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Monday, June 2, 2003


Here's a rundown of highlights from CrossGen's Code 6/CGE panel on Sunday at Wizard World East in Philadelphia:


* The Crossovers creator/writer Robert Rodi said that The Crossovers television series, optioned by Davis Entertainment, could reach the airwaves as early as this fall.

"We had an option by the second issue because these CrossGen people take their media extensions seriously," Rodi said.

* Joe Staton is the new penciler with The Crossovers #7.

* The Crossovers Vol. 1 will be released as part of CrossGen's Traveler series. The first six issues will be collected in September.

* "Cross Your Heart" will be a three-issue arc.

"Then we will have an all-magic arc that will introduce the first of the extended Crossover clan," Rodi said. "Then there will be an origins arc. We have the first year-and-a-half all planned out."

* Rodi said to look for "the Mistress of the Mystic Arts" in The Crossovers #10.


* Lady Death writer/creator Brian Pulido said that "something terrible" is going to happen in Lady Death #12. "It's a devastating event," Pulido said.

* Fabrizio Fiorentino will be penciling Lady Death # 7-9, filling in for Ivan Reis, who is getting married.

* The first six issues will be collected in December.

* CrossGen's line of statues/action figures begins with a reproduction of the cover of Lady Death #5.

* Pulido said that previous Chaos! characters such as Evil Ernie, Purgatori and Jade "don't map to CrossGen's agenda" and won't be used.

* According to Pulido, Lady Death will get an "animal familiar" in either the 13th or 14th issue.


A six-issue mini-series from MVCreations starts in September. It is written by Robert Kirkman, penciled and inked by Matt Tyree and colored by Mike Garcia.

Here's how CrossGen describes the book:

"What if the amazing elements of sword and sorcery were blended with the familiar hustle and bustle of modern life? Find out as we follow three actors and their fight to make it big in a slightly different on the hit TV show Tales of the Realm. It's the light-hearted adventure that dares to answer the question: Is sharing a dressing room next to a sludge troll fun?"

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