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Friday, August 22, 2003


Greg Johnson, story editor of Kids' WB!'s X-Men: Evolution, provided The Continuum with information about two upcoming new episodes.

"Impact" will air on Saturday, Aug. 30. The episode was written by Johnson.

"A little time has passed since the X-Men's devastating defeat at the hands of Apocalypse," Johnson said. "The dust is starting to settle, but not the emotions. Rogue has a lot to deal with after being the vessel that brought Apocalypse back to power, and Magneto is╩obsessively driven to hunt down╩this ancient mutant at all costs.

"We've taken some bold moves with this episode, the results of which will have a lasting impact on our characters, as well as the rest of the season. Look for some great direction and animation, and really superb music."

"No Good Deed..." will air on Saturday, Sept. 6. The episode has a story by Johnson, Craig Kyle and Boyd Kirkland and was written by William Forrest Cluverius.

"We felt it was time to step away from the Apocalypse storyline, and we knew we wanted to tell a Brotherhood focused story," Johnson said. "So a lot of ideas were tossed around until╩we finally came up with a great vehicle for them. When their selfish actions are╩mistaken by the public as being heroic, these guys deal with it as only the Brotherhood can. A very fun episode that also brings Kelly back into the mix."

Look for more on X-Men: Evolution soon here in The Continuum.


The WB has released nine images from the fifth-season opener of Angel.

The season will open with the episode "Conviction," which will air on Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 9 p.m., immediately following the third-season premiere of Smallville.

Shown in the images are writer/director/executive producer Joss Whedon and actors David Boreanaz as Angel, James Marsters as Spike, Amy Acker as Winifred Burkle, J. August Richards as Charles Gunn, Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Andy Hallett as The Host and Mercedes McNab as Harmony.

Click on the thumbnails for larger and fuller views.


For covers and four-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include X-Treme X-Men #30, Fantastic Four #503, Amazing Spider-Man #57, X-Statix #12, Mystique #5, Wolverine #4 and Exiles #32.


Dreamwave Productions on Thursday provided The Continuum with three covers and a four-page look at Mega Man #1, which hits stores next month.

The series is written by Brian Augustyn, with art by Mic Fong.

"Mega Man has been one of the most popular, successful and beloved game-stars for 15 years--for good reason," Augustyn said. "For those who don't get enough of the world's biggest little action hero, our comic delivers more of what they love. More fun, more thrills, more action, more laughs. I also hope that by expanding the character's world a bit in our series, we'll provide the fans with more to get excited about--and more to identify with."

The covers include Fong's regular edition and holofoil cover and Skottie Young's alternate cover.

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  • DC Comics announced the sell-outs of Teen Titans #2, Arrowsmith #2 and Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth.

    Teen Titans #2 sold out at the publisher five days before its in-store date of August 13. ╩This follows the sell-outs of two second printings of Teen Titans #1. Following the sell-out of Cliffhanger's Arrowsmith #1, issue #2 sold out at DC one day before its in-store date of Aug.

    DC has no plans to go back to press on these issues, but will evaluate sold-out titles on a case-by-case basis.

  • Coming Saturday: Animation news -- and much more!!!

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