean Parsons; cover by Art Adams. The action-packed mini-series continues. With Green Lantern and Flash down for the count, how will the JLA contend with the fearsome monsters that are exploding from the Earth's surface and besieging the Spirit Lake resort? And what happens when another unlucky Leaguer gets infected with the monster "virus"?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 16.

JSA #47

Written by David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns; art by Leonard Kirk and Keith Champagne; cover by Michael Bair.

Part 2 of "Princes Of Darkness," leading up to JSA #50! The battle for the light continues as Mordru and Obsidian attack the JSA, trapping Sentinel, Captain Marvel and Star-Spangled Kid in the Shadowlands and tearing apart the rest of JSA.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 16.


Written by Geoff Johns; art by Rags Morales, Stephen Sadowski and various; cover by Michael Bair.

Collecting JSA #26-31 and a story from JSA Secret Files #2, Fair Play pits the JSA against Roulette, who runs the most dangerous gambling den on Earth - a club where costumed adventurers are lured to fight for their lives as super-villains bet on the outcome. Now she's turned her sights on the JSA, and she's got more than a professional interest in seeing the team destroyed.

176 pages, $14.95, in stores on April 2.


Written by Stan Berkowitz; art by Chris Jones and Dan Davis; cover by Rob Haynes.

An alien race has established a beachhead on Earth in a most unexpected place and it's up to the miniscule Justice League ally, the Atom, to stop the invading force from taking down the League's most powerful member. Written by Stan Berkowitz of the Justice League animated show.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 2.


Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; art by Chris Batista and Mark Farmer; cover by Tony Harris and Tom Feister.

Introducing a new art team and kicking off "Dream Crime," a new 5-part storyline. Saturn Girl visits Titan, hoping to repair the damage to her mental powers, and Dreamer hopes the Titanet telepathic system will turn her powers of prediction into a large-scale early-warning network for the United Planets. But Saturn Girl learns the damage to her mind might be more extensive than she believed, and Dreamer's first experiments with the Titanet show her terrible visions of an ancient darkness rising once more.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 30.


Written by Cary Bates, Jim Shooter and Paul Levitz; art by Mike Grell, Ric Estrada and Mike Nasser; cover by Mike Grell.

Reprinting Superboy and The Legion of Super-Heroes #213-223 and Karate Kid #1, featuring a score of classic Legion foes, including the Fatal Five, Tyroc, the Miracle Machine, the Time Trapper and more. Revisit a classic period of Legion lore.

232 pages, $49.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Kurt Busiek; art by Gary Chaloner; cover by Tom Grummett and Prentis Rollins. Manhunter, the most popular member of the Power Company, travels to Gotham City on a deadly mission. But one thing stands in his way: an angry Dark Knight, who doesn't like armed mercenaries in his town. Featuring the moody art of Gary Chaloner.

32 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 30.


Written by Peter Bagge; art by Bagge, Stephen DeStefano and Bill Wray; cover by Bagge

From the creator of Hate!, Sweatshop tells the uproarious story of Mel Bowling - a nationally syndicated cartoonist who hasn't touched his strip in years. Instead, he uses a stable of aspiring young artists, each with a different career goal. This issue, Mel's nominated for an industry award…one that he'll stop at nothing to win.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Walter Simonson; art by Jerry Ordway and P. Craig Russell; cover by Adam Hughes.

"The Game of the Gods" continues as Diana's search for her missing memories takes her to Paradise. Has the menace responsible for taking Diana's costume and memories gotten to Themyscira first? And how is this connected to the havoc being unleashed both on Earth and at the center of the universe itself?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 23.

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Written and drawn by Will Eisner.

Featuring nearly 200 pages of clasic Spirit adventures originally published from January to June 1945. The Spirit wrangles with jailbreaks, grifters, murderers, and more! Plus, a portfolio of Eisner's military-related artwork produced while he was in the Army.

192 pages, $49.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Robbie Busch, Jim Alexander, Jesse McCann, Bobbi Weiss and Frank Strom; art by Scott Roberts, Jeff Albrecht, Dan Day, Robert Pope and Scott McRae; cover by Scott McNeely Hiiiiii, Dexter! Everyone's favorite boy genius joins the all-star cartoon cast of the Cartoon Network anthology. Plus, romantic disaster with Johnny Bravo, and robot wars with Cow & Chicken.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 23.


Written by Sholly Fisch, Scott Cunningham, Earl Kress, Frank Strom and Bill Matheny; art by David Alvarez, Mike DeCarlo, Neal Sternecky, Scott McRae, Leo Batic, Ruben Torreiro, Walter Carzon and Horacio Ottolini; cover by Alvarez and DeCarlo.

