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Sunday, August 10, 2003


ROSEMONT, Ill. -- Michael Turner, founder/owner of Aspen MLT, announced that the company's lawsuit with Top Cow Productions have been settled and that Aspen will movie forward with publishing plans.

"We're just waiting on the paperwork," Turner said at the Aspen panel at Wizard World Chicago, which followed the DC panel where it was announced that Turner and the Aspen crew would be working on two projects.

Turner said that Aspen titles Soulfire, Ekos and Fathom will begin shortly. "We're way ahead on scheduling and the books should come out at a nice clip," Turner said, noting that Soulfire will be eight to 10 issues.

Turner said he is modeling Aspen after Pixar in that each project will be different but have a distinctive Aspen flavor. "We are not going to just throw stuff against a wall and see what sticks," he said.

Turner reported that he is pleased with the progress of the Fathom live-action movie, which is in developed from producer James Cameron. Linda Wolverton is working on the second draft of the script.

"The percentage of movies getting made that are in development is like five percent," Turner said. "But right now, I feel we're way up there."

Turner said his involvement has been encouraged in the film, but noted "When you get somebody like James Cameron, you give him final control of stuff."

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