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Tuesday, January 28, 2003


Mainframe Entertainment has released an image and description of MTV's upcoming Spider-Man animated series.

The image provides a first look at Electro, as well as the computer-generated Spider-Man.

Here's how the studio describes the show:

"Spider-Man, the television series, is the animated follow-up to the successful feature film of the same name. Continuing where the feature left off, the series follows the adventures of Peter Parker and his friends, Harry Osborne and Mary Jane Watson, during their first year of college at Empire State University. Parker must juggle academics, a job as a web designer/photographer for the Daily Bugle and an on-again-off-again relationship with the love of his life, all while fighting to protect the world from super-villains."

Electro was the villain in the first episode produced, although that might not be the first episode to air. In the series, Electro is Max Dillon, a classmate of Peter Parker's at Empire State University, who acquires his powers after an accident.

Producer Audu Paden told The Continuum that Electro's look is a "subtle reconception."

Electro's voice is performed by Ethan Embry, who is starring in ABC's new Dragnet series.

MTV has not set a premiere date for the series, and latest word is it might begin in March or April.

Look for more Spider-Man animated news soon here in The Continuum.


Chris Nolan, whose credits include Memento and Insomnia, has been tapped by Warner Bros. to direct the next installment in the Batman franchise, Variety reported on Tuesday.

"All I can say is that I grew up with Batman, I've been fascinated by him and I'm excited to contribute to the lore surrounding the character," Nolan told Variety.

"He is the most credible and realistic of the superheroes, and has the most complex human psychology. His superhero qualities come from within. He's not a magical character. I had a fantastic experience with the studio on Insomnia, and I'm keen to repeat that experience."

It is not clear if Nolan will be writing the script.


CrossGen Comics has released its solicitation information for April.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

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"At Destiny's End," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week.

For a complete rundown, with spoilers and photos, CLICK HERE.


Jennifer Garner, who plays Elektra in the Daredevil movie, will be making several appearances in New York to promote the film.

Garner, who appeared at the Super Bowl on Sunday to promote ABC's special airing on Alias, is scheduled to appear on CBS' The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, Feb. 10 and NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Garner will also be the host of NBC's Saturday Night Live, on Saturday, Feb. 15.

In other Daredevil news:

* Entertainment Tonight is currently staging a contest in conjunction with the film. Go to to enter.


Avatar Press announced that it will be publishing Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance in April.

The graphic novel has a story by Moore, art by Juan Jose Ryp and sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston and Moore. The book is Avatar's third Moore project in recent months,

"Another Suburban Romance is a project that shows the astonishing range of the creator whose career has encompassed the likes of Big Numbers, From Hell, and V for Vendetta," said Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen. "Running from the 1920's Chicago style killings in Old Gangsters Never Die, to the contemporary drama in the namesake piece Another Suburban Romance, the scope of this graphic novel makes it accessible to every Moore fan, and also serves as an excellent introduction to the work of one of the most important creators in comics."

"Another Suburban Romance started life as a projected play sometime in 1976, which was the year that punk rock was taking off over here," Moore said. "It was a very exciting time in a number of ways, it was a very bleak time in a number of ways. We were starting to move into the long cold years of discontent with the Labour party that would lead us to Mrs. Thatcher three years later. Amongst the various projects that I was involved in at that time, the play Another Suburban Romance was a surrealist drama, I'm not even sure what it was about, or whether if it was even about anything. It involved a number of characters that were moving through this series of scenarios that involved meditations upon politics, sex, death and all of the other big issues.

"The play itself has not survived, but three pieces from it were of enough resonance for me to either remember them or keep them around as material used in subsequent bands and performances. The three pieces contained in this anthology are the very best, they're the things that if anything is to be remembered about that aborted project, these are the three pieces that I should most like to be remembered. I'm very, very much looking forward to seeing what Juan Jose has done with it. He's an excellent artist and I've been very enamored of his work of late and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's done with these old buried pieces that have been unearthed."


Moore said that Johnston's adaptations have been a source of pleasure.

"These were pieces that were not necessarily ever written with a mind to adaptation as comics, and those present a number of challenges for anyone trying to adapt them," he said. "I think Antony has met those challenges every time with some very inventive solutions. I think he's doing an excellent job and I look forward to seeing the future adaptations of my work as they come out."

"These three pieces are so different from The Courtyard - and different from each other -- that Another Suburban Romance was a real challenge, but a highly enjoyable one," Johnston said. "These pieces are very evocative and atmospheric, with a twist of the outright bizarre, and I'm proud to have been given the chance to do them justice in comic form. Alan and William both gave me a lot of freedom with this book, and the result is something very unique. There's always some trepidation when you work with an artist for the first time, and when you're both working on interpretations of a third person's work, that wariness is only increased. But when I saw the first few pages Juan had drawn from my scripts, that trepidation vanished. This book looks superb."


When Realities Collide will arrive in stores in May from Epoch Comics. The issue is written and illustrated by Rick Lundeen.

Here's how Epoch describes the issue:

"Races from all over the galaxy gather together for free food. But what happens when a fierce warrior from the Klungov Empire meets his cheesy, 1950's, low-budget, Japanese, counterpart from Earth? No....really, what happens? Read this. You'll find out."

When Realities Collide will be 32 black-and-white pages and will cost $2.95.


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  • Here's a first look at the cover to Hell on The Eastern Front, which will arrive in stores in May from New England Comics.

  • Coming Wednesday: TV news -- and much more!!!

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