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Saturday, May 2, 2003


The upcoming Teen Titans animated series should have a wide appeal, creators of the show said.

"I wouldn't say it's like a boys show or a girls show," said producer Glen Murakami. "I wouldn't say it's for little kids or I wouldn't say it's for teenagers. I think everyone's going to like it."

"You give parents something that they can enjoy with their kids, where they're not sitting there rolling their eyes while some sort of thing with a television in its stomach dances around," said story editor David Slack.

The show's creators made their comments in a Cartoon Network summer preview tape sent by the network to The Continuum. The series -- which debuts on Cartoon Network on Saturday, July 19 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) -- will air on Cartoon Network as well as Kids' WB!, which was scheduled to air a preview of Teen Titans during its Saturday morning programming.

"To Cartoon Network's credit, we were asked to do something that you almost never get asked to do in television," Slack said. "We were asked to take risks. Some of the only notes we got were, 'It's not weird enough. Make it cooler.'" Make it something that I haven't seen before."

Slack and Murakami also commented on their approaches to the characters:

Robin - "Robin's super-power is that he's crazy," Slack said. "He's just got boundless guts. You look at Robin and he's cool. He's ready for anything.

Cyborg - "Cyborg's half-robot. He's our strong guy," Slack said. "He has a hand that converts into a sonic cannon."

Starfire - "Starfire can fly and shoot green starbolts from her hands," Slack said. "She has powers that maybe she doesn't ever realizes are powers."

"She's innocent, but not dumb," added Murakami.

Raven and Beast Boy - "Raven is just plain creepy," Slack said.

"Beast Boy is a shape-changer who can turn into any animal," Murakami said. "Raven is the opposite of Beast Boy. Beast Boy can turn into animals, and Raven can control inanimate objects."

Preview clips showed the team fighting Clayface. There were also interiors and exteriors of Titans Tower.

"They don't take classes; we don't even deal with that," Slack said. "The board of education never comes by to wonder why teenagers are living together in a high rise. It's the ultimate cool clubhouse."

"It's the Brady Bunch living room meets the Starship Enterprise bridge," Murakami said.

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ADV Films has announced a July 22 release for Mutant X: Season One, Disc 2, the second DVD volume of the syndicated television series Mutant X.

Mutant X: Season One, Disc 2 includes two complete episodes: "Russian Roulette" and "Fool for Love."

In "Russian Roulette," Adam and his Mutant X team match wits against a Russian duo hired by the Genetic Security Agency to round up mutants. The sexy agent, Sonya, and her tough guy partner have a powerful and highly experimental energy weapon.

In "Fool for Love," it's love at first fight. Shalimar falls hard for a handsome research scientist who has developed an experimental serum to reverse genetic mutations.

Extras on the DVD include: full-length audio commentary for "Fool for Love" featuring Victoria Pratt (Shalimar) and Director T.J. Scott; outtakes; episodic photo gallery; character profile - Shalimar Fox; cast biography - Victoria Pratt; original TV promos; and ADV Previews.

In other Mutant X news, Tribune has released a schedule of upcoming repeats. Episodes will include "At Destiny's End" the week of May 19; "Within These Walls" the week of May 26; "Hard Time" the week of June 2; "Under the Cloak of War" the week of June 9; and "Once Around" the week of June 16.


Cartoon Network has released its schedule for June 2-June 30.

Following is a rundown of episodes for Justice League, X-Men: Evolution, Batman and Superman.

X-MEN: EVOLUTION (All showings at 10:30 p.m.)

"Mutant Crush" on Monday, June 2; "Speed and Spyke" on Tuesday, June 3; "Middleverse" on Wednesday, June 4; "Turn of the Rogue" on Thursday, June 5.

"Spykecam" on Monday, June 9; "Survivor of the Fittest" on Tuesday, June 10; "Shadowed Past" on Wednesday, June 11; "Grim Reminder" on Thursday, June 12; "The Cauldron, Pt. 1" on Sunday, June 15.

"The Cauldron, Pt. 2" on Monday, June 16; "Growing Pains," on Tuesday, June 17; "Power Surge," on Wednesday, June 18; "Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom," on Thursday, June 19; "Fun and Games" on Sunday, June 22.

"The Beast of Bayville" on Monday, June 23; "Adrift" on Tuesday, June 24; "On Angel's Wings" on Wednesday, June 25; "African Storm" on Thursday, June 26; "Joy Ride" on Sunday, June 29.

JUSTICE LEAGUE (All showings at 10 p.m.)

"Fury, Pt. 1" on Monday, June 2; "Fury, Pt. 2" on Tuesday, June 3; "Legends, Pt. 1" on Wednesday, June 4; "Legends, Pt. 2" on Thursday, June 5.

"Knight of Shadows, Pt.1" on Monday, June 9; "Knight of Shadows, Pt. 2" on Tuesday, June 10; "Metamorphosis, Pt. 1" on Wednesday, June 11; "Metamorphosis, Pt. 2" on Thursday, June 12; "The Savage Time, Pt. 1" on Sunday, June 15.

