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Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Image Comics has released its solicitation information for August.

For a rundown of titles, with cover and/or ad images, CLICK HERE.


Writer J. Torres and artist Mike Norton are reuniting for Jason & The Argobots Vol 2: Machina Ex Deus, due in August from Oni Press.

The book follows the events of June's Jason & The Argobots: Birthquake collection. Jason and his cybernetic pal are thrown into a graphic novel-length adventure featuring Egyptian mechs, freaky looking aliens, and a mysterious beam of light that might just mean the end for his troubled hometown.

"The first set of Argobots stories lent themselves to the mini-series format," Torres said. "Every issue was like a half-hour episode of an anime or cartoon series. Each one played on what happened before but still presented a self-contained story with its own conflict and resolution. Well, if Birthquake was the TV show, Machina Ex Deus is the big-budget blockbuster movie!"

"Mike Norton is becoming one of the comic industry's 'go-to' guys when it comes to big bots," said series editor James Lucas Jones. "His work on the new Voltron comic from Image proves it. But while renditions of the Go Lion gang are impressive, they can't compare with his work on Argotbots. From the initial robo-designs to the staggering sequentials, these characters, both human and robot, just kick butt."

Here's how the book is descrbied:

"Jason's daring rescue of his hometown, Shimmer City, made him a hero and local celebrity. But while the press may be enamored with Jason and his giant robot, Jason's little sister Juni and their grandpa are decidedly unimpressed. Jason doesn't have time to bask in his newfound fame and glory, though. A mysterious beam of light is closing in on the Shimmer City Museum and similar columns of energy are appearing in other locations all over the world. It's up to Jason and his cybernetic pal, Chiron, to discover the shocking truth about these weird rays and whether they signal a new age of enlightenment and peace or the violent end of the planet."

"When Jason found Chiron he found more than just a giant robot pal," Torres said. "He found a key to whole new world. Machina Ex Deus has him unlocking the next door on his journey. I think Jason and his fans will be surprised by what's waiting for him on the other side of the threshold."

Jason & The Argobots, Vol. 2: Machina Ex Deus trade paperback will ship on Aug. 27, will have 112 black-and-white pages and will cost $11.95.


Following are Claypool Comics' solicitations for September, with information coming from the company.


By Frank Strom, Ronn Sutton, Louis Lachance, Richard Howell and Todd Smith, photo cover.

Tabloid reporter Karl Koaltax sees supernatural causes lurking behind every crisis. Now he's enlisted Elvira to help him prove it, in "The Fright Stalker!" Also, a wandering specter leads Elvira into danger, in "Seeds of Danger!"

32 pages, black and white, $2.50.


By Peter David, John Heebink and Kim DeMulder, cover by Amanda Conner and Steve Leialoha.

Bridget and Baraka's honeymoon tour begins with a jaunt to merrie olde England, but they find themselves drawn into a bizarre gathering at Gooseflesh Park, which embroils them in a centuries-old curse, in "Moors or Less!"

32 pages, black and white, $2.50.


  • Marvel Comics has provided The Continuum with the above teaser images to 1602, by Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove. Marvel is scheduled to release its August solicitation information on Friday.

  • Tribune Entertainment has yet to confirm which members of the cast of Mutant X will be returning for the show's third season. An announcement is expected soon.

  • Coming Thursday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!

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