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Sunday, June 1, 2003


A second 21 Down series by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Jesus Saiz will follow after #12, and the book will move into the Eye of the Storm mature readers imprint.

"It's not a mature book, but it is a mature book in a way," Palmiotti said at the WildStorm panel at Wizard World East in Philadelphia on Saturday. "We didn't write down. It's really a fine line with this book because we did push the envelope."

Palmiotti and Gray are also developing a DC Universe title for later this year.

In other highlights from the WildStorm panel:


Art for both the slipcase for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2 and the second volume Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were show.

WildStorm's Jim Lee reiterated the commitment of League creator/writer Alan Moore to continue the series.


"I've retired from doing serious comics and now all I do is really crazy stuff and this is one of them," said artist Amanda Conner of the three-issue series, which is written by Warren Ellis and inked by Palmiotti.

Two-Step sends a Zen gangster and a wirehead camgirl on the run from a berserk criminal mob.

"Along with seeing what goes on with the two of them, you're seeing a little bit of what she's looking at and all of the people who are hitting on her web site are looking at. Look for a lot of crazy little details in the background.

"It's not really a romance because they hate each other, but it's a really fun book.


"I love horror movies," said Geoff Johns, who is writing with Kris Grimminger. "And the cool thing about WildStorm is you can do anything there from super-hero stuff over.

"It's about a group of people who were all possessed when they were children, kind of like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and they're in their 20s now. And they become like a high-tech S.W.A.T. team with ancient rituals and new technologies.

"It's an exploration of what does it mean to be possessed, what's it all about and why do things come from beyond do that, why do they come to our plane through children."

The series is drawn by Liam Sharpe.

"Liam Sharpe is coming back to comics and he's coming back in a big way, kind of like a Geof Darrow," Johns said.

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