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X-Men 2
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X-Men 2
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X-Men: Evolution - Mutants Rising

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


QUESTION: Do you have any advice for young filmmakers?

SINGER: Yeah, I think it's always helpful to find good collaborators, especially early in your creative life. Because if you can't find at least a few people to work with you for free, then the chances are it's going to be harder to convince other people to give you money later in the future.

QUESTION: What are the similarities between The Usual Suspects and the universe of the X-Men?

SINGER: Well, in many ways they are very similar in the sense that they involve a large ensemble of characters and the lines between good and evil are often blurred.

The other pleasure is working with an ensemble of actors. The entire movie doesn't rest on any one actor's shoulder, so they can focus in an environment that's less stressful and have more fun embodying their characters. I tend to have a really good time with it.

And also in the case of the X-Men Universe, I was able to work with some lesser-known actors whom I've had the pleasure of seeing grow and become more well known. Same thing was the case with The Usual Suspects with people like Benecio del Toro and Kevin Spacey.

So it's an oddly similar experience.

QUESTION: Usual Suspects was a fraction budgetary wise…

SINGER: The cost of one sequence in X-Men 2 cost more than the entire budget for The Usual Suspects.

QUESTION: Do you see yourself returning to smaller films or do you see yourself in this realm of big pictures?

SINGER: It's more and more difficult to make smaller movies, particularly in today's marketplace. But there's always room, as long as the story and the characters are engaging and interesting.

We shot The Usual Suspects in 35 days. We're taking 110 days and all this prep and all this, so it might be a vacation…

QUESTION: Would you consider doing more X-Men movies?

SINGER: Well, obviously my life's been very entwined in this universe and if the circumstances were appropriate …. and, having had a really wonderful experience, particularly this time around. This film, X2, is the kind of the film I probably would have wanted to make the first time, but didn't quite have the resources. And yet could not have made, if I hadn't done it the first time around.

In terms of another film, the ideas are here and there are things layered into this film which lend themselves to the future. It's a matter of time. Right now, I'm focusing on the final days of finishing this one, believe it or not.

But I think that, as of this morning, I was done.

QUESTION: So the movie is done. Even though we screened it to thie press?

SINGER: We screened a near-completed version to the press. But I think we're finally - knock on wood - this morning was the historic morning, for lack of a better phrase.

X-Men 2
X-Men 2
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