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Sunday, July 20, 2003


Mark Millar on Sunday night sent The Continuum artwork from Wanted, his new comics from Top Cow.

Along with that, Millar has also posted the following on his message board:

“When you're writing books like The Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men and so on, it's easy to play it safe and just write top five titles all the time, but I think that's slightly immoral when you've come from the small press scene and worked your way up through smaller publishers. What I'm trying to do with the Millarworld line is balance my career in the same way George Clooney did by balancing Ocean's Eleven with his own projects like Confessions of the Dangerous Mind. I'm not interested in creating something nobody's going to read. These titles are the kind of superhero and horror comics I've always wanted to write, but I want to own them too and also produce the kind of material that might be impossible from the big two. The learning curve that began for me with The Authority and was carried through Ultimates kind of peaks with the books I've got planned here. WANTED, from Top Cow, is the superhero book I planned to follow The Authority with before I went to Marvel and I've been plotting it for three years. Similarly, the content for THE UNFUNNIES (from Avatar) is just so extreme that neither of the big two publishers would be allowed to print something of this nature.” ”I've been working on this initiative for some time and the scripts are mostly done. Likewise, the artists have all started and most of the series will be completed or near completed by the time the first issues hit the stands (I've learned a lot from working with these last two years). It's by far the biggest thing I've ever done and the biggest thing I've ever been involved in so I'm as excited as h#&% at the prospect of what we might be able to achieve here. We've been promised features in Wizard, Rolling Stone, The Sunday Times, Abercrombie and Finch, etc, to promote the line so I think we might be sitting on something potentially enormous here. As has been reported elsewhere, Eminem appeared in a UK newspaper last month talking about how he wanted to buy and appear in the movie version of WANTED so the heat seems to be spreading before information on the titles has even been released. Information on the Marvel project won't be given until Wizardworld.”

Follow are his projects:


Artist J.G. Jones.

Get ready for the next generation of superhero comics. This mature readers title finishes what started with The Authority and continues with The Ultimates as Mark Millar gives you super-people as you've never seen them before. The gloves are off for this six issue series that's been described by the Sunday Times as 'Watchmen for Super-Villains'. Six issues. Monthly.


Artist Peter Gross.

Imagine you were a twelve year old boy from smalltown, USA, who just found out you were the returned Jesus Christ. Chosen is a three issue series that kicks off with this premise and explores where he and his family go from here. It's Stand By Me meets the Book of Revelations as a kid finds out he's the real deal and has a terrifying destiny ahead of him. This Harry Potter for fundamentalist Christians. Three issue horror series. Monthly.


Artist Anthony Williams.

Leave your taste at the door. The Unfunnies is a shock to the senses. "Horror needs to be horror," said Millar. "The Unfunnies is the most uncompromising thing I've ever written and I'm immensely proud of it, but slightly worried about people reading it. It's really THAT F&#%ed-up.' Imagine Magnolia or Happiness drawn in the style of Scooby Doo and using a combination of Looney Tunes art with real world photographs designed by animator Anthony Williams. Four issue horror series. Monthly.


Four self-contained one-shots coming out through 2004 and part of the new wave of superhero thinking that begins with Wanted. Essentially, these are all adult, 21st century updates of the old 20th century concepts Marvel and DC have had such success with since the 1930s. The first book is called Run! and is a completely, completely new way of looking at super-speed. The artist for this book is the brilliant Ashley Wood and the title ships in December. The next three titles (next release being Pow!) are also self-contained and will be drawn by John Cassaday (Planetary, Captain America), Frank Quitely (The Authority, New X-Men) and a fourth superstar artist who can't be named at the moment because he's still under contract elsewhere. Four self-contained one-shots starting in December and running through 2004.

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