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Monday, June 9, 2003


Jennifer Connelly, who plays Betty Ross in The Hulk, said she became interested in the project when she learned director Ang Lee was involved.

"I thought, 'Wow, what an interesting combination of elements,'" Connelly said. "As a child of the 70s, I remember watching the television series. And then when I spoke with Ang, he really wanted to make this a psychological drama, to explore the relationships of the families - between Bruce and his father, and Betty Ross and her father.

"What I thought was so interesting was the juxtaposition of these really human characters struggling to work out their relationships with one another against the sort of comic book, larger-than-life, 'this guy goes green' sort of elements.'"

For much more on The Hulk, including 120 new stills from the movie, CLICK HERE.


Will Meugniot is premiering Mary America in two different forms this summer.

A "nice" version is featured in the first issue of the Komikwerks Anthology, followed by a "naughty" version with a cover variant in FemForce #120.

Meugniot is a longtime animation producer, whose credits include X-Men, Exosquad and Jem.

Mary America harkens back to the classic Nazi fighting, evening gown clad heroines of the mid 1940's. In the story to save her mentor, Dr. Alset, from the clutches of the evil Silver Salamander, Mary America risks all. Armed with Alset's wave energy devices the superhuman Mary, who is "much more indestructible than her patriotic evening ensemble," storms the Salamander's robot protected sanctuary.

"The story is the same in both Komikwerks and FemForce," Meugniot said. "However, the FemForce variant lets you get to know Mary a little more intimately. It's nothing too scandalous, just some good old fashioned cheesecake. In Golden Age terms, it's as if the KW version was published by the relatively staid Fawcett Comics and the FF version was in one of those wild Harry Chesler books.

"Mary America is a fun character, and is possibly the first practicing nudist to ever be given her own, pardon the pun, strip."


Shooting Star Comics will publish Shooting Star Comics Anthology #2, a 64-page, black-and-white comic, in August.

Eight short stories featuring the work of various comic creators in an array of genres will fill the compilation, including a spotlight on the artwork of Timothy Truman in a Western tale about a dime store novelist who receives a lesson in the value of life from the last person he could imagine...the shootist he is interviewing-- the Chinese gunfighter whom the newspapers call the "The Yellow Devil." It's a new Gone to Texas tale by the Nē writing team of Gregg Noon and J. Morgan Neal.

Also featured are:

* The newest Bedbug adventure, written and drawn by Scott Rogers, a game designer of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. In "Making a Name," the hero faces a new sinister villain with a really lousy name.

* Thrill Seeker Comics, written and drawn by Scott McCullar. "Feeling the Sting," is set in both the past and present showcasing the pulp fiction era Yellow Jacket: Man Of Mystery as remembered by the Golden Age Emerald Mantis as he assists his grandson, the modern-day Emerald Mantis, in an unsolved case from the Fifties.

* Aym Geronimo and The Post Modern Pioneers by J. Morgan Neal and artist Todd Fox. Mission: Sahara. Aym attempts to use science to perform a rain dance, but not everyone likes the idea. Race to adventure with the Postmodern Pioneers in "Rainmaker".

* Erik Burnham returns to provide another humorous comic drama featuring Nick Landime.

* Writer Sean Taylor again collaborates with artist JP Dupras from last issue's Fishnet Angel story. This time around, Strongarm's done his time and paid his debt to society. But when keeping a promise means breaking out of prison 38 days before his sentence is up, will he discover that it's more important to be free or to be a man of his word?

* Another returning creative team taking a departure from their past work is Lance Stahlberg and Mariano de la Torre - this time joined with co-writer Danika Kenn. Their new tale is a suspense thriller set against a futuristic backdrop, focusing on a museum theft with far darker motives than anyone suspects. Only three special government agents seem to know the whole story. But even they do not know the full truth about what lies beyond "The Veil."

* A new creative team to the book - writer Scott Hileman and artists Chris Franklin and Ethan Colchamiro - provides a story called "Interrogation of Specimen One." This trenchant tale teeters on the twilight of '50s science fiction that conspiracy theorists should fall for.

* The cover art is provided by The Interman creator Jeff Parker.


Sigil #37 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from CrossGen Entertainment. The issue is written by Chuck Dixon, penciled by Dale Eaglesham, inked by Andrew Hennessy and colored by Andrew Crossley.

Here's how CrossGen describes the issue:

"Sam returns from his harrowing imprisonment in the Negation Universe. He knows the truth of this deadly dimension but his information may be too late as the negation launches a massive invasion toward the Planetary Union and the human race! Also, Tchlusarud tightens his grip on the Saurian Empire."

Sigil #37 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.



  • X2 placed seventh at the box office in its sixth weekend in release with an estimated $3.05 million, pushing its total to $204.3 million.

  • Robert Weinberg was named a Bram Stoker Award winner for his script for Nightside # 1-4, published in 2001-2002 by Marvel Comics. The story was a nominee in the Graphic Novel/Illustrated Narrative Category. It was the second nomination in that category for Weinberg in the past three years, with his Cable story, "The Undying," a nominee for the 2000 award.

    This is the second Stoker Award for Weinberg, who won as Best Editor in 1999 for his anthology, Horrors, 365 Scary Stories.

  • Modern Tales announced that cartoonist Phil Elliott will be producing weekly installments of Pool Tales for the online webcomics anthology

  • Coming Tuesday: Hulk news -- and much more!!!

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