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Monday, August 25, 2003


Marvel Comics is releasing its solicitation information and artwork for November titles.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


Flash Thompson is introduced in "Flash Memory," this Friday's new episode of the Spider-Man animated series on MTV.

Here's how Sony Television describes the episode:

"Remedial twins, Jack and Mack (David DeLouise) rob an armored car then throttle up their motorcycles for a clean getaway until Spider-Man (Neil Patrick Harris) intervenes. However Spider-Man is surprised at how smart Jack and Mack were in plotting the robbery.

"At the Empire State University campus Flash Thompson (Devon Sawa) flaunts the fact to Mary Jane Watson (Lisa Loeb) that he doesn't have to study anymore because he has landed himself a tutor. What a surprise when Flash learns that his tutor is actually Dr. Zellner, who is actively testing his new 'smart drug' -- the first subjects being Jack and Mack -- with substantially impaired IQs.

Flash's fame evolves from athleticism to intellectualism as he charms members of the female student body with his wit and knowledge of everything from American Literature to a bilingual recitation of Shakespeare. However, soon it becomes obvious that there are physical side effects of this smart serum. Dr. Zellner is stumped as to why this is occurring and decides that he find an antidote via a more intelligent candidate ... Peter Parker!

"Jack and Mack continue to have Dr. Zellner pump them full of the 'smart drug' in an effort to pull off more elaborate crimes that only Spider-Man can stop along with rescuing Flash from Dr. Zellner."

Click on the thumbnails below for images from the episode and look for more Spider-Man news soon here in The Continuum.


Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle star Lucy Liu has joined the cast of Game Over, UPN's new animated series.

The mid-season show will be network prime time's first CGI-animated series.

Liu will provide the voice of Raquel, the secret-agent wife and mother of the Smashenburn family. The cast also includes Patrick Warburton, star of The Tick live-action series who also appeared in Men in Black II.

Here's how UPN describes the show:

"As head of the Smashenburn household, Rip (Warburton) is a hot-shot Grand Prix race-car driver who rides and wrecks daily. His feisty and attractive wife, Raquel, is a modern-working woman juggling family and her exhilerating job as the gun-toting, monster-fighting Agent Smashenburn. Their son Billy (E.G. Daily) is a 13-year-old shallow-but-trendy, wannaba hip-hopster who often argues with his 14-year-old sister Alice (Rachel Dratch), a cynical yet socially conscious teen.

"In the family's master plan to form a stronger bond, the Smashenburns attempt to find a perfect pet. Yet they end up with Turbo (Artie Lange), a 300-pound talking creature whose favorite pastimes are robbing pawn shops, smoking stogies and creating mayhem -- all with an attitude. The friendly next-door neightbors are the Changs, a family of Kung Fu-fighting Shaolin Monks, including the attractive Dark Princess and her husband Sam (Marie Matiko and James Sie).

Ross Venokur, who worked on The Tick, is a writer and executive producer.


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