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Thursday, September 11, 2003


With the Sept. 23 release of Smallville: The Complete First Season on DVD, Warner Home Video has provided The Continuum with loglines and credits from the 21 episodes that will be included.

Following is a rundown. Click on thumbnails for larger images from the episodes.


Written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar; Directed by David Nutter.

Clark Kent, who arrived from the planet Krypton in a meteor shower, grows into a teenager, raised by his adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha, the only people who know his origin. Clark's best friends are classmates Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang, a popular cheerleader who doesn't know that Clark loves her. Lana dates Smallville High School's star football quarterback, Whitney Fordman. When Clark makes a lifesaving rescue of Lex Luthor, head of Smallville Fertilizer Plant No. 3, Lex and Clark forge an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile, after emerging from a 12-year coma, Jeremy Creek (Adrian Mcmorran), who was lashed to a stake as a prank when the shower hit and now has the power to electrify things, seeks revenge on Smallville High School until Clark foils him.


Written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar; Directed by Michael Watkins and Philip Sgriccia.

Clark discovers that a fellow high school student, Greg Arkin (Chad E. Donella), has been attacked by Kryptonite-affected bugs. Greg has taken on the "eat, molt, mate, die" life cycle of an insect--with Lana as his prey. Clark must rush to save her without revealing his superpowers. Meanwhile, Lex possesses Lana's Kryptonite necklace and ponders what to do with the strange stone.


Written by Greg Walker; Directed by Greg Beeman.

Clark and Lex defy their respective fathers. Clark joins the football team, against Jonathan's wishes, ultimately discovering that the coach, Walt Arnold (Dan Lauria), has been altered by Kryptonite and is using fire-starting abilities to hurt anyone who might prevent him from winning. Meanwhile, Lex battles his own father, Lionel Luthor (recurring guest star John Glover), for control of LuthorCorp.


Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by James Frawley.

Clark reels from his first flashes of x-ray vision. His shock is compounded when he witnesses a bank robbery, apparently by his friend, Lex. Unsure of how to control this new power, Clark nonetheless puts it to use when a Smallville teen who has developed shape-shifting abilities threatens Lana.


Written by Michael Green; Directed by Jim Contner.

Clark has a chance to share a night out on the town with Lana, thanks to Lex's matchmaking, but the evening is interrupted when Clark faces an icy enemy, Sean Kelvin (Michael Coristine). Sean is an aggressive flirt who suffers from a Kryptonite-induced case of permanent hypothermia and has to feed off of others' body heat to survive--starting with Chloe.


Written by Doris Egan; Directed by Chris Long.

Clark is wracked by haunting visions when he meets an old woman, Cassandra Carpenter (Jackie Burroughs), who can see the future. Lex schemes to use Cassandra's gift to glimpse his own destiny and learn more about Clark's secret. Meanwhile, a released serial killer, Harry Bollston (George Murdock), who is now a bitter old man in a nursing home, discovers a "fountain of youth" and reverts to a teenager. He then seeks revenge on the descendants of jurors who put him in jail decades ago.


Written by Michael Green; Directed by Philip Sgriccia.

Clark must save Pete from being literally devoured by a female classmate, Jodi Melville (Amy Adams), whose diet of Kryptonite-affected vegetables causes her to shed weight faster than she can handle, forcing her to satisfy her ravenous hunger by gorging on any available food source. Meanwhile, Lex gets one step closer to the truth about Clark after funding a study on the green meteor fragments.


Written by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld; Directed by Michael Watkins.

Clark and Lex team up to rescue members of Clark's high school class after a janitor, Earl Jenkins (Tony Todd), takes them hostage in LuthorCorp's Smallville Fertilizer Plant No. 3. Jenkins claims his deadly "jitters" were caused by a mysterious contaminant, and he threatens to kill everyone unless he is shown a secret sublevel--which Lionel Luthor (recurring guest star John Glover) denies ever existed.


Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by David Carson.

Clark's secret identity is jeopardized when a corrupt policeman, Sam Phelan (Cameron Dye), witnesses Clark using his superhuman powers and coerces him into joining forces. However, when Clark double-crosses the cop, he is not prepared to deal with the consequences for him and his family. Meanwhile, Lex receives an intriguing proposal from his sexy British ex-girlfriend, Victoria Hardwick (recurring guest star Kelly Brook).


Written by Michael Green and Mark Verheiden; Directed by D.J. Caruso.

A teenage girl, Amy Palmer (Azura Skye), lets her obsession with Lex become life threatening as attacks in the Luthor mansion pit Clark against an invisible enemy. Meanwhile, Clark is thrilled when Lana seeks his companionship after Whitney inexplicably rebuffs her.


