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Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Rob Zombie said he enjoyed his collaboration with Drowning Pool on the Daredevil soundtrack.

"We've talked about doing some other songs because it was fun," Zombie said. "They're super nice guys who were put in a horrible situation."

Drowning Pool's lead singer, Dave Williams, died on Aug. 14 from heart disease.

"We were hanging out one night and said, 'Hey, see you tomorrow,' and a couple hours later they found him dead in his bunk," Zombie said. "They had already did the song and I jumped in and did the vocals for them."

The song is called "Man Without Fear."

Zombie, who was in Pasadena, Calif., at a comics convention promoting the movie he directed, House of 1000 Corpses, visited the Daredevil set for a segment on MTV's Movie House.

Zombie, who is voicing the Lizard for MTV's Spider-Man, said he has put together a deal to produce a comic book. "I actually have some cool stories that have been done," Zombie said. "Gene Colan did a story for me; I actually put snippets of it in the Hillbilly Deluxe CD book.

"I think that will come out sometime in August. I'm not saying what year August."'

Despite a never-realized attempt at a Crow movie and a frustrating shuffle of distributors for House of 1000 Corpses, Zombie said he wants to direct again.

In other Daredevil news:

* Kraft's promotion has begun, with specially mark products such as Cheese Nips featuring one of three "Magic Motion" cards.

* Daredevil star Ben Affleck will appear on ABC's Good Morning America and the syndicated Live with Regis and Kelly on Thursday morning.

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For covers and four-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, Feb. 19, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Hellspawn #15, Tomb Raider Journeys #10 and Masters of the Universe #3.


Not only is Snake Plissken going to be featured in a comic book from Hurricane Entertainment and CrossGen Entertainment, the character will be the subject of an anime movie.

At a recent convention in Pasadena, Calif., producer Debra Hill announced the film, which is being targeted for a theatrical release in summer 2004. Hill, John Carpenter and Kurt Russell are all involved in the project, which is going to be animated by Production I.G. USA, led by Maki Terashima-Feruta.

Russell will reprise his live-action role for voice work in the film, which has a script by William Wilson and Corey Mitchel. Hill said the script has been turned in and is now being translated for the overseas animators.

A 38-second preview of the anime will be on the upcoming Escape from New York DVD. "It is basically animated," Hill said. "We just have to add the sound effects and Snake's voice. He has a line in it."

The anime will be a different story than the comic book or the other media involved, including a video game and novelizations by Fabian Nicieza.

"We believe that Snake Plissken has many, many adventures in him, and you're going to see lots of different stories" Hill said. "The anime begins after Escape from L.A."

No other actors have been cast yet, but Hill said that shouldn't be difficult.

"It's interesting and the Escape franchise has always been this way," Hill said. "I get calls from actors who want to participate because they love the character, love the franchise, so I think we're going to put together a pretty cool cast."

The film does not have a distributor -- yet.

"Rather than setting up a development deal to have a studio pay for a screenplay to be written we own it," Hill said. "We own the franchise, we own the character and we feel the integrity of the whole project is better. It's a better thing to do to have the ability to do that.

"We're not trying to sell out. We love Snake. We're just trying to re-invent him for what we think is a brand new marketplace in many ways. There's young people who come up and discover the character. As the market changes and so many various forms of media and entertainment change, we want to be able to bring Snake in all of those form to the public."

Hurricane CEO Jan Utstein-O'Neill told The Continuum that the comic book will launch in May. The ongoing series will be written by William O'Neill, with art by Tone Rodriguez.

Utstein-O'Neill told The Continuum that Chris Blythe, who colors Lady Death, will be the colorist for the Snake Plissken Chronicles. "There's a lot of realism about his work," Utstein-O'Neill said.

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Moonstone Books has released its solicitation information for June.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


Howard Chaykin has a new hardcover, Mighty Love, that DC Comics will publish in the fall. The 96-pager will be Chaykin's first original, extended solo work since the mid-1990s.

"Chaykin's co-written lots of comics in recent years, like Son of Superman and American Century, but he hasn't had time to draw much because he was working on several TV series. When folks see Mighty Love, they're gonna know just how much they missed him," said Mike Carlin, VP - executive editor, DC Universe. "It's Howard's best work since American Flagg! Hollywood's loss is comics' gain!"

"Howard's been a bigger influence on comics than most people realize," adds Joey Cavalieri, the project's editor. "He's what comics need more of right now: a strong, recognizable, personal voice."

Here's how DC describes the book:

"Mighty Love chronicles the adventures of two urban-based super-heroes. By day, they're natural adversaries: Delaney Pope, a beautiful, honest cop, and Lincoln Reinhardt, a crusading public defender. By night, they take on the guises Skylark and Iron Angel - and find themselves clashing over crime-fighting methods, but also strangely attracted to one another."

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