Bugs enters a beauty pageant as Miss Alberquerque, breaking emcee Elmer Fudd's heart - and his skull. Plus, a day in the life of Marvin the Martian's furry sidekick K-9, and Daffy Duck's escapades as soft-boiled detective Mike Mallard.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 2.


Written by Eddie Mort; art by Ricardo Garcia Fuentes and Mike DeCarlo; covers by Lili Chin.

Based on the Kids' WB! show with stories and covers by its creators. Honor, family, tradition…and donuts. It's the Code of Masked Wrestling, and it's a way of life for best friends Rikochet, Buena Girl and the Flea. As students at the International School of Lucha Libre, they've got to learn to wrestle with skill and wit, develop a special signature move, and still find time just to be kids.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 23.


Written by Abby Denson; art by Stephanie Gladden, Bill Alger, Andrew Pepoy and Mike DeCarlo; cover by Phil Moy.

Rock and roll with the Powerpuff Girls. Sugar, spice, and a butt-kicking back-beat save the day in two rockin' stories.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 16.


Written by Robbie Busch and Rurik Tyler, art by Joe Staton, Dave Hunt, Karen Matchette and Scott McRae, cover by Staton and Hunt

A be-bop ghost haunting a troubled jazz club has Scooby-Doo singing the blues. Plus, why are jillions of goblins descending on a quiet little town where nothing ever happens?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 9.

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21 DOWN #8

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; art by Jesús Saíz and Palmiotti; painted cover by Joe Jusko.

"Roadside Attractions," Part 1 of 5. In the first installment of this new story arc, downtown Detroit is under siege from an angry weather god, while Mickey and Preston find themselves immersed in the mystery surrounding a young girl's disappearance. Strange things start to happen as Preston's powers begin growing in unexpected ways. With time running out, Preston must determine the connection among an eclipse, the number 19, and a mysterious ring of fire in order to save the missing girl.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 2.

GEN13 #8

Written by Chris Claremont; art and cover by Alé Garza and Sandra Hope.

As Caitlin finds herself more and more enraptured with her mysterious new suitor, the kids grow alarmed at the emergence of a new race of beings called the Chrome, who threaten to destroy Gen13.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Adam Warren; art by Yanick Paquette, Ed Benes, Rick Mays, Lee Bermejo, and various; cover by Warren.

Adam Warren's groundbreaking run on Gen13 continues (after the stories collected in Gen13: Superhuman Like You) with an all-star artist, all-subplot issue, the 2-issue "Failed Universe" saga, and "Uncle Cloud," the in-depth examination of Sarah Rainmaker's family history and weather control powers. These stories are joined by an earlier Adam Warren-written Gen13 story showcasing pencils by Lee Bermejo and guest-starring Mr. Majestic. Plus, bonus art by Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Terry Dodson, Whilce Portacio, Kaare Andrews, Brian Stelfreeze and more.

160 pages, $17.95, in stores on April 16.


Written by Warren Ellis; art by Simon Bisley; cover by Brian Wood.

"Detonation." Berlin, formerly an island city encased in a concrete reef, a victim of an East/West loggerhead. Today, it's a thriving metropolis - one that shortly will find itself under siege! A terrorist group plans to systematically exterminate high-ranking British, German and Russian intelligence operatives…unless Miranda Zero exterminates them first.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Brian Augustyn; art and cover by Humberto Ramos and Sandra Hope.

Everything the series has been leading up to begins to unfold at light speed with this all-silent issue! El Dorado City's final fate, the secret of the demise of Draedalus, the hidden dimensional key/talisman, and the final showdown between good and interdimensional evil are all unveiled in startlingly unexpected ways. And, as always, our four teen heroes find themselves stuck smack in the middle between vast cosmic forces for the fate of a multiverse. As the countdown to the ultimate battle begins, time is running out for ED City, the earth and reality itself.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Warren Ellis; art and cover by John Cassaday

The acclaimed team of Ellis and Cassaday is back. With The Four momentarily in disarray, Elijah Snow initiates the second part of his comeback plan; to hunt down and discover the truth about Anna Hark, daughter of the criminal genius of the '30s, who died in the Adirondacks with the rest of Axel Brass' associates. Her story begins in medieval China and ends in the spires of modern America.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 2.


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, art by Juan Santacruz and Francis Portela; cover by Christopher Shy.

The new sci-fi series critics are calling "a fresh spin on classic themes" heads into its eighth issue with the conclusion to a 2-part story focusing on Version Mary. As the past comes back to haunt her, Mary tries to distance herself from the rest of the team, but the Resistance refuses to stay out of the fight.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Tommy Yune and Jay Faerber; art by Long Vo and Studio XD; cover by Vo; variant cover by Claudio Castellini.

