The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
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Friday, June 20, 2003



Allan Quartermain is a fearless hunter, adventurer, and fighter. He has fought every imaginable enemy, man and beast, and brings deep experience and precise lethality to the League. It is his job to keep the team together no matter how impossible that may seem.

The African safari rifle that Quatermain wields is just like the man himself extremely dangerous. One of the longest handheld guns of the time, this long range, high velocity hunting rifle fires an ordinance with enough fire power to spin, shred, shock, and destroy a moving target with one blast from 400 yards.

Quatermain has led great bands of adventurers through unknown and secret lands hidden deep within the ancient jungles of Africa and returned to tell the tale. His intuitions have been finely tuned by a lifetime in the wilderness. Quatermain rarely makes mistakes or gets lost, even in the wildest and strangest locations. Finding a way through the strangest and most dangerous territories, he uses his brain like the most cutting-edge of human technologies.

In the stalwart Quatermain, the League has acquired a leader with steely nerves, quiet determination and the instincts of a great hunter. All of his strengths and experience will be required to capture the deadliest foe the world has yet seen.

CAPTAIN NEMO (Naseeruddin Shah)

Scientist, mechanic, engineer, inventor, freedom fighter, and pirate, Captain Nemo has seen the world over and over, from above and below. Nemo's career as a worldwide adventurer began at a young age, when he left the comfort of his shipbuilding father to journey into the great sea of mystery. In his career, Nemo has seen wonders that have been hidden to all other eyes, fought creatures long thought imaginary, and transported himself in ways previously thought impossible.

Nemo built from scratch the greatest inventions ever seen, including the Nautilus, Sword of the Ocean. A tremendous underwater vehicle, the Nautilus is fast, elegant and deadly.

A true enemy to oppression, Nemo has waged a personal war against War itself. Often considered a pirate by those who have heard of his attacks on Imperialist British ships, Nemo is in fact a freedom fighter, dedicated to bringing down the British Empire and pushing them out of his native country, India. To this end, he has assembled not only his amazing array of weapons and inventions, but also a small army who serve as his renegade security force and ship's crew. Nemo is the technological heart of the Extraordinary Gentlemen.

If all he brought to the League was the Nautilus, that alone would be more than enough to tip the scales in their favor. But Nemo's collection of weapons and devices seems infinite, the loyalty of his men unwavering, and his skills in hand-to-hand combat are astounding. He has learned the secret techniques of the deadliest fighters on Earth. Nemo is driven by his quest for freedom - his interest in the League is practical. If his mission is successful, he hopes that he will be able to move Britain to loosen their oppressive shackles from his people.

MINA HARKER (Peta Wilson)

As the only woman member of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, some might consider Mina Harker to be vulnerable in the face of the Fantom's might. Quatermain does. But as she avows to an enemy soldier, it would be a "mistake thinking I need [the League] to protect me." In a time when women are meant to be seen and never heard, Harker is both a warrior and visionary.

Mina is the sole survivor of a mysterious horror that crept through the sinister London fog. When she emerged from the darkness she was reborn as a powerful, terrifying creature of the night.

Mina was once Mina Murray, an assistant schoolmistress married to the young and prosperous bank clerk Jonathan Harker. One fateful business trip, Harker set off to Transylvania to finalize the purchase of British property by one Count Dracula. When Dracula arrived in England a short time later, he began a reign of nighttime terrors. Proving her extraordinary intelligence and courage, Mina teamed up with fellow scientist Doctor Van Helsing to destroy the vampire but not before he managed to sink his teeth into her.

The cruel blood of Dracula, the vampire king, runs through Mina Harker's veins, instilling her with an arsenal of paranormal powers and biological weapons. With her immense willpower, Mina has mastered her undead urges while gaining the full strength and lethality of a master vampire. She can move at blinding speeds, tear through flesh, wood, and metal; she can communicate with bats, scale flat walls, and survive almost any attack.

A former lover of Dorian Gray, Mina exploits their still burning passion to lure him and his invaluable services to the League, a decision they may both soon regret.


As a self_proclaimed "gentlemen thief," Rodneyy Skinner assumed he had stumbled upon a gold mine after stealing a potion that renders one invisible. Alas, he failed to consider the consequences of having to remain in that state indefinitely. The caustic Skinner's manners and decorum are as lacking as his visibility. He's accepted the League's mission for purely selfish reasons. "I'll be provided an antidote if I'm a good boy," he declares to Quatermain.

