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Tuesday, February 4, 2003


Continuing weeklong reports from the Daredevil press junket, The Continuum presents an edited transcript from a roundtable interview with Jennifer Garner in Pasadena, Calif.

Garner talked about the physical demands of the role, working with Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell and possible future films involving Elektra.

For the transcript, CLICK HERE.

In other Daredevil movie news:

* A new trailer for the X-Men sequel will be shown before Daredevil, The Continuum has learned.

* Both the soundtrack and GameBoy Advance game from Encore hit stores today.

* Affleck is featured on the cover of the newest Vanity Fair. He was the subject of the last photo shoot of Herb Ritts, who died last month.

* HBO's First Look at the film premieres Tuesday at 10:35 p.m. (ET).

* Michael Clarke Duncan confirmed that he is doing the voice of the animated Kingpin.

* Coming Wednesday: An interview with Colin Farrell.


Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. has written an episode of the Mutant X television series that will kick off the May sweeps in syndication.

"Freddie wrote an episode called 'One Step Closer' that deals with Brennan's power growing out of control," Tribune Entertainment's Seth Howard told The Continuum. "It is a theme that we have been dealing with since last season's finale and look for some great character beats from our cast.

"Freddie is a huge comic-book fan as well as a fan of the show. He is a tremendous writer and I look forward to him writing another one for Season 3. Unfortunately, he doesn't make an appearance on the show, but his take on our characters is refreshing and exciting. He's a real class act and don't be surprised if he becomes more known for his writing in the future."

Howard said that shooting has just finished on the Mutant X second-season finale, "Lest He Become."

"It's another turning point for our heroes," Howard said. "It's written by Peter Mohan and directed by our own producer, Jonathan Hackett. Look for a special appearance by Eugene Glazer (La Femme Nikita)."

Howard also noted that first-season heavy Mason Eckhart will return.

It was announced last week that Mutant X will be back after its second season.

"The finale is a cliffhanger and we don't know the fate of anyone at this time," Howard said. "We don't anticipate any cast changes yet but we don't begin moving forward creatively with Season 3 until next week."

Look for more Mutant X news soon here in The Continuum.


CrossGen Comics announced several creative changes on Tuesday morning.

Beginning with Brath #2, John Dell will assume the regular inking role replacing Brad Vancata. Vancata has left CrossGen as a full-time employee to pursue other opportunities, but will continue working for CrossGen in a freelance capacity.

Taking Dell's place on Route 666 is inker Drew Geraci. Formerly the regular inker on Sojourn, Geraci has recently served in the role of relief inker. Beginning with Route 666 #9, he will become that title's regular inker.

"We are sorry to see Brad go," said CrossGen Art Director Bart Sears. "But as we've stated all along, the CrossGen studio system isn't for everyone. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. He's a class act and a great inker; I'm sure he'll find regular work if he chooses to remain in comics."

"I appreciated my time at CrossGen very much, and am very happy and proud of the work that was produced in conjunction with the various creative teams I had the pleasure of working with," Vancata said. "At this moment in time though, I decided it was right for me to move on. I will always value the friends I've made here, and my respect and admiration for the hard work, commitment to quality, and dedication of my fellow creators is immense. Hats off to you, and all the best for the future."

Dell's first issue on Brath, issue #2, is on sale March 26.

"Coming on to one of CrossGen's newest titles and getting the opportunity to work over the pencils of such an outstanding young talent like Andrea Di Vito is going to be very interesting," Dell said. "The fan response to Brath so far has been overwhelming. I look forward to working on this title, those people are wild!"

Route 666 #9, the first issue to be inked by Drew Geraci, is on sale Feb. 19.

"It is very exciting to be back on a regular title again," Geraci said. "I've had the pleasure of working over some of the best pencilers here at CrossGen and now is no exception. The work Karl Moline is doing on Route 666 is phenomenal and a lot of fun to ink. His style is different from the other pencilers I've inked and I'm really looking forward to our run together.


The WB has released two more images from Christopher Reeve's upcoming appearance in Smallville.

Reeve, who starred in four Superman movies, is appearing in the Tuesday, Feb. 25 episode "Rosetta." He plays a scientist who helps Clark.

Click on the images above for larger and fuller images. Look for more Smallville news soon here in The Continuum.

Colors of Love at The CrayolaStore.com


Little White Mouse: Open Space #3 will arrive in stores in either late February or early March from Blue Line Pro Comics. The issue is written by Paul Sizer, with art and cover by Sizer.

Here's how Blue Line Pro describes the issue:

"Loo and company make an unexpected stop at an interstellar trading post, where they meet Teela, a young girl Loo's age who is about to follow the lifestyle of Madame Nelly, the 'house mother' of a small group of young women who provide entertainment for the customers of this remote outpost. Loo must decide whether to intercede in the life of someone she hardly knows, or turn away from a young life going astray. This emotional story will surprise and enlighten readers as Loo must confront her own morals and beliefs, and how best to use them to help others. Plus, Filthy Jake and Xi encounter new danger as they prepare to follow Looís disjointed homeward trek. This issue sets up the elements that will come crashing together in next issue's finale.

"Open Space continues the long journey home for Little White Mouse, expanding the rich characterization and art that makes this book a critical and fan favorite. The cover of this issue is the third of a four issue mega-graphic formed by all four covers."

Little White Mouse: Open Space #3 will be 32 black-and-white pages and will cost $2.95.



  • Fox has released five new images from The X-Men sequel. Click on the thumbnails for larger and fuller images.

  • Coming Wednesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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