Written by Doris Egan; Directed by Chris Long.

Clark is amazed when a pesticide magnate, Bob Rickman (Rick Peters), who has enhanced powers of persuasion due to the meteor fragments, somehow convinces Jonathan to sell the family farm to make way for a new plant. Clark teams with a local hermit, Kyle Tippet (Gregory Sporleder), whose mysterious past holds the secret to saving the town.


Written by Tim Schlattmann; Directed by Greg Beeman.

When Clark rescues his classmate, Eric Summers (Shawn Ashmore), from harm during an electrical storm, they are both struck by lightning--resulting in all of Clark's superpowers being transferred to Eric. While Eric relishes his new life as "Superboy," he soon begins to abuse his new powers. Clark's happiness at finally being a "normal" teenager is tempered by his growing concern for the town's safety. Meanwhile, Lex confronts Clark, believing that he has undeniable proof of Clark's superpowers.


Written by Philip Levens; Directed by Robert Singer.

Clark and Lex are mystified when the Luthor mansion is robbed by burglars who seem to have the ability to walk through walls. Lex's curiosity becomes desperation when he discovers that the thieves have stolen evidence of his secret project. Clark wonders if his father's suspicions that Lex is deceitful have been correct.


Teleplay by Mark Verheiden; Story by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar; Directed by Michael Katleman.

Lex faces the consequences of a scandal from his past in Metropolis when an old enemy comes to Smallville intent on destroying Lex's life, putting Clark and Lana in danger. While protecting Lex, Clark must also prevent Chloe from investigating the mystery of Clark's adoption.


Teleplay by Michael Green; Story by Greg Walker; Directed by James Marshall.

Clark must solve the riddle of the mysterious Nicodemus flower and Lex's suspicious involvement with it. The plant infects the residents of Smallville, removing their inhibitions. Jonathan becomes lazy, Lana tries to seduce Clark and Pete attempts to kill Lex. The victims then go into a deadly coma.


Written by Philip Levens; Directed by Paul Shapiro.

After Martha accidentally hits a young boy with her car, the Kents take him in until they can locate his parents.ĘThey are unaware that the boy can read minds and has discovered the hidden thoughts of Lex, Lana, Jonathan and Martha, putting Clark's secret in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Lex must decide if he wants to accept a job offer from his father, Lionel (recurring guest star John Glover), which would entail moving back to Metropolis.


Written by Cameron Litvack; Directed by Terrence O'Hara.

Clark must stop a meteorite-infected man, Tyler Randall (Reynaldo Rosales), who seeks to relieve the suffering of the elderly and sick by turning them into ashes--with Whitney's ailing father his potential next victim. Meanwhile, Lex becomes furious after his father, Lionel (recurring guest star John Glover), sends an investigator to scrutinize LuthorCorp's financial records, revealing Lex's secret investigation into Clark and his parents.


Written by Michael Green and Philip Levens; Directed by Michael Katleman.

Clark seeks election as class president, hoping for the opportunity to be a normal kid. However, when two of his opponents are attacked by a swarm of bees, Clark suspects that one of the other candidates is eliminating the competition--and Clark might be next on the list.


Written by Philip Levens, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar; Directed by James Marshall.

Clark confronts an unexpected foe when a talented art student, Justin Gaines (Adam Brody), returns to school after being hit by a car. The accident robbed Justin of the use of his hands--but it left him with the gift of telekinesis, and he uses the power for revenge against those he considers responsible for his condition. Meanwhile, after observing Clark with Chloe, Lana becomes jealous and begins to question her relationship with Whitney.


Teleplay by Michael Green and Mark Verheiden; Story by Greg Walker; Directed by Terrence O'Hara.

After witnessing an explosion near some meteor fragments, Lana gains the ability to see through other people's eyes. Clark and Lana race to find Chloe after Lana "watches" Chloe being kidnapped and buried alive. Meanwhile, Lex discovers evidence that a spaceship landed in Smallville during the meteor shower.


Teleplay by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar; Story by:Philip Levens; Directed by Greg Beeman.

As a massive tornado approaches the unsuspecting Smallville, Clark finds a missing piece of the spaceship that carried him to Earth. The part activates the disabled craft, giving Clark the first clue as to where he came from. Meanwhile, Lex experiences two disturbing events: His father, Lionel (recurring guest star John Glover), closes the plant and orders Lex to return to Metropolis, and the deceitful reporter Lex hired to spy on the Kents discovers Clark's superhuman abilities and the spaceship hidden in the storm cellar. Members of the rock band Remy Zero (themselves) perform their hit single "Save Me"--the "Smallville" theme song--at the Smallville High School formal dance.

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