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Monday, August 11, 2003


ROSEMONT, Ill. -- A new Avengers writer, the moving of The Punisher to the MAX imprint, new creative teams and new Epic series were highlights of the Marvel Comics panel Sunday at Wizard World Chicago.

Chuck Austen will follow Geoff Johns as writer of Avengers. He said that there will be a few changes to the lineup, including "one major returning hero who has never been a member of the Avengers."

That hero will be featured in a story called "Lionheart of Babylon."

On the art side, Olivier Coipel remains, with Scott Kolins drawing Austen's second arc. Look for Steve Sadowski to do the art of Avengers #71 and Avengers #76.

In other news from the panel:

* Mark Waid said he isn't done with the Fantastic Four yet.

"There's no bad blood and the door's open for me at Marvel," Waid said. "I think there will be FF work for me in some form or another. Hopefully, we will have an announcement in a few weeks."

* The Punisher will restart with a new first issue as it moves to MAX in January. Garth Ennis remains writer, and Louis Larosa will be artist.

"Garth felt he needed to shift the tone of the book, and needs the leverage that the MAX line allows," said Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.

Quesada said the reason for another #1 issue was "that it felt right." Quesada said Marvel doesn't have a set philosophy on numbering and re-numbering: "It's just whatever's fun."

Look for a Punisher story to feature Daredevil, Spider-Man, Wolverine and a few other guest-stars.

* The new creative team on Captain America is writer Robert Morales, who wrote The Truth, and artist Chris Bachalo.

* Marvel released two images from its upcoming MAX Ant-Man mini-series, by Daniel Way and Clayton Crain.

* Quesada said he would like to have letters pages on at least an irregular basis, as well as a monthly Cup O' Joe column. "We want to bring back the sense of fan community," he said.

* Quesada said there will be no work coming from Alan Moore, but he felt that he had "patched up some of the mistakes of the past" with the writer.

* Marvels: Eye of the Camera will be a six-issue series early next year by Kurt Busiek and Jay Anacleto. "Much like the first Marvels, this is a tour through Marvel history through the eyes of Phil Sheldon," said editor Tom Brevoort.

Marvel will also release a Marvels hardcover in November.

* Scot Eaton is the regular artist of Thor beginning 68. Brevoort said that the Gods on Earth storyline will climax in Thor #75.

* Humberto Ramos said he will be on Spectacular Spider-Man for the forseeable future. "I'll be around as long as they guys want me to be," Ramos said. "I love the character and I don't have any other plans."

According to Marvel, the first two issues of Spectacular Spider-Man have been brisk sellers.

* The Spider-Man Encyclopedia is slated for November, and more encyclopedias are being planned.

* The newest Marvel Masterworks will be Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6, which collects Amazing Spider-Man #51-61 and Annual #4. New Essentials will include Spider-Man Vol. 6, Punisher Vol. 1 and X-Men Vol. 5.

* Quesada said the second issue of Daredevil: Target is being penciled now, and Kevin Smith promised him the script for the third issue would be turned in "soon."

"We have a phone call for next week, and we'll see what's going on," Quesada said. "He's got a pretty crazy life."

* Brian K. Vaughan said that the Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure is drawn from this experiences as a "really bad" free-lance photographer in Cleveland.

Ramos updated Doc Ock's look. "There's a Matrix flavor to it," Ramos said.

* New Epic books include a Spider-Man What If? story in which Ben Parker didn't die, written by Heath Amodio; Northwood Saga, a sword-and-sorcery story written by Marc Campbell; Young Ancient One, featuring Dr. Strange's mentor as a youth, written by Rob Worley; and Strange Magic, featuring a 19-year-old sorcerer in New Orleans, by Jason Henderson.

* New Iron Man writer John Jackson Miller described his take on the book. "If you like The Hunt for Red October or Tom Clancy, you'll like this," he said.

When Tony Stark's technology has been taken, he decides he wants to become Secretary of Defense.

Miller said artist Jorge Lucas' Iron Man has a Moebius-like quality.

* Marvel also released the covers to Supreme Power #4 and Thanos #1.

* Brevoort said there is talk about doing something with the old version of The Thunderbolts. He also said Marvel is "actively" developing a Ghost Rider book.

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