While recovering from injuries sustained in his crash, Roy learns the truth about the VF-1 program, and not a moment too soon! A traitor is revealed and attempts to sabotage the program…by hijacking the new Armor 1 space station! Roy must take the Veritech into space in order to salvage the entire program! Note: This issue will ship with two covers. All orders will be filled with covers by Long Vo (50 percent) and Claudio Castellini (50 percent).

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 2.


Written by Ed Brubaker, art and painted cover by Sean Phillips.

The game is in full swing and the rules of engagement are clear: wrong is right, black is white, deceit is truth. Tao, in the company of agents Holden Carver and Miss Misery, attend a meeting of the true power on the planet - the wizards behind the curtain. And once Tao's goals are achieved, the world will be a different place…or will it?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 16.


Written by Micah Ian Wright; art by Whilce Portacio and Sal Regla; cover by Portacio.

Khalid Tefibi is the resident computer geek of Team Achilles, a man who prefers the intel side of field work over on-site operations. But now he finds himself at the center of an operation to capture him - and he's on the run in a strange city from a Pentagon-based supergroup. How can this computer nerd hope to survive against the world's mightiest soldiers with no backup from his StormWatch compatriots?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Ford Lytle Gilmore; art and cover by Ed Benes and Joe Pimentel; variant cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

Is Lion-O too late to save Thundera? Under Mumm-Ra's rule, New Thundera is a dark and treacherous place, where evil lurks around every corner and the Thunderians are broken - maybe forever. Lion-O continues to learn the fates of his friends - beaten and enslaved at Mumm-ra's command - and even runs up against some old enemies in this installment. But Lion-O is not one to accept this situation without a fight and, in this issue, he brings it on. Note: This issue will ship with two covers. All orders will be filled with covers by Ed Benes and Joe Pimentel (50 percent) and Tommy Lee Edwards (50 percent).

32 pages, $2.95, in story on April 16.


Written by Kaare Andrews; art by Andrews; covers by J. Scott Campbell and Alex Ross.

A rollicking crossover between two of the most popular entertainment properties in comics today. The sudden appearance of a mystical portal between Earth and Thundera leads to chaos, confusion and adventure as Lion-O and Mark rally their troops against the combined might of the villainous Zoltar and Mumm-Ra. And look out for the Battle of the Planets/Thundercats one-shot from Top Cow Productions solicited elsewhere in this issue of Previews! For more information, see the feature article. Co-published with Top Cow Productions. Note: This issue will ship with two covers. All orders will be filled with covers by J. Scott Campbell (50 percent) and Alex Ross (50 percent).

48 pages, $4.95, in stores on April 23.

WILDCATS Version 3.0 #9

Written by Joe Casey; Art by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend; cover by Ngyuen and Rian Hughes.

With Grifter unable to kick his usual amount of butt, he's got to move before Spartan pulls him from active duty. Of course, that means there could be a new Grifter in town, hand-picked by Cole Cash himself! And you won't believe whom he picks as his temporary successor.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.

Hardcore/Punk at Tower!



Written by Alan Moore; art by J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray; cover by Williams

"Later." Millennium City, three years later. Draw your own conclusions…

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Alan Moore; art by Jerry Ordway and Karl Story; cover by Chris Sprouse.

Part 1 of a new 3-part adventure. "What might have been" - just four melancholy words that conjure so many emotions. Four words that suddenly take on new meaning when Tom Strong learns what would have happened - who he would be - if things had been a fraction different. Journey back to the last days of the 19th century, to a time before Tom Strong was born, and learn what can happen in the blink of an eye…in a tale called "How Tom Stone Got Started!"

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.

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Written by Kurt Busiek; art by Brent Anderson; painted cover by Alex Ross The bimonthly miniseries continues! Take a trip to Astro City in the early '60s. What happens when a young woman becomes determined to uncover a super-hero's secret identity and nothing is going to stand in her way? Introducing Atomicus, the greatest hero of the atomic age - and showcasing a surprise or two about one of Astro City's modern-day heroes.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Warren Ellis; art by Paul Gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti; cover by Gulacy

Warren Ellis' 3-issue tale of deceit and intrigue in Washington, D.C. continues. Chris Royal has just been through the worst day of his life. Under his watch, the President of the United States has been assassinated; Washington, D.C. is under siege from parties unknown; and no one believes the real culprit behind all the crime is still at large. But with a little help from a friend, Royal is putting the pieces together…and he's learning this crisis goes deeper than he'd first thought.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.

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Written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman; art by John Severin; painted cover by Chaykin.

