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Friday, September 5, 2003


Sony Television has provided The Continuum with complete plotlines to the final two episodes of the first season of MTV's Spider-Man animated series which air on consecutive Fridays starting this Friday.

Complete details, with spoilers, are below. Click on thumbnails for larger images.


The Gaines Twins, Roxanne (Kathy Griffin) and Roland (Jeremy Piven), a brother and sister pair with uncanny mental powers, are being transported in an armoured convoy when a well planned traffic accident allows them to escape.

Well, almost. That is until Spider-Man (Neil Patrick Harris) appears on the scene and battles the twins' mental abilities and overcomes their brain-blasts with his own superhuman willpower.

Later that afternoon Peter Parker learns that Pterodax, the crime trio comprised of former KGB agents led by Sergei (James Marsters), has just sprung Silver Sable (Virginia Madsen) from prison. Spider-Man's enemies seem to be popping up all over!

Silver Sable allies with Kraven the Hunter (Michael Dorn), who has recently escaped from jail as well in order to seek out revenge on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man runs into Mary Jane Watson (Lisa Loeb) and delivers some surprising news.

Meanwhile, Kraven has murder on his mind and if he can't find Spider-Man it looks like he'll settle for MJ.

To make things even more uncanny, a mysterious stranger Frank Elson (Stan Lee) has approached Peter Parker to give him vital information to help the webslinger out - or does Frank have his own agenda?

Is anything as it seems? What exactly is going on? Is MJ really dead, did Spider-Man reveal himself as Peter Parker? Or is it all in Spider-Man's head?


After escaping their armored prison transport the diabolical Gaines twins, Roxanne and Roland have brain-blasted Spider-Man/Peter Parker into believing that Mary Jane Watson has died at the hands of Kraven the Hunter.

Convinced by Frank Elson, a mysterious stranger, that the only solace is revenge, Spider-Man now tracks down Kraven in order to pay him the identical fate he inflicted on MJ.

Part Two begins with Kraven drawing his final breaths under Spider-Man's might.  Moments from delivering Kraven the final blow, Spider-Man notices that the surroundings don't mesh with some of his more recent memories.  Combine that with a few of Kraven's conflicting syllables and Spider-Man determines that his reality has somehow been tampered with.

The questions is, how or more like by whom?

The Gaines Twins are behind everything and Spider-Man seeks them out to confront them. During the confrontation it looks like Spider-Man is winning as he frees MJ from their grasp.

Things take a turn for the worse when the twins use their mental power to trick Spider-Man into harming Indy (Angelle Brooks).

After this, the chatter (along with the rest of New York's sentiment) is all anti Spider-Man and unfortunately a grief-stricken Peter Parker agrees.

This leaves Spider-Man one last obligation. He tracks down The Gaines Twins at a propane factory, where their end is nothing short of explosive.

Lastly, a spiritless, dejected and morose Peter Parker tightly packs up his Spider-Man suit and throws it into the Hudson River allowing it to sink into the murky depths. Is this the end of Spider-Man? Or a new beginning for Peter Parker?

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