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Saturday, February 8, 2003


Victor Webster, star of the syndicated Mutant X television series, has tested for the role of Superman for the new Warner Bros. film, The Continuum has learned.

Tribune Entertainment's Seth Howard told The Continuum he had no comment on Webster's testing nor could he confirm it. "But if it was my film, there would be no question in my mind that Victor would be the only choice for the part," he said.

Mutant X has been picked up for a third season. Howard said development of the next season hasn't begun yet and it's unclear who the cast will be, although he noted he didn't anticipate any changes.

In an earlier interview with The Continuum, Webster, who plays Brennan Mulwray on Mutant X, expressed a fondness for comic-book characters.

"I loved the Green Lantern," Webster said. "There's a lot of characters in the Justice League of America that I really liked. I loved Batman because he was human. He's human, he's just trained himself to be that way. Spider-Man, I loved."


The WB has released information about "Fever," the episode of Smallville set to air on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Clark (Tom Welling) rushes to find an antidote after Martha (Annette O'Toole) is infected with a toxic virus and falls into a coma, but when Clark also falls ill, it is up to Jonathan to find a cure in time. To further complicate things, Dr. Bryce (guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier) demands an explanation from Jonathan when he refuses to let her treat Clark."

Bill Gereghty directed the episode, which was written by Matthew Okumura.

For images from the episode, CLICK HERE.


Oni Press has announced the return of Guy Davis' The Marquis in an all-new one-shot slated for a May release.

The Marquis: A Sin of One continues the string of shorter stories that take place between the first volume, Danse Macabre, and the next major Marquis project Devil's Reign. Returning to the fictional land of Venisalle, A Sin of One sees Vol de Galle after a new demon, one who hops from host to host, leaving a pile of bodies in his wake.

"This one-shot picks up with Vol de Galle hot on the heels of a minor devil who uses the townspeople for murder, then commits suicide to elude the Marquis and escape into another body," Davis said. "The Marquis is used to fighting evil with bullet and blade but now he's up against something that can use death to its advantage!"

"Guy is a hot commodity in comics. He's a gifted storyteller with a distinctive style and an eye for detail. His talents are so in demand that we knew there was going to be some time before he could create the next act in the Marquis saga," said series editor James Lucas Jones. "But of all his work, The Marquis is by far the closest to Guy's heart. He couldn't walk away from the mask of the Marquis any easier than Vol de Galle could. A few shorter stories set between the longer character arcs seemed like the only solution."

A Sin of One is the second of three interlude stories set to come out before the next major Marquis story, Devil's Reign. The last of these shorter projects, a three-issue miniseries titled The Midwife, is scheduled for early 2004.

"The Marquis series continues to give us the tour of a cold land filled with all sorts of chills," Jones concluded. "Now that we're accustomed to the frightening landscape, Guy's ready to guide us deeper into the bizarre and macabre world of Vol de Galle."

The Marquis: A Sin of One, featuring a cover by Michael Gaydos, will arrive in stores on May 21.

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Shades of Blue #1 will arrive in stores in April from Digital Webbing Press. The issue is written by James S. Harris, with art by Cal Slayton.

Here's how Digital Webbing Press describes the issue:

"In 'Shadows and Masks: Part One,' electrically charged heroine Heidi searches for a body-jumping entity she first encounters at school. Sounds difficult enough - but when the body snatcher crashes a masquerade party, it's a fright."

Shades of Blue #1 will be 24 black-and-white pages and will cost $2.95.



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