While Skinner's invisibility may prove to be detrimental to the Fantom and his goons, it is unquestionably so to the League. Skulking sight unseen through the cabins of the Nautilus, he wears out his welcome as quickly as the submarine cuts through the waters of the Atlantic.

"It's unclear whether Skinner is a good guy or a bad guy," says Tony Curran. "But his stealth makes everyone fearful of him, and being feared tends to bring out the worst in people."

If he can survive the animosity of his shipmates, Skinner may prove to be the most effective weapon the League has. Or its greatest vulnerability.

DORIAN GRAY (Stuart Townsend)

Immortal. Seductive. Dangerous. Dorian Gray made a wish to never age, to never die... but what was the cost to his soul?

A vain aristocrat, Gray had a picture painted of himself when he was in the prime of his youth. Overwhelmed by the fear of his own mortality, he wished that the painting would age while he would remain forever young. Through a dark, occult mechanism, this wish became reality. Somewhere in his vast painting gallery lies the key to his secret powers. With each new year, his painting grows older; and with each new crime, his painting shows a soul in horrific decay.

Gray simply cannot be killed. Even the rapid-fire machine gun bullets wielded by the cutting-edge army of the Fantom pass through his body without harm. This extreme physical prowess coupled with a guiltless conscience makes Dorian a devastating killing machine. And with the knowledge he has accrued throughout his extraordinarily long life, Dorian is perhaps the most dangerous member of the League. The League has given Dorian a chance to change all that - to atone, finally, for such a long stretch of evil. If he can save the British Empire, perhaps he can save himself as well.


Agent SAWYER (Shane West) spent years touring the Mississippi River, discovering or creating mayhem, solving murders, and even finding buried treasure. A true adventurer, Sawyer is driven purely by thrills, seeking danger and excitement simply because nothing else will do. Thus, when the American government hunted him down, he couldn't turn down their offer to become an International Spy.

As a member of America's newly formed Secret Service, Agent Sawyer has the authority and training to engage in classified missions around the world and execute those missions with extreme force.

Sawyer's timely arrival in the story occurs just as the League is under attack from the Fantom. His courage, some might say recklessness, is evident, as he wades into a fierce gun battle without hesitation. Though he may well have saved the day, his presence is greeted apprehensively by most. Handy with a gun, but possessed with none of the supernatural gifts held by the others, Sawyer would appear to be out of his league. Yet his independent spirit and hunger for action may be just what the League needs to survive against the brand new world of its terrifying enemy.

A strong bond develops between Sawyer and Quatermain, both of whom see the fractions among the group as a serious threat to their mission. Sawyer is an intrepid man who comes of age during the greatest trial by fire imaginable. Rallying the group in its most desperate hour, his courage and determination are lauded by Quatermain, who praises, "And the boy becomes a man. And perhaps a leader of men."

DR. JEKYLL/MR. HYDE (Jason Flemyng)

Inside the frail body of Dr. Jekyll there lurks a monster of unstoppable proportions and unbridled bestial aggression. His name is Mr. Hyde.

Eminent London chemist Dr. Henry Jekyll spent a good portion of his career analyzing the dual nature of man, searching for the causes of evil within the hearts of men. Believing he had found the key to separating the good and evil elements in man's nature, Jekyll used himself as a guinea pig to prove his theory conclusively.

His theory was, unfortunately, somewhat askew.

Jekyll created a serum that violently transformed him into Mr. Hyde: a vastly strong and insatiably brutal creature that stalked the London nights. Though Jekyll's serum was able to affect the transformation between the two men, it was not long before the strong and evil Hyde beat out the weaker Jekyll.

Jekyll now finds himself a slave to Hyde. As Hyde, he is a powerful, unstoppable beast who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. As Jekyll, he is the spent shell of a man, wracked with guilt and feelings of incompetence.

Like many weapons, using Dr. Jekyll's beast-within is a gamble. Mr. Hyde is perhaps the strongest human the world has ever seen. His role in the League is straightforward: smash steel, bash heads, and bounce bullets off his rock-hard body.

As an incarnation of the brute within us all, Hyde has no guilt, no fear, and no compunction against using murderous force to solve even the slightest confrontation. This makes him both a secret weapon to the League and a potential hazard of devastating proportions.

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