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Thursday, May 8, 2003


UPN has released 13 more images from "Chosen," the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer set to air on Tuesday, May 20 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

The episode is written and directed by series creator/executive producer Joss Whedon.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Buffy, her friends and the Potentials are the world's last, best hope to beat back the ultimate forces of evil, on the series' volatile finale. David Boreanaz returns as Angel, Eliza Dushku guest stars as Faith and Nathan Fillion guest stars as Caleb.

"Hatching an ingenious and daring plan to destroy 'The First' and his minions, Buffy turns to those closest to her to help save mankind."

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For covers and four-page previews od DC Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include JSA #48, Green Lantern #164, Fables #13, H-E-R-O #4, Gotham Central #7, The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong, Blood and Water #3 and Human Defense Corps #1.


Space Ace, a six-issue series based on Don Bluth's video-game characters, will launch on Aug. 20 from MVCreations and CrossGen Entertainment.

Space Ace follows the intergalactic exploits of Ace, astro-babe Kimmy, and one-time nemesis Baby Borf, in a "hilarious cosmic thrill ride."

"Building on our Masters of the Universe series, MVCreations recently landed the exclusive rights to produce comic books based on the hit video game Space Ace from the Don Bluth Group and Dragon's Lair, LLC," said MVCreations marketing director Jonboy Meyers. "With popular '80s toy lines enjoying success in the comic book format, video games are a natural choice to be given the illustrated treatment."

"As a kid I spent too much of my own lunch money playing video games, Space Ace in particular," explained MVCreations art director Matt Tyree. "Space Ace pushed the boundaries of what a video game could look like, and set the standard for game graphics and quality game play."

"We've lined up some talented people for the series," said MVCreations president Val Staples. "Penning the book will be Robert Kirkman, with pencils by up-and-comer Paulo Borges, and colors by Pat Duke. It's shaping up to be one fantastic looking book! Robert's writing really stays faithful to the story established in the original game, but puts his own patented spin on things. Expect a lot of high action and comedy to drive the story. Old fans and new fans alike will not be disappointed!"

"Will there be any other Bluth-created properties making their way into the comic book format anytime soon? Absolutely," said Meyers. "Don created a lot of timeless properties which naturally translate into comics! So stay tuned!"


Following are Claypool Comics' solicitations for August, with information coming from the company.


By Richard Howell and Ricardo Villagran, cover by Howell and Steve Leialoha.

Southie and Brittany's undead bliss is marred by Britt's bizarre personality shifts, while vampire Tina's mission to kill her brother hits a snag. Meanwhile, Hermano's otherworldly encounter will change the fate of Fear City forever, in "Mixed Messages!"

32 pages, black and white, $2.50.


By Frank Strom, John Heebink, Bob Wiacke and Tod Smith.

Thefts of priceless kitsch-movie collectibles pit Elvira against master wolf-burglar Ardente Lupine, in "It Takes a Creep!" Also, a troupe of psychic investigators enlist Elvira's aid, in "The Mansion Family!" -- Chapter One of "The Haunting!"

32 pages, black and white, $2.50.


  • At the Electronic Entertainment Exposition next week, Encore will announce plans for a new Daredevil game.

    Here's how Encore describes the game:

    "Gamers will scale the heights of high-action combat and adventure when they join Daredevil - The Man Without Fear, one of Marvel Comics' most popular Super Heroes - over the rooftops and through the sewers of New York's Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil will battle Kingpin, ruler of the East Coast underworld, and Bullseye, the assassin who never misses. The game will also feature Elektra, a beautiful yet ruthless assassin, martial arts expert and Daredevil's femme fatale lover. With cool Hell's Kitchen scenery and backgrounds based on original Daredevil comic book art, unique weapons, and numerous power ups and hidden secrets, this game will bring Daredevil's comic book persona to life."

  • Coming Friday: Marvel first looks -- and much more!!!

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