"The Savage Time, Pt. 2" on Monday, June 16; "The Savage Time, Pt. 3" on Tuesday, June 17; "Secret Origins, Pt.1" on Wednesday, June 18; "Secret Origins, Pt. 2" on Thursday, June 19; "Secret Origins, Pt. 3" on Sunday, June 22.

"In Blackest Night, Pt. 1" on Monday, June 23; "In Blackest Night, Pt. 2" on Tuesday, June 24; "The Enemy Below, Pt. 1" on Wednesday, June 25; "The Enemy Below, Pt. 2" on Thursday, June 26; "Injustice for All, Pt. 1" on Sunday, June 29.

BATMAN (All showings at 1 a.m.)

"Never Fear" on Sunday, June 8; "Joker's Millions" on Sunday, June 15; "Growing Pains" on Sunday, June 22; "Love is a Croc" on Sunday, June 29.

SUPERMAN (All showings at 1:30 a.m.)

"Tools of The Trade" on Sunday, June 8; "Two's A Crowd" on Sunday, June 15; "A Ghost in the Machine" on Sunday, June 22; "Action Figures" on Sunday, June 29.


Plex International Design, a Japanese toy design and TV planning company, announced it would publish a line of original manga in the United States, including an ongoing Angel's Wing series.

At a press conference on Friday in Tokyo, Plex president Masayuki Kondo said, "We are pleased to present our newly-created characters to American fans first with the upcoming release of manga series like Angel's Wing and NOZOMI. We hope you will enjoy these new characters and titles just as you have our past accomplishments, like Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Ultraman, Machine Robo and Robo Wheels. We will keep presenting our unique design work to meet all the fans expectations in the United States."

Plex's most recent original creation is RoboWheels, miniature cars that transform into robots. RoboWheels are now available in stores across America from Mattel as part of their Hot Wheels line.

Last year, to test the U.S. market waters, Plex published Angel's Wing #1, an 80-page, full-color graphic novel. Due to that book's success, Plex has decided to continue the series as an ongoing monhly manga. Angel's Wing #2 will be an 88-page, full-color book , scheduled for release in July, with subsequent issues being 32 pages each.

Angel's Wing #1, the story of an apprentice Angel who makes her first trip to Earth, was illustrated by Tetsuya Aoki. Aoki is a veteran of the Japanese design and illustration industry. He has been working at Plex for over 12 years and has been an integral part of the success of their properties. Before joining Plex, Aoki was employed at Takara where he worked on the designs of the original Transformers.

"I greatly appreciate all the people who have supported me and my work. It is their enthusiasm and encouragement that lead to Plex's decision to continue on with Angel's Wing #2 in the States," Aoki said.


Way of the Rat #13 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from CrossGen Comics. The issue is written by Chuck Dixon, penciled by Jeff Johnson, inked by Tom Ryder and colored by Chris Garcia.

Here's how CrossGen describes the issue:

"Boon and his adopted grandmother use the Phoenix Heart to raise the spirit of a departed soul and unintentionally raise all of the dead in Zhumar! Hyun Joon arrives to take over rule of the city at the orders of the Emperor and finds the inhabitants fleeing for their lives."

Way of the Rat #13 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.


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  • Dynamic Forces' latest Marvel Comics collectible is Spider-Man: From the Grave Diorama Statue.

    "Throughout his history, Spidey has faced many challenges and many foes," said Nick Barrucci, president of Dynamic Forces. "But in the late '80s, and at the hands of writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Mike Zeck, Spidey faced death at the hands of Kraven the Hunter. That storyline [Kraven's Last Hunt] is a personal favorite and a true comics classic, and I am extremely proud to get this piece out to the fans!"

    The piece, limited to 1,962 units and costing $195, is inspired by the cover to Web of Spider-Man #32 by Zeck. It measures 12 inches wide, nine inches deep and 10 inches high. The design was adapted by Juan Bobillo, with Spider-Man sculpted by Pablo Viggiano and based sculpted by Martin Canale and Hernán Azcárate.

  • Stan Lee appeared as a guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night. He promoted his upcoming animated series Stripperlla and the Hulk and X2 movies.

    David Boreaneaz, who stars on Angel and will be featured in The Crow: Wicked Prayer, will be a guest on the show on Monday.

  • Coming Monday: X-Men news -- and much more!!!

    X2: X-Men - Nightcrawler Deluxe 12 X2: X-Men - Nightcrawler Deluxe 12" Action Figure

    Recreate the action from the hit X2 movie with this Deluxe Nightcrawler Figure, or set him out on your shelf for display. Kids, collectors, and movie buffs are sure to love this articulated, poseable action figure. Modeled after the mutant hero character from the X2 movie, Nightcrawler features a stunning attention to detail and amazingly realistic sculpt. Measures approximately 12 inches tall.

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