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Friday, July 18, 2003


SAN DIEGO-- Here's a look at the five promotional Hellboy trading cards that Inkworks is giving away at Comic-Con International, with character descriptions off the back of the cards. (Click on the thumbnails for larger looks)


A baby demon brought to Earth by European occultists during WWII, Hellboy was destined to be a harbinger of the apocalypse. Instead, Allied Forces rescued him, allowing Professor Broom, founder of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, to raise him like a son and develop his extraordinary paranormal gifts. Learning of his dark origins, Hellboy struggles to understand his identity and the nature of his soul. Ultimately, Hellboy becomes an unlikely champion of good, battling alien forces that threaten our world.


After World War II, Special Agents of the BPRD discovered a living, fish-like creature floating in a glass and wrought iron aquarium at an abandoned industrial site. Humanoid in shape, with gills and blue skin, it was dubbed "Abe" because of a brass plate riveted to the tank: April 14th, 1865 -- the day Abraham Lincoln was shot. "Ichyto Sapiens" Abe is a highly intelligent, water-dwelling mer-man, with webby fingers, glowing blue eyes and strange psychic powers. He is also Hellboy's loyal friend and quick-witted, two-fisted fighting partner.


Liz Sherman is beautiful, brooding and complicated. Her formidable power, classified as "pyrokinesis" by Professor Broom, first manifested itself when, at age 11, she willed a devastating inferno into life, accidentally killing those closest to her. Afraid of her own power, Liz has nevertheless become a valued member of the BPRD, fighting against the paranormal evil. Hellboy loves her, but the relationship is tentative at best, with their deepest feelings unspoken and by implication, taboo.


A practicing occultist long before WWII, the young Kroenen studied the black arts with the modern wizards Crowley and Gurdjett. He specialized in the "left-handed" path of torture and pain. With his taste for perversion, it was easy for him to devote his life to Nazism, particularly in its most arcane and superstitious form. In the end, after the failure of the Reich, he chooses to give up his own soul and accept the Inferno as his master.


Legendary, unkillable and evil, Grigori Rasputin, the Russian holy man, came to prominence in 1911, rapidly infilitrating Russia's royal family through deceit and beguiling occult powers. His enemies had his poisoned, shot, stabbed and thrown into a frozen river. All of this only made him stronger. At the end of WWII, Rasputing resurfaced in service to Hitler, when he conceived of a plan to bring Hell to Earth. Instead, he brought Hellboy.

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