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Saturday, August 2, 2003


Gene Pool, the property from Marv Wolfman and Len Wein that is being developed by Solo Entertainment Group as motion picture, will be a one-shot comic book from IDW Publishing.

Gene Pool is a story that, according to IDW, "puts a new edgy slant on the time-tested theme of young outsiders with incredible powers, being hunted because of abilities they never wanted."

Gene Pool also introduces artist Steven Cummings to comics readers.

"Sometimes you get to work with legends, and that's part of what's exciting about my job," said IDW's Editor-in-Chief Jeff Mariotte. "Len and Marv certainly qualify. They've forgotten more about writing comics than most writers ever learn, and they can still write rings around most of the field. Finding a great new artist is also exciting, and Steven is definitely that. Teamed with Steven Cummings, Marv and Len are taking the superhuman adventure to a new level."

Gene Pool will be 48 pages and will cost $6.99.

"This is a very exciting deal for IDW Publishing. It's our first real superhero book," said Beau Smith, IDW's vice-president of sales and marketing. "Who better to do it than two of the best creators in comics?"

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Warner Home Video has released the DVD cover art for the four X-Men: Evolution first-season releases on Sept. 23.

Titles include "Xplosive Days," "UnXpected Changes," "X Marks the Spot" and "Xposing the Truth."

In other X-Men: Evolution news:

* X23, who made her debut on Saturday, will return in Season 4. Her voice will be done by a different voice actress.

* Kids' WB! is calling the weekday episodes this week the "Best of X." The episodes lead into Saturday's new episode, "Dark Horizon, Pt. 1."

* Look for more X-Men: Evolution news next week here in The Continuum.


The press conference for The Punisher movie will be held Monday morning in Tampa, Fla.

The press conference was originally scheduled for last Wednesday, but was postponed due to a family emergency for the film's star, Thomas Jane.

Jane is scheduled to appear on Monday, along with writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh, producers Gale Anne Hurd and Avi Arad, Artisan Entertainment's Andrew Golov and executive producer John Starke.

In other Punisher news:

* Although production officially began on Saturday, scenes involving Tampa newscasters were filmed early this week.

Studios at Bay News 9 and WFLA News Channel 8 were used in the production.

"These are newscasts that will fit as part of the film - reporting on a big action set piece that happens in the middle of the film," Hensleigh told Bay News 9.

Hensleigh explained the use of actual news studios.

"It has its own visual stamp here that looks real rather than created by us in the studio," he said.

Bay News 9's Rick Elmhorst and Carleth Keys and Channel 8's Nerissa Prest and Josh Thomas played anchors.

* Look for coverage of the press conference here in The Continuum.


Marvel Comics on Friday released a seven-page preview of Supreme Power, the new MAX series by J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank that debuts on Wednesday.

The first issue also comes in a Special Edition. In addition to the full 22-page story from the standard edition, the 88-page volume ($4.99 cover price) also includes:

* A variant cover by Joe Quesada.

* Fifteen pages of character sketches, and concept and design art by Gary Frank.

* The first-ever full-color reprints of Avengers Vol. 1, #85-86, featuring the original appearance of the Squadron Supreme, the classic Marvel team that inspired Supreme Powers.

* An introduction by Ralph Macchio, editor of Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme maxi-series.



Ruse #22 will arrive in stores on Aug. 13 from CrossGen Entertainment. The issue is written by Scott Beatty, penciled by Butch Guice, inked by Mikke Perkins and colored by Laura Martin.

Here's how CrossGen describes the issue:

"Is Simon's home haunted? Simon Archard's headquarters has been rebuilt, but someone-or something-is visiting the cathedral's sleeping residents…with thoughts of revenge."

Ruse #22 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95.



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  • Hasbro Consumer Products and Roaring Studios agreed on preliminary terms and are negotiating a formal licensing agreement granting Roaring Studios the rights to produce a limited comic book series based on Wizards of the Coast's DragonLance novel, The Legend of Huma, by Richard A. Knaak.

    "The Dragonlance world is a pillar in the fantasy market and I am thrilled to have this project under the Roaring Studios Banner," said Ernst Dabel, president of Roaring Studios. "I've read most of the DragonLance novels while growing up and now having the chance to work on one of them is a dream come true."

  • Kevin Smith was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday night, bringing a clip of interviews with fans and models from the Comic-Con International in San Diego, including Liquor Man and an Elvis Jedi.

  • Coming Monday: Movie news -- and much more!!!

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