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Saturday, August 30, 2003


Following are Viper Comics' solicitations for November, with information coming from the company.

DEAD@17 #1

Written and art by Josh Howard

The ultimate battle between good and evil is about to be fought in the most unlikely of places, and the outcome will depend on the choices of one teenage girl. In the small suburb of Darlington Hills, two friends, Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss, are about to be caught in the middle of conflict that will change their lives forever. Dead@17 is a four issue mini-series about friendship, love, loss, destiny, and betrayal, and the choices one must make in the face of ultimate adversity.

Something sinister is emerging in the small town of Darlington Hills. At the center of it are Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss your average teenage girls. The best of friends, they share a unique bond. But when tragedy strikes, a dark secret is revealed that will change their world forever.

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by Jaime Mendoza and Jeff Dickens, art by Jim Daly and Erick Reeves.

Deep in a forgotten corner of space, a reclusive alien race known as the Ghorn Teeters on the edge of extinction. Their only hope for survival is a mysterious energy source known as "life ore." A small scientific colony occupying Moon 314, the only known source of the ore, has suddenly cut off all supplies to the Ghorn. Now the Ghorn must take matters into their own hands, and obtain the ore regardless of the consequences. Unknown to the Ghorn, the colony is under the protection of the powerful Tullosar Alliance, the dominant peace-keeping force in the universe. This resulting battle between power and desperation will unlock secrets that could impact the entire universe.

An alien alien race known as the Ghorn have targeted a small Tal Colony on the Moon 314. The moon colony is mining a rare energy source known by the ghorn as life ore, this ore is the key to their survival for their dying planet and people. They will stop at nothing to ensure that they obtain it. A young human girl named Semma Holgun is the lone human among the Ghorn, as an orphan she was found and raised as a Ghorn. Now she is leading one of the invasion squads of the Ghorn as they invade the small moon.

32 pages, $2.95.

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