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Saturday, September 6, 2003


Sharon Stone confirmed she's going to be in the Catwoman movie from Warner Bros. and said she is looking forward to working with Halle Berry, who plays the lead role.

"We've wanted to work together for some time," Stone told Entertainment Tonight on Friday, "and I can't imagine it could be anything but a complete blast."

Stone appeared on several of the television magazine programs on Thursday, promoting Cold Creek Manor, her first film in four years.

While confirming she will be in Catwoman, Stone didn't reveal too much about her character.

"I can't say what I do, but I am the head of a cosmetics company," Stone told E! News Daily.

Catwoman, directed by Pitof, should go before the cameras this month in Vancouver, British Columbia for a likely 2004 release.


Although Season 4 of Kids' WB!'s X-Men: Evolution is darker than previous seasons, story editor Greg Johnson told The Continuum there will still be light moments, like in Saturday's new episode, "No Go Deed..."

"Things got pretty intense at the end of 'Impact.' Lots of issues left to reverberate throughout the remaining episodes," Johnson told The Continuum. "However, regarding Nightcrawler and Rogue... basically they're not talking to each other, so things will be dealt with off camera for a few episodes, and then resurface.

"Yes, the tone of the overall season is much darker than previous seasons, but X-Men: Evolution is also a fun series. In keeping with that, we went for a lighter touch in 'No Good Deed...' The Brotherhood Boys are mistaken for heroes, and how they deal with it is just as amusing as how the X-Men deal with it.

"Though we get to explore a bit of the repercussions of Magneto's actions, and how Wanda and Pietro are affected, this one really is meant to ease off of the Apocalypse arc a bit. Apocalypse is mysteriously at work inside his energy dome, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Clearly attacking it isn’t the brightest idea, so the world must wait until he makes his next move.

"Between now and then, we get to tell some other stories while keeping this threat simmering in the background."

Johnson also provided The Continuum with a list of the remaining fourth-season episodes and writing credits. Following is a rundown:

* “Target X” -- written By Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.

* “Sins of the Son” -- story by Kyle, Boyd Kirkland and Johnson, written by Marsha F. Griffin.

* “Uprising” -- story by Johnson, Kirkland and Kyle, written by Bob Forward.

* “Cajun Spice” -- story by Kirkland and Johnson, written by Michael Merton and Greg Johnson.

* “Ghost of a Chance” -- written by Johnson.

* “Ascension – Part One” -- story by Kirkland, Kyle and Johnson, written by Johnson.

* “Ascension – Part Two” -- story by Kirkland, Kyle and Johnson, written by Johnson.

Click on the thumbnails for images from "Target X," which is scheduled to air next Saturday.


Tribune Entertainment has released story information about the early epiosdes of the third season of the Mutant X television series.

In this season's initial episodes, the Mutant X team:

* Goes undercover to interrupt the sale of a dangerous biological weapon to international criminals.

* Races to rescue a town from a terrifying epidemic caused by an experimental parasite.

* Battles a mutant hacker who is determined to destroy Sanctuary and the team.

* Goes after a serial killer who appears to be murdering his victims from inside a prison cell.

Tribune has cleared the show in 173 markets in the United States. The third season of Mutant X begins in syndication the week of Sept. 29. Look for more on the show soon here in The Continuum.


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  • Jesse Metcalfe of the NBC soap opera Passions will be a guest-star on Smallville.

  • Coming Monday: X-Men news -- and much more!!!

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