This Western one-shot introduces Harry Kraft's great-grandfather - an Eastern European immigrant who takes on an evil Kansas land baron to help save a little house on the prairie. Special guest-artist John Severin handles the art chores, with a painted cover by Howard Chaykin.

32 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 16.


Written by Jason Hall; art and cover by Cliff Chiang.

Get ready for a unique Vertigo twist on one of DC's strangest characters. In this new 5-issue mini-series by Jason Hall and Cliff Chiang, a bizarre, colorful creature of the night stalks the streets of 1920s Paris: The Creeper. The enigmatic hero has her sights set on the upper class, but what are the true motivations behind The Creeper's actions?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 16.


Written by Judd Winick; art by Tomm Coker; cover by Brian Bolland. Judd Winick and Tomm Coker tap the vein of horror as Blood and Water continues. Adam's best friends are vampires; they're fast, fun and they live forever. A little Kool-Aid, a little blood and Adam is ready to go. But being "made" is the least of his worries when something awakens from the dark, forgotten places of the world. While Adam is busy living it up in his sexy new skin, an ancient monster is stirring…and it smells fresh blood.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Robert Rodi; art by John Lucas and Andrew Pepoy; painted cover by J.G. Jones.

Final issue. "Secrets and Thighs," Part 3 of 3. For decades, G.O.O.D. and E.V.I.L. have waged battle with each other across the globe. Now one of these agencies is brought to a ruinous collapse, never again to rise. Join Angela, Go-Go and their friends for this climactic end of an era - and for the shocking personal revelations that set it all in motion.

32 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 2.


Written by Bill Willingham; art by Lan Medina and Craig Hamilton; cover by James Jean.

Part 1 of a 2-part Fables caper. She's gorgeous, fashionable and rich…and it's up to Bigby to keep Sleeping Beauty from pricking her finger, or Fabletown will go up in thorns. As if that weren't enough, Bigby has a shadow, in the form of a sleazy reporter intent on exposing the secret society of exiled fairy tale characters.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 9.


Written by Grant Morrison; art by Chris Weston and Gary Erskine; cover by Carlos Segura

Following last issue's revelations, it's time to meet Mother Dirt and learn the secret origins of the Hand organization and of life on Earth itself. What are we? Who are we? And why does it have to be this way? Amnesiac Hand officer Ned Slade recovers more horrors from his memory as the pieces of a vast, terrifying jigsaw fall into place. Learn the Hidden History of Existence in The Filth #10: "Man Made God."

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 30.


Written by Mike Carey; art by Lee Bermejo; painted cover by Tim Bradstreet.

"Black Flowers" Part 2 of 2. Now that the door to the land of the dead has been kicked open, a horde of old souls is clawing its way back into flesh - pursued by something much more dangerous. Unfortunately, the cure that John comes up with may be worse than the disease.

32 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 30.


Written by Dylan Horrocks; art by Richard Case and Steve Bird; cover by Chris Bachalo.

Ever wish you could step into a picture? Wished it were a real place that you could visit and explore…dancing with the nymphs or singing with the angels? Well, here's your chance. An ambitious young artist has been exploring the relationship between art and magic, and at last his dream has become a reality. Now the art galleries of London have become gateways to a thousand alternate worlds and the whole fabric of reality is collapsing. But when art and life collide, there's bound to be trouble...

32 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 9.


Written by Mike Carey; art by Peter Gross & Ryan Kelly; painted cover by Christopher Moeller.

Part 2 of the epic 5-part storyline "Naglfar." Sailing beyond heaven, the ship made of dead men's fingernails encounters unborn universes, skeletal angels and deadly tensions among its mismatched crew members. Meanwhile, Lucifer confronts his brother Michael and they embark on a very different journey.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 23.


Written by Mike Carey; art by Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly and Dean Ormston; cover by Christopher Moeller.

Reprinting Lucifer #21-28, the 192-page The Divine Comedy finds Lucifer Morningstar continuing work on his magnum opus - a new universe outside of the strictures of our own.

192 pages, $17.95, in stores on April 9.


Written by Warren Ellis; art and cover by Colleen Doran.

A hardcover graphic novel that explores man's relationship with the last unexplored frontier: space. When a space shuttle missing for a decade zooms back to Earth with seemingly alien modifications and a missing crew, three specialists cheated out of their dreams of spaceflight are the only ones who can unravel the mysteries behind the bizarre situation.

104 pages, $24.95, in stores on April 23.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan; art by Pia Guerra and José Marzan, Jr.; painted cover by J.G. Jones.

"Cycles" reaches its explosive conclusion with a sibling's madness, a firefight with a stolen helicopter, and a mysterious Russian who bears urgent news. All this, plus a truly startling development from Earth's orbit.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 23.

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