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Sunday, July 20, 2003


SAN DIEGO -- Smallville's third season on The WB will open with a two-part episode, executive producer Al Gough said Saturday.

"It's going to take a while for him to get back from where he is now," Gough said after the second season ended with Clark heading for Metropolis. "There are repercussions from that decision."

Gough was appearing at the Smallville panel at Comic-Con International, along with Miles Millar, Jeph Loeb, Mark Verheiden and cast members Sam Jones III and Allison Mack. After the panel, the Smallville team signed at a very crowded DC Comics booth.

In other news from the panel:

* Filming has begun on Season 3.

* Gough reiterated that he'd like to use Bruce Wayne, but it might not be possible because of the Batman feature film in the works. "They can't seem to wrap their heads around that Smallville is one thing and movies are something else," Gough said. "But we'd very much like to do that."

* Millar said Clark's actions will impact his relationship with Lana. "We do not go back to square on with this," he said.

* Millar said that Pete Ross' family will be seen in the new season.

* Gough said that an opening for Christopher Reeve has been made. "We would love to have him back at some point," Gough said, noting that production was moved from Vancouver to New York for Reeve's scenes.

* Mack said she would open to doing more of the "Chloe Chronicles."

* Mack: "There are some very interesting things going on between Chloe and Lionel."

* Millar said the characters will remain in high school through October.

* Millar said a Season 2 DVD set will probably be released before Season 4 starts.

* The producers' top five moments were: 5.) The diving board scene from "Nicodemus," 4.) The leap from across the Daily Planet in "Insurgence," 3.) The "Hourglass" prophecy of Lex Luthor; 2.) Clark talks to Reeve's Dr. Swann, and 1.) The meteor shower from the pilot that brought Clark to Earth.

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