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Friday, April 18, 2003


The WB has released dates, titles and loglines for the final three episodes of the second season of Smallville, including a two-part season finale.

Following is a rundown (all images are from "Accelerate"):

"ACCELERATE," on Tuesday, May 6

After Lana (Kristin Kreuk) is visited by the ghost of a childhood friend, she turns to Clark (Tom Welling) for help in uncovering the truth about her new visitor. However, after Clark realizes the little girl is actually a kryptonite-enhanced clone, he rushes to save Lana before the revenge-seeking child harms her. Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) learns that Lionel (John Glover) is funding the krypto-cloning research.

"CALLING," on Tuesday, May 13

Dr. Walden (guest star Rob Labelle) wakes up from his coma and tells Lex and Lionel that Clark is an alien and must be destroyed. Meanwhile, a romantic encounter between Clark and Lana hints at a promising future, but after Chloe (Allison Mack) finds out they are together, Lana pulls back.

"EXODUS," on Tuesday, May 20

A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Meanwhile, Lex and Helen (Emmanuelle Vaugier) plan their upcoming wedding, but outside forces may ultimately keep them apart. Also, a hurt Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate Clark.


For covers and four-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Uncanny X-Men #422, X-Treme X-Men #24, Fantastic Four #68, Incredible Hulk #53, The Punisher #25, Avengers #66, Mystique #1, Amazing Spider-Man #52, Daredevil #46 and Agent X #10.


For covers and four-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Green Arrow #24, Mucha Lucha #1, Superman #192, Lucifer #37, Global Frequency #7, Y: The Last Man #10, Sweatshop #1 and Tom Strong #20.


Avatar Press has announced a July launch for Frank Miller's Robocop, a nine-issue Avatar's licensed comic book imprint Pulsar Press.

The saga features story and cover artwork by Frank Miller, interior art by Juan Jose and sequential adaptation by Steven Grant.

"This story is going to be one of those punches to the gut that Frank Miller is so expert at delivering," said Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen. "It knocks you on your ass even when you think you see what's coming. And if you think you see what's coming from Miller's Robocop, you're wrong. This is the Robocop story Frank Miller always intended, composed straight from his original writings and scripts. The vast majority of this material never made it onto the screen, but we're unleashing it in its full glory now. To think that there is this Miller story from just a few years after Dark Knight that has gone largely untold is amazing. We're working closely with Miller to get all of his original vision for the character into this comic book saga just the way he wants it, and he is overseeing and approving the entire process.

"We took this approach in a similar situation with Alan Moore's The Courtyard, and that series was one of the most critically-acclaimed and popular indy comics successes of the year so far, so I'm very confident we're hitting our marks on Miller's Robocop -- we're getting that pure Miller insanity into every drop of ink on the comic page."

"I'd seen the first Robocop movie maybe three days earlier. Thought it was a hoot, maybe the best superhero movie yet," Miller said of the circumstances under which this epic got its start. "Straight out of the blue, producer Jon Davison called me up, offering me the script job for Robocop's sequel. I lunged at the chance. My first draft is a study in exuberance. I had a ball."


"These new adaptations of Frank's Robocop screenplays are a goldmine for Miller fans," Grant said. "They have the same wry, staccato punch that The Dark Knight Returns had, and were written in the same period, and there's tons in them that never made it through the Hollywood system onto the screen. The films are the Cliff's Notes versions of the screenplays.

"Space is always a big disadvantage in adapting screenplays; given that screenplays are often 120 pages long and a page of screenplay action can fill up several pages of a comic book, the adapter inevitably has to cut 75 percent of the screenplay out to fit it into the number of issues the publisher allots. Not the new Robocop adaptations. Avatar said, 'Tell us how many issues you need - what's important is we get everything in!.

"So we have all the room we want and that means everything's in there - every plot point, every character bit, every sly joke that Frank put in the screenplay. And all the dialogue. I'm there to facilitate things, but virtually everything in Frank Miller's Robocop comes directly from the screenplay. It's pure Frank Miller, in all his glory. And it's great Frank Miller. Miller fans will love it, The Dark Knight Returns fans will love it. Robocop fans will love it too, and it'll be an eye opener for anyone who wants to compare the comic to the movie version."

"Miller's storytelling ability has made him one of the very best creators in comics, and working on his scripts is what first attracted me to this project," said artist Ryp. "The prospect of drawing Robo himself is also very appealing. He's a very interesting character, both graphically and in the possibility of exploring his visual personality. And of course, the background is this big, dirty, anarchic, ultra-violent metropolis. I don't see how this project could be more appetizing."


Stanton Barrett, a driver on the NASCAR Busch Series, is returning to his Hollywood stuntman roots this weekend as he works on the Spider-Man sequel.

Starting Friday in New York City, Barrett is stunt doubling for James Franco, who is returning as Harry Osborn.

"This is a good time for me to get away and visit some of my movie friends," Barrett said. "I won't be doing anything too risky. I have too much going on in my racing career."

Barrett, who worked for 15 years as a stuntman, is a member of the Rousch Racing team, driving an OdoBan Ford Taurus. The NASCAR Busch Series has an off-weekend due to the Easter Holiday.

Barrett posted a season-best sixth place last weekend at Nashville Superspeedway.

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"Inferno," a new episode of Mutant X, airs in syndication this week.

The episode was written by Charles Heit and directed by Drew Potter.

For a complete synopsis of the episode, with spoilers, and photos, CLICK HERE.


  • CBS has announced two X2 guests on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Anna Paquin, who plays Rogue, will appear on Monday, April 28. Famke Janssen will appear on Tuesday, April 29.

  • Coming Saturday: X-Men news -- and much more!!!

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