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Saturday, August 30, 2003


ADV Films has announced an Oct. 14 release for Mutant X: Season One, Disc 5, the fifth DVD volume of the first season of the syndicated television series Mutant X.

Mutant X: Season One, Disc 5 includes two complete episodes: "Crime of the New Century" and "Dark Star Rising."

In "Crime of the New Century," the Mutant X team sets out to rescue a former astronaut's young son who has been mysteriously kidnapped.

In "Dark Star Rising," the team struggles to save the last two survivors of an international anti-terrorist unit.

Mutant X: Season One, Disc 5 will have a suggested price of $24.98. It is a DVD-only release, in English. Extras include: widescreen video and Dolby Digital sound; outtakes; episodic photo gallery; character profile: Jesse; cast biography: Forbes March; original TV promos; and ADV previews.

Look for more Mutant X news soon here in The Continuum.


DC Comics on Friday unveiled the three covers to Batman #619, the final story in the "Hush" story arc by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Batman #619 ships on Sept. 24 with two triple-gatefold covers by Lee and Williams. The first showcases Batmans allies in the fight against crime, while the second spotlights Batman's many foes.

All orders on this edition will be filled with covers featuring Batman allies (50 percent) and Batman villains (50 percent).

The cover to the Batman #619 Standard Edition uses a segment of the Batman allies gatefold cover. The Standard Edition is distinguished by its coloring, which differs dramatically from the coloring on the gatefold version.

"Given the fan response and the success of the story, we felt that we needed to do something really big to close it out," Lee said. "I thought it would be really cool to create two covers - one for the heroes and one for the villains. The only way to squeeze them all on there without just doing headshots was to create these gatefolds. I love the fact when you open the cover you get to see more of the images unfold like a mystery. It's a way to thank the fans, by putting out the final issue with these fantastic covers for not a penny more than a normal issue!"

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Avatar Press has released its solicitation information for November.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails.


Viper Comics has released its solicitation information for November.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails.


Grumpy Old Monsters is a four-issue mini-series from IDW Publishing that launches in November.

The all-ages tale of humor, friendship and adventure is written by novelists Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, with animation-style art by Paco Cavero and Guillermo Mendoza.

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"When humans grow old, they call it the 'Twilight Years.'ĘBut when classic monsters like Dracula, Wolf-man, the Mummy, and Frankenstein's monster grow old they call it the 'Twilight Zone Years.'

"With no more villages to wreck, pyramids to bust out of, or victims to haunt, the monsters had no choice but to retire to the old monsters' home. Life seemed easy enough, room and board provided and lots of time to rest in peace. What more could a monster want?

"How about one last adventure?

"When land developers threaten to raze Castle Frankenstein, the classic monsters decide to bust out of the rest home to right one last wrong for all monsterdom!"

"We have always loved the old monsters," said Anderson, "and we felt it would be a wonderful, fun adventure to turn them into a sort of scary 'Over the Hill Gang.'ĘThere's humor in this series for everybody, from kids to grownups.'

The first issue will cost $3.99.

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  • Dynamic Forces is offering an X-Men Lithograph by Jim Lee. The lithograph, featuring Wolverine, measures 18 inches by 24 inches and is and printed on archival 80lbs. It will cost $19.99.

  • Coming Monday: Justice League news -- and much